George Foreman Grill – I’m a Fan

This week I want to talk about the kitchen appliance that gets a lot of use at my house; my George Foreman grill. I use it at least 2-3 times a week for hamburgers, chicken strips, pork chops and steaks.  I have even made paninis with it.  Of all the kitchen appliances I own, only my microwave gets more use. 

Why do I like it so much? It is quick, convenient, easy to clean and drains away excess fat/grease so you are not eating it.  I can also grill inside year-round when the weather outside isn’t so great.

The Original

Now to be fair, there are a lot of electric grills / panini products on the market and you may have a different brand. I am actually on my second one.  My first one was a gift years ago when they first came out and while I used it, I didn’t use it anywhere near as often as I use my current one.  For one it wasn’t very big and it was difficult to clean because the grill plates didn’t come off.  You couldn’t immerse it in water to clean it so it was a bit of a pain.  There was no timer or temperature adjustment and the angle was fixed.

George Foreman original
George Foreman original

The EVOLVE grill system

My current one is the EVOLVE grill system that has many improvements over my original one and solves my biggest complaints I had with it.

George Foreman

Adjustable Temperature

The EVOLVE has an adjustable temperature from 300 to 450 degrees plus a Sear button that gives you 60 seconds at 500 degrees.



There is a built in Timer so you can set it and forget it for a few minutes while the food cooks.

Cooking Temp / Time guide

There is even a handy temperature guide on the front letting you know at what temperature and how long different meats need to be cooked in case you just need a quick refresher.

Time/Temp guide

Removable Plates

The biggest selling point for me getting the EVOVLE was that it has removable plates that can be fully immersed in water to be cleaned in a sink or dishwasher.  Removing them after cooking also allows them to cool more quickly so that any food residue does not continue baking to the non-stick surface. Cleanup is a breeze on these ceramic plates with food residue and grease wiping right off with little effort.

George Foreman

Adjustable Angle

The grill can be laid flat or raised in back to help drain the grease away.

Angle adjustment

Griddle plate

Mine came with a non-stick griddle pan for the bottom plate that can be used for anything you could cook in a skillet pan like eggs, bacon or hash browns. You can also use it as a shallow baking pan.

George Foreman

Additional Accessories

The EVOVLE has a full line of additional accessories available from their parts & accessories supplier Spectrum Brands. They seem to be quite popular since as of this writing, most of these item are out of stock on back-order.

The finished product

George Foreman
Steaks that were perfectly pink in the middle.
George Foreman
Pork chops with a little Cajun seasoning on them.
George Foreman
Chicken strips with a garlic & herb seasoning.
George Foreman
Plain old hamburgers…not quite done yet but you can see the grease dripping away.

Lots of options in this space

There are so may versions of the George Foreman grill that I can’t possibly mention them all. There are also quite a few new entries in this space for indoor electric grills. Check out this link to a Google image search for Indoor Electric Grills to see what I mean. You may not want a George Foreman, but I’ll bet there is an electric grill for you. You just have to find it.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Last Updated on July 16, 2021