2022 Events / Disasters – Human-caused

This article will keep a running list of links to websites, data repositories and news articles related to human-caused events / disasters during the 2022 calendar year. Natural and weather related events / disasters for 2022 are a separate article. Click here to read that one.

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With the sheer number of events & disasters that take place around the US, let alone the world, there will be events I miss or don’t hear about.  Where possible I am linking to data sources that keep track of the relevant information for that category. These are the first links in a category if such data source exists.


There are 39 categories broken down into 3 sections:

  • Human Caused Events / Disasters – 20 categories
  • Natural Events / Disasters – 7 categories (click here to view this article)
  • Weather Related Events / Disasters – 12 categories (click here to view this article)

The number at the end (0) indicates how many links to data sources and news articles are in each section and category. They are further broken down by month and listed in date order. Click a topic and month to see the information, data or news articles for that period. All links should open in a new tab.

Q: When will updates be posted?

A: This article will be updated monthly at the beginning of each month posting all the articles collected from the previous month (i.e., June’s articles will be available in July). This article is having performance issues, due to the vast number of articles, preventing me from adding more content. I am working on another way to post the information. I do have June, July and August’s articles ready but cannot add them.

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Human-Caused Events / Disasters – 20 categories

Air Quality is becoming more and more important to monitor and be aware of as the amount of pollution that is in the air we breathe increases each year. The CO2 emissions from cars, factories, and other fossil fuel burning entities continues to increase and is only exacerbated by the smoke from ever increasing wildfires and CO2 stored in the permafrost being released as it melts.

This category will list news and information about air pollution and air quality so you can make informed decisions regarding your health and activities.

Outdoor Air Quality DataUS EPACurrent & Historical
Paraguay capital choked by colossal smog cloud from Argentina wildfiresThe GuardianMar 1
Argentina’s Wildfire Smoke Is Suffocating Paraguay Right NowGreenMattersMar 2
An EPA fix for pollution-spewing wood stoves is backfiring: The health risks of wood stoves and smoke pollutionPopular ScienceMar 7
How dividing US cities along racial lines led to an air pollution crisis 100 years onThe GuardianMar 9
Redlining has created pollution disparities in more than 200 U.S. cities, study findsThe Washington PostMar 9
Chevron Phillips will pay nearly $120 million to clean up 3 chemical plants after allegations it violated Clean Air ActCNN PoliticsMar 9
Carbon dioxide will have to be removed from air to achieve 1.5C, says reportThe GuardianMar 9
Carbon dioxide emissions hit record high last yearAxiosMar 9
Chevron, Phillips venture to pay millions for air violations at chemical plantsReutersMar 9
Millions suffering in deadly pollution ‘sacrifice zones’, warns UN expertThe GuardianMar 10
Cities Emitting the Most Carbon Dioxide in the World24/7 Wall St.Mar 10
Air pollution linked to symptoms of depression in adolescents, study suggestsThe IndependentMar 14
Coal Mining Emits More Super-Polluting Methane Than Venting and Flaring From Gas and Oil Wells, a New Study FindsInside Climate NewsMar 15
White House releases ventilation guidelines meant to address indoor Covid spreadNBC NewsMar 17
Recent Megafire Smoke Columns Have Reached the Stratosphere, Threatening Earth’s Ozone ShieldInside Climate NewsMar 17
IQAir report shows the best and worst places for air quality in 2021CNNMar 22
No country in the world met WHO’s air quality standards in 2021USA TodayMar 22
Atlanta, Minneapolis had sharp upticks in air pollution last year, report findsNBC NewsMar 22
Every single country is failing the WHO’s new air quality standardsGristMar 24
Microplastics have been found in air, water, food and now … human bloodUSA TodayMar 25
Toxic fumes fill Delhi’s skies after vast landfill site catches fireThe GuardianMar 29
‘I Should Be Able to Go Outside’: Why a Utah Teen Is Suing Over Polluted AirGizmodoMar 29
Indian firefighters battle Delhi landfill blaze as air fills with toxic fumesCNNMar 30

This category will track armed conflicts around the world.

Global Conflict Tracker Council on Foreign Relations Global Conflict TrackerCurrent
Russia says Ukraine talks hit ‘dead end’, Poland warns of risk of warReutersJan 13
Ukraine warns Russia has ‘almost completed’ build-up of forces near borderCNNJan 19
Spain sends warships to Black Sea, considers sending warplanesReutersJan 20
Russian ships, tanks and troops on the move to Ukraine as peace talks stallThe GuardianJan 23
NATO sends reinforcements and U.S. puts troops on alert as Ukraine tensions riseReutersJan 24
Houthis Attack U.A.E. Again in Threat to Business and Tourism HubWall Steet JournalJan 24
Kremlin eyes U.S. actions over Ukraine with great concernReutersJan 25
Biden warns Putin with sanctions as West steps up Ukraine defensesReutersJan 26
U.S. allies are stepping up to counter Russia’s Ukraine threats — with a notable exceptionNBC NewsJan 26
Russia pessimistic after U.S. responds to Putin’s demands in Ukraine standoffNBC NewsJan 27
What’s Putin planning over Ukraine? TikTok might have the answerNBC NewsJan 28
EXCLUSIVE Russia moves blood supplies near Ukraine, adding to U.S. concern, officials sayReutersJan 29
Explaining NATO and Ukraine: How a 30-year-old debate still drives Putin todayNPRJan 29
UK expected to boost its NATO offer with major military deployment to Europe’s borders amid rising Russian aggressionCNBCJan 29
In eastern Ukraine, war-weary soldiers and civilians await Russia’s next moveBBC NewsJan 30
In Eastern Ukraine’s Largest City, Pro-Russia Sympathies Wither as War LoomsWall Street JournalJan 30
U.S., allies raise sanctions pressure on Russia ahead of U.N. showdown over UkraineNBC NewsJan 31
Russia willing to go to war and incur sanctions over Ukraine: analystsCNBCJan 31
U.S., allies raise sanctions pressure on Russia ahead of U.N. showdown over UkraineNBC NewsJan 31
Why Americans should care about Russia-Ukraine standoffNPRFeb 1
Russian state media gets cold shoulder from civilians amid Ukraine tensionsCNNFeb 1
On the front lines of Ukraine’s border with Russia as tension escalatesCBS NewsFeb 1
Finland prepares response to Russia’s security demands, says foreign ministerReutersFeb 1
Why Does Russia Want Ukraine? A Journey Across Ukraine Shows Invasion Would Come at High PriceBloombergFeb 1
Biden orders US troop deployments to reassure NATO allies amid Russia standoffABC NewsFeb 2
As U.S. pledges troops, France prepares Romania plansReutersFeb 2
U.S. Orders 3,000 Troops to Bolster European Allies in Russia-Ukraine CrisisWall Street JournalFeb 3
ISIS Leader Killed Himself, Family During U.S. Raid in Syria, Biden SaysWall Street JournalFeb 3
Ukraine crisis: Russia criticises US military moves as ‘destructive step’The GuardianFeb 3
While the focus is on Ukraine, Russia’s presence in the Sahel is steadily growing | Bruce Mutsvairo, Mirjam de Bruijn, Kristin Skare OrgeretThe GuardianFeb 3
US special forces launch major raid in north-west SyriaBBC NewsFeb 3
China, Russia ‘coordinated positions’ on Ukraine, says Chinese foreign ministryReutersFeb 3
Biden details U.S. raid that took out “horrible terrorist” ISIS leader in SyriaCBS NewsFeb 4
The independent investigators tracking Russia’s military buildupABC NewsFeb 4
U.S. warns China risks embarrassment if it backs Russia on UkraineThe Washington PostFeb 5
Recent coups in Africa are more than just “contagious”VoxFeb 5
U.S. says Russia at 70% firepower for Ukraine invasion; Moscow calls it ‘scaremongering’The Washington PostFeb 6
Ukrainians prepare for war at the site of the world’s worst nuclear disasterCNNFeb 7
Separatist leader says full-scale war in east Ukraine could break out any timeReutersFeb 7
Biden vows to end gas pipeline if Russia invades UkraineLA TimesFeb 7
As Russia threatens Ukraine, the U.S. ‘pre-bunks’ Russian propagandaNPRFeb 8
Russia holds drills in Belarus as West warns of ‘dangerous moment’ReutersFeb 10
Russia and Belarus begin military drills near Belarusian border with UkraineThe GuardianFeb 10
Ukraine tensions: Russia accused of sea blockadeBBC NewsFeb 10
Russia-Ukraine tensions threaten Europe’s oil supply, reigniting debate over Biden’s climate agendaABC NewsFeb 11
Russian military drills near Ukraine amount to escalation – GermanyReutersFeb 11
Ukraine invasion could come any time as Russia masses more troops, says U.S.ReutersFeb 11
Biden Warns Putin of ‘Swift and Severe Costs’ of Invading UkraineWall Street JournalFeb 12
Russia-Ukraine: Putin invasion threat brushed off on streets of KyivNBC NewsFeb 12
Ukraine: U.S. will close embassy in Kyiv as Putin appears to leave diplomatic door openThe Washington PostFeb 14
‘Babushka battalion’ ready to protect Ukraine from Russia | Ukraine-Russia crisis NewsAl JazeeraFeb 14
Russia Says Some Troops Pulling Back From Ukraine Border but Exercises ContinueWall Street JournalFeb 15
Russia Is Continuing to Build Up Forces Near Ukraine, West SaysWall Street JournalFeb 16
West warns military build-up near Ukraine growing, not shrinkingReutersFeb 16
West says Russia trying to create pretext for Ukraine invasion after shelling in eastNBC NewsFeb 17
Russian-backed separatists announce civilian evacuation from eastern Ukraine as escalation stokes invasion fearsNBC NewsFeb 18
U.S. Warns of Imminent Russian Invasion of Ukraine With Tanks, Jet Fighters, CyberattacksWall Street JournalFeb 18
Putin to oversee nuclear drills as Ukraine crisis mountsReutersFeb 19
Ukrainian Russian-backed rebels call to mobilize as Putin oversees nuclear drillNBC NewsFeb 19
Russia, Belarus extend huge military exercises – Belarus ministryReutersFeb 20
Shelling takes its toll in eastern Ukraine amid Russia crisisThe IndependentFeb 20
Leave Putin in no doubt: Russia will be economically crippled – and he may be tried for war crimesThe GuardianFeb 20
What happened when a Chinese ship shone a laser at an Australian plane – and why does it matter?The GuardianFeb 20
Biden agrees in principle to Ukraine summit with PutinReutersFeb 21
Putin orders troops to Ukraine after recognizing breakaway regionsReutersFeb 21
Russia claims border breach from Ukraine, Kyiv calls it fake newsReutersFeb 21
Germany warns of “extremely dangerous situation” in Ukraine crisisReutersFeb 21
Putin orders troops to separatist regions of Ukraine, Kremlin attacked at U.N. meetingThe Washington PostFeb 21
‘Dumb and lazy’: the flawed films of Ukrainian ‘attacks’ made by Russia’s ‘fake factory’The GuardianFeb 21
Ukraine Calls Up Reservists as Russian Troops Pour Into Breakaway Region; West Steps Up SanctionsWall Street JournalFeb 22
West unveils sanctions with more ready if Russia carries out full-scale Ukraine invasionReutersFeb 22
Harsh conditions mean Russian troops near Ukraine will need to be moved soonReutersFeb 23
Russian military will only enter Ukraine’s Donbass if separatists ask – officialReutersFeb 23
Erdogan tells Putin Turkey does not recognise steps against Ukraine’s territorial integrityReutersFeb 23
Russia launches attack on Ukraine, Biden saysThe Washington PostFeb 23
Putin Declares War; Video of Putin’s Speech; Russia Invades UkraineBloombergFeb 23
NATO Chief Condemns Russia’s ‘Brutal Act of War’ Against UkraineWall Street JournalFeb 24
​Putin Warns There Will Be Consequences ‘Greater Than Any Of You Have Faced In History’ If Countries Try to ‘Interfere’ In Ukraine ConflictLAD BibleFeb 24
Lithuania declares state of emergency after Russia invades UkraineReutersFeb 24
Lines, traffic jams and bomb shelters: Ukrainians confront Russia’s terrifying mightNBC NewsFeb 24
How Biden defeated Putin’s Ukraine disinformation campaignQuartzFeb 24
Explosions heard across Ukraine as Putin announces Russian military operationNPRFeb 24
Why Americans should care about the Ukraine-Russia conflictABC NewsFeb 24
Maps of Ukraine and Russia show Russian invasionUSA TodayFeb 24
How Google Maps is tracking the Russian invasion of UkraineThe Washington PostFeb 25
Fighting reaches the outskirts of KyivReutersFeb 25
Ukrainians crowd into subway stations in Kyiv and KharkivThe Washington PostFeb 25
The World Is Watching Russia Invade Ukraine. But Russian Media Is Telling a Different StoryTimeFeb 25
Bleak Photos of People Sheltering in Ukraine’s Subway Stations As Russia InvadesViceFeb 25
Ukraine invasion: Russian forces have mobile crematorium that can ‘evaporate’ soldiers killed in attacksFox NewsFeb 25
Russian Forces Close In on Ukraine’s Capital as Kyiv Prepares to FightWall Street JournalFeb 26
Kyiv on heightened alert as Russian forces close in on all sidesCNNFeb 26
Refugees flee Ukraine across EU borders as Russia renews assaultReutersFeb 26
Germany to send weapons to Ukraine in policy reversalFrance 24Feb 26
Russia’s Last Independent TV Channel Covers the Invasion of UkraineThe New YorkerFeb 26
Western allies to expel key Russian banks from global system; Ukraine vows to fight onReutersFeb 26
Putin shunned by world as his hopes of quick victory evaporateThe GuardianFeb 26
Musk says Starlink active in Ukraine as Russian invasion disrupts internetReutersFeb 26
Ukrainian agency tells Russian forces “go f–k yourself” in road signs removal announcementAxiosFeb 26
In photos: Ukrainian forces fight Russian advance on KyivAxiosFeb 26
Ukraine invasion: Russia restricts social media accessBBC NewsFeb 27
Ukrainian Forces Hold Kyiv as Talks With Russia Are PlannedWall Street JournalFeb 27
Scholz: Germany pledges defense spending increase in shift in strategyCNBCFeb 27
The Russian Invasion Touches Outer SpaceThe AtlanticFeb 27
Vladimir Putin sits atop a crumbling pyramid of powerThe GuardianFeb 27
“Signs of genocide”: Zelensky calls on international court to investigate RussiaAxiosFeb 27
“This is a watershed moment”: EU to purchase and deliver weapons to Ukraine in historic firstAxiosFeb 27
Russia Complains About YouTube’s New RestrictionsPC MagFeb 27
‘Forgive us’ Ukraine: hopeless dread grips Russia’s war criticsReutersFeb 27
Ukrainian envoy says Turkey-made drones helping fight against RussiaReutersFeb 27
How Zelensky changed the West’s response to RussiaCNN PoliticsFeb 28
Russia’s ruble crashes, stock market closed as sanctions slam economyCNN BusinessFeb 28
Switzerland will forego “Swiss neutrality” and adopt same sanctions as EU against RussiaCNNFeb 28
‘Show this to Putin’: A 6-year-old girl killed in UkraineCNNFeb 28
Vladimir Putin faces stiffer opposition than expected — both inside and outside UkraineCNNFeb 28
Ukraine calls for UN investigation into possible Russian war crimesThe HillFeb 28
Snake Island’s defiant soldiers are ‘alive and well,’ says Ukraine’s navyCNNFeb 28
Ukrainian intel suggests Belarus is prepared to join Russian invasion and US suspends operations at embassyCNNFeb 28
Russia-Ukraine talks in Belarus end as explosions heard in KyivCNNFeb 28
Opinion: The price Vladimir Putin will payCNNFeb 28
Opinion: Putin’s war was launched on a runway of liesCNNFeb 28
Mikhail Fridman and Oleg Deripaska call for an end to Putin’s warCNN BusinessFeb 28
IOC calls for Russia, Belarus to be excluded from sports over UkraineUSA TodayFeb 28
Ukraine maps: Tracking Russia’s invasionBBC NewsFeb 28
Ukraine invasion: Would Putin press the nuclear button?BBC NewsFeb 28
Ukraine, Russia Fail to Agree on Cease-Fire, as Moscow Shelling Kills CiviliansWall Street JournalFeb 28
Why Vladimir Putin has already lost this warThe GuardianFeb 28
Russian flights bans hit airlines from 36 countries – aviation authorityReutersFeb 28
Putin painted into a corner as world leaders, major companies and even some of his people turn against himFox NewsFeb 28
Ukrainians Return Home to Fight Russia: ‘I Have to Go’Wall Street JournalFeb 28
Western Military Observers Shocked at How Badly Russia’s Military Is DoingViceFeb 28
In just 72 hours, Europe overhauled its entire post-Cold War relationship with RussiaThe Washington PostFeb 28
Photos from Ukraine: What it looks like after the Russian invasion : The Picture ShowNPRMar 1
Belarus leader says Minsk won’t join Russian operation in Ukraine, Belta reportsReutersMar 1
‘I’m afraid Russia will invade us next’: alarm among Ukraine’s neighboursThe GuardianMar 1
Blinken says Russian ‘crimes’ mounting by hour in UkraineReutersMar 1
President Zelenskyy Gets Standing Ovation In European Parliament After Urging It To Accept MembershipLAD BibleMar 1
Netflix Won’t Stream Any Russian State Programs, Defying RegulationsBusiness InsiderMar1
YouTube blocks Russian news channels RT and Sputnik in EuropeThe VergeMar 1
Ukraine official confirms urgent request for Western satellite dataArs TechnicaMar 1
Ukrainian Ambassador Shares Final Texts Russian Soldier Sent To MumLAD BibleMar 1
German warplanes patrolling skies over Poland, air force saysReutersMar 1
Moscow steps up assault on residential areas, Biden closes U.S. airspace to Russian planesThe Washington PostMar 1
A Ukraine town outside Kyiv prepares to battle RussiansLA TimesMar 1
Russia’s 40-mile convoy has stalled on its way to Kyiv, a U.S. official saysNPRMar 1
The Impossible Suddenly Became Possible: What Putin’s Invasion Has Already ChangedThe AtlanticMar 1
Zelensky assassination plot foiled, Ukrainian authorities sayAxiosMar 1
Interpreter for Ukraine’s Zelenskyy chokes up during invasion speechUSA TodayMar 1
In Putin, intelligence analysts see an isolated leader who underestimated the West but could lash out if corneredThe Washington PostMar 1
What the lessons from Putin’s war in Syria could mean for civilians in UkraineNPRMar 1
Sébastien Roblin: The Russia-Ukraine war and Kyiv fighting have not gone Vladimir Putin’s way — yetNBC NewsMar 1
‘I couldn’t leave my son’: the Ukrainians going into the war zoneThe GuardianMar 1
European plan to donate fighter jets to Ukraine collapsesPOLITICOMar 2
Russia steps up attacks on key Ukrainian cities as refugees reach 1 millionCNBCMar 2
Russia Could Have Been an Inspiration for China. Now It’s More Likely a Warning.ViceMar 2
Putin loses key ally in the European Union as Hungary’s Orban turns on the Russian leaderCNBCMar 2
In Ukraine, suspicious markings on buildings reveal the scare tacticsFast CompanyMar 2
Russia’s oligarch elite speak out against Putin’s invasion of UkraineCNBCMar 2
Kyiv vows to fight as Russia troops close in on major citiesLA TimesMar 2
U.S. launches ‘KleptoCapture’ task force aimed at Russian oligarchsReutersMar 2
How Russia’s war in Ukraine came back to bite Putin at homeNBC NewsMar 2
China asked Russia to delay Ukraine invasion until after Olympics -NYTReutersMar 2
France’s Macron: Russia’s Putin alone chose war in UkraineReutersMar 2
Assassination attempt against Volodymyr Zelensky is foiled, Ukraine saysThe Washington PostMar 2
How the Finns Deter Russian InvasionThe AtlanticMar 2
How NATO Pilots Could Help Defend UkraineTimeMar 2
141 countries vote to condemn Russia at UNAxiosMar 2
Ukraine crisis: Satellite data firm asks for war imagesBBC NewsMar 2
Ukraine wants Russia to be severed from the global internet. Experts say it’s a risky ideaCNN BusinessMar 2
Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s youngest minister, is using Twitter to shame tech companies into joining his country’s fightThe Washington PostMar 2
Ukraine asks ICANN to revoke Russian domains and shut down DNS root serversArs TechnicaMar 2
Russia frustrated with slow pace of Ukraine invasion: Military analystCNBCMar 2
Ukraine police officer’s entire family ‘killed while fleeing Russian invasion’The GuardianMar 2
Blinken addresses Russian public: “We know you want no part of this war”AxiosMar 2
Russia Batters Ukraine’s No. 2 City Kharkiv, as Kyiv Offensive StallsWall Street JournalMar 2
In one week of war, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may have veered history in a new directionThe Washington PostMar 2
Ukraine wants review of Russia’s right to UN Security Council seat, says foreign ministerReutersMar 2
‘Constant shelling’ as Russian forces lay siege to key Ukrainian citiesThe GuardianMar 2
Serbia under pressure to shift stance on Russia, president saysReutersMar 2
Russian troops enter strategic Black Sea port city of Kherson, mayor saysReutersMar 2
U.S. hits Russian oil refining sector, slaps export curbs on BelarusReutersMar 3
Father mourns son as civilian victims of Ukraine crisis continue to mountThe GuardianMar 3
U.S. says 90% of Russian forces massed on border have entered UkraineAxiosMar 3
Lavrov says Russia will continue Ukraine war till ‘the end’ReutersMar 3
Russian Lawmakers Take Aim at Independent Coverage of Ukraine InvasionWall Street JournalMar 3
EU top diplomat calls for immediate ceasefire in UkraineReutersMar 3
What have fossil fuels got to do with the invasion of Ukraine?The GuardianMar 3
Ukraine war: French warn ‘worst is to come’ after Macron call with PutinThe GuardianMar 3
‘Help us, we’re stranded’: International students say they’re trapped in northeast UkraineCNNMar 3
Opinion: Why the cavalry isn’t coming to Ukraine’s sideCNNMar 3
War crimes: How Putin could be tried in the International Criminal CourtCNN PoliticsMar 3
Kharkiv: Russia sends a message to all of Ukraine by hitting these civilian areas in this cityCNNMar 3
Biden’s Middle East allies change tune on Ukraine war as conflict escalatesCNNMar 3
Kasparov calls on world powers to throw Russia ‘back into the Stone Age’ReutersMar 3
Martial law in Russia: How potential Putin move would impact RussiansUSA TodayMar 3
Ukraine: Why has Russia’s 64km convoy near Kyiv stopped moving?BBC NewsMar 3
How civilians are supporting Ukraine’s war effortVoxMar 3
Bipartisan bill banning Russian oil sets up clash with White HousePOLITICOMar 3
Putin Thought Ukraine Would Fall Quickly. An Airport Battle Proved Him Wrong.Wall Street JournalMar 3
Volunteers cross Polish border into Ukraine to fight Russian forcesNBC NewsMar 3
Russian Soldier Calls Home as He’s Fed by Ukrainians, Video Appears to ShowPeopleMar 3
Russian and Belarusian Athletes Banned From Paralympics After Boycott ThreatsWall Street JournalMar 3
Opinion | Putin and Zelensky underscore how history is shaped by individuals — and characterThe Washington PostMar 3
Putin’s war is a nightmare for the Ukrainian people and for Russia, expert warnsNPRMar 3
What Russia Is Doing to Ukraine Must Be Preserved—Not Just SeenWIREDMar 3
Russia lays siege to major cities as Ukraine seeks safe passage for civiliansAxiosMar 4
Zelensky addresses Europe: “If we will fall, you will fall so please don’t be silent”AxiosMar 4
NATO must adjust after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – RomaniaReutersMar 4
Demoralised Russian soldiers tell of anger at being ‘duped’ into warThe GuaridanMar 4
Ukraine conflict: Before and after images reveal Russian destructionBBC NewsMar 4
Belarusian forces will not take part in Ukraine war, Lukashenko saysReutersMar 4
Ukraine war: ‘My city’s being shelled, but mum won’t believe me’BBC NewsMar 4
Russia appears to have no way out as Putin goes ‘all in’The GuardianMar 4
‘A rush to failure’: How the Russian military started off so badly in UkraineNBC NewsMar 4
Ukraine war: ‘Russian soldiers killed my family while they fled’BBC NewsMar 4
Putin Makes Deluded Claims About War in Phone Call With German ChancellorThe Daily BeastMar 4
‘Dad, please don’t die’: Horrifying video shows Ukrainian family mowed down by Russian troopsNew York PostMar 4
‘90% of houses are damaged’: Russia’s Syria-honed tactics lay waste Ukraine townsThe GuaridanMar 4
White House says it is not advocating for regime change in RussiaReutersMar 4
Elon Musk: “High” probability of Russian attacks on Starlink in UkraineArs TechnicaMar 4
Two More Russian Army Commanders Killed in Ukraine, Reports SayThe Daily BeastMar 4
Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (March 4) :NPRMar 4
Russia’s callousness towards its own soldiers is undermining its combat powerThe GuardianMar 4
Underground U.S. groups funnel fighters, medics to UkraineReutersMar 4
Total casualties in Ukraine unknown as families count the deadThe Washington PostMar 4
Calls for peace and inclusion dominated the Winter Paralympics opening ceremonyNPRMar 4
Russian Spy Caught in Poland at Ukraine Border, Authorities SayViceMar 4
Why Zelenskyy won’t get a NATO no-fly zone for UkraineMSNBCMar 4
This is Putin’s war, and Putin has to stop it, EU saysReutersMar 4
Watch live: Ukraine leader Zelenskyy addresses cities as Russia presses invasionCNBCMar 4
Snapchat turns off public ‘heatmap’ for UkraineThe VergeMar 4
Russia poised to deploy up to 1,000 more mercenaries to Ukraine as official warns of plans to ‘bombard cities into submission’CNNMar 4
Furious Zelensky tears into “weak” NATO for ruling out “no-fly” zoneAxiosMar 4
Russian air force appears less capable than previously thought, as Putin presses siegeMSNBCMar 4
Russia and Putin’s Ukraine war may have been preventableMSNBCMar 4
US Veterans Are Heading to Ukraine to Join Fight Against Russia: NYTBusiness InsiderMar 5
‘No good outcome’: Putin’s unraveling war plan leaves Russia, Ukraine in precarious positionsUSA TodayMar 5
‘Putin Miscalculated’: Ukrainians Are Literally Lining Up to Fight BackPOLITICOMar 5
Kremlin says the West is behaving like a banditReutersMar 5
‘They shoot at anyone who tries to leave.’ Ukrainians describe terror of living under Russian occupationCNNMar 5
Ukraine war: Ukraine can absolutely win against RussiaBBC NewsMar 5
From Grozny to Aleppo to Ukraine, Russia meets resistance with more firepowerBBC NewsMar 5
Putin likens Western sanctions to war as Russian assault traps Ukrainian civiliansReutersMar 5
Ukraine, Russia Agreement on Evacuating Mariupol Civilians CollapsesWall Street JournalMar 5
Raining rockets, scattered corpses, an existential battle: A 500-mile journey across a week of warLA TimesMar 5
WATCH: Russians turn barrel of their tank on reporters trying to get outCNN VideoMar 5
Ukraine war: Sky News journalist Stuart Ramsay and team shot at in ambushBBC NewsMar 5
Russia in for nasty guerrilla warfare campaign that will bleed them dry, former Green Beret saysFox NewsMar 5
War in Ukraine: Russian helicopter shot down by missileBBC NewsMar 5
See moment that made Clarissa Ward stop reporting and helpCNN VideoMar 5
Former Adviser To Vladimir Putin Says There’s Only One Way To Stop HimLAD BibleMar 5
Sean Penn: We have to invest everything we can to UkraineCNN VideoMar 5
With US distracted by Ukraine, China plots its own invasionNew York PostMar 5
The Weapon the West Used Against PutinThe AtlanticMar 5
War in Ukraine: Zelensky slams Nato over rejection of no-fly zoneBBC NewsMar 5
Captive Russian Soldier Urges Family Not To Believe Russian Media About War In UkraineLAD BibleMar 5
State Department Urges Americans to Vacate Russia ‘Immediately’Business InsiderMar 5
Putin says sanctions over Ukraine are like a declaration of warBBC NewsMar 5
Sky News Reporter Shot In Back While Reporting In KyivLAD BibleMar 5
Zelenskyy’s emotional, direct Zoom plea to Congress: No-fly zone, Russian oil ban, more military aidPOLITICOMar 5
Russia calls on EU, NATO to stop arms supplies to UkraineReutersMar 5
Defiant Putin warns the west: your sanctions are akin to an act of warThe GuardianMar 5
Zelenskiy pleads for aircraft in call with U.S. lawmakersReutersMar 5
Germany To Russia: We’re ‘Kinda Experts’ On Nazism, And Russia Isn’t Fighting ItHuff PostMar 5
Erdogan will tell Putin to stop Ukraine war in call on Sunday -spokesmanReutersMar 5
Western news outlets curb reporting, broadcasts in Russia as Putin signs law cracking down on Ukraine coverageThe Washington PostMar 5
I’ve tried to reach Ukrainian snipers I met before the invasion. One message came back: ‘It is war here.’The Washington PostMar 5
Baltic States Go From “No NATO Military Footprint” to “Combat-ready”MSNBCMar 5
Why doesn’t Ukraine attack the Russian convoy? And other questionsBBC NewsMar 5
Twitter is part of our war effort – Ukraine minister –BBC NewsMar 5
Nearly 1 million Ukrainians have fled. More than 40 million have stayed — for nowNPRMar 5
Turkey and U.S. will coordinate response to Ukraine war, Ankara saysReutersMar 5
U.S., Russia Open Hotline To Avert Clashes in Eastern EuropeTimeMar 6
Blinken says US has seen reports of Russian abuses in Ukraine that ‘would constitute a war crime’CNNMar 6
Ukrainians are giving Americans two lessons about democracy we’ve forgottenCNN PoliticsMar 6
The war within Kyiv’s zoo: Blast-stressed elephant and an abandoned lemurThe Washington PostMar 6
Don’t go to Ukraine, military boss tells BritonsBBC NewsMar 6
Whatever His Motives, Putin’s War in Ukraine Is Fueled by Oil and GasInside Climate NewsMar 6
Alexander Lukashenko has effectively ceded control to Kremlin, say oppositionThe GuardianMar 6
War in Ukraine: Russian invasion fuels Finnish support for NatoBBC NewsMar 6
A new Cold War without rules: U.S. braces for a long-term confrontation with RussiaNBC NewsMar 6
The more Ukraine resists, the greater the danger to Nato. It should act now to stop the slaughterThe GuardianMar 6
NATO could implement measures to isolate Putin as he targets civilians: ANALYSISABC NewsMar 6
Macron urges Putin to allow Ukraine’s besieged cities to be evacuatedThe GuardianMar 6
Ukraine says over 11,000 Russian troops killed in warReutersMar 6
Russian Artillery Kills Ukrainian Civilians Fleeing Kyiv SuburbWall Street JournalMar 6
French official: Macron urged Putin to end military operations and protect Ukraine nuclear sitesReutersMar 6
Ukraine war: Russia’s corruption is ‘no doubt’ affecting its military’s combat performanceFox NewsMar 6
Amid the death and rubble, Ukrainian teams hunt for evidence of possible war crimesThe Washington PostMar 6
Erdogan urges Putin to declare Ukraine ceasefire and make peaceReutersMar 6
Ukraine-Russia war updates: Fresh effort to evacuate Mariupol begins as temporary ceasefire announcedNBC NewsMar 6
Two Ukrainian children killed ‘in front of my own eyes’ while trying to evacuate, official says: 8 killedThe Washington PostMar 6
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy vows revenge on Russian forces after fleeing family killed in shelling of IrpinThe GuardianMar 6
US and Europe weigh plans for Ukrainian government in exileCNN PoliticsMar 7
Russian no show at U.N. court hearing on Ukrainian ‘genocide’ReutersMar 7
US officials identify 3 areas where US may take action soon on UkraineCNN PoliticsMar 7
At a secret airfield in Eastern Europe, a multinational effort to send weapons to Ukraine proceeds at high speedCNNMar 7
Russia Pummels Civilian Targets While Talks Make Scant ProgressWall Street JournalMar 7
‘Humanitarian corridors’ leading to Russia or Belarus rejected by KyivThe GuardianMar 7
Putin urges EU to make Kyiv “respect humanitarian law” in talks with Michel -KremlinReutersMar 7
Ukraine military turns volunteers away as 140K Ukrainians come home to fight RussiaFox NewsMar 7
“Now it’s no mercy,” Ukrainian soldiers vow, as a showdown with Russian forces nearsLA TimesMar 7
Second Russian general killed in war, Ukraine saysReutersMar 7
Civilians flee Sumy after evacuation corridor opens, as 2 million refugees leave UkraineCNNMar 8
UK says Ukraine’s air defences having considerable success against Russian jetsReutersMar 8
Kyiv has transformed into a fortress, with its residents determined to defend itCNNMar 8
Poland’s proposal to transfer MiG-29 fighter jets to US to give to Ukraine isn’t ‘tenable,’ Pentagon saysCNN PoliticsMar 8
‘I can help them’: one man’s journey from Portland to Ukraine’s frontlinesThe GuardianMar 8
Russia calls for return to ‘peaceful co-existence’ with U.S. like during Cold WarReutersMar 8
Ukraine: Russian general killed near Kharkiv, say defendersBBC NewsMar 8
NATO Members Mount Huge Operation to Resupply Ukrainian FightersWall Street JournalMar 8
Ukraine: Mother of Russian soldier asks ‘Whose door should I knock on to get my child back?’BBC NewsMar 8
Russia ‘has gone all in’: Does Putin have a way out of his war in Ukraine?NBC NewsMar 8
Russia admits conscripts have been fighting in Ukraine, despite Putin’s previous denialsCNNMar 9
Russia-Ukraine: Is internet on verge of break-up?BBC NewsMar 9
Russian bombing of maternity hospital ‘genocide’, says ZelenskiyThe GuardianMar 9
‘This is a fossil fuel war’: Ukraine’s top climate scientist speaks outThe GuardianMar 9
Ukraine facing major regional internet outages as Russian invasion continuesNBC NewsMar 9
Mariupol: Russia’s bombing of maternity and children’s hospital an ‘atrocity,’ Zelensky saysCNNMar 9
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Family describes terrifying ordeal leaving their home in MariupolCBS NewsMar 22
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Blinken says Myanmar army committed genocide in ‘widespread and systematic’ attacks on RohingyaReutersMar 22
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First Thing: Biden flags ‘clear sign’ Russia considering chemical weaponsThe GuardianMar 22
U.S.-made Javelin missiles are ‘vital’ to Ukraine’s fight against Russia, experts sayNBC NewsMar 22
More than 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine, UNHCR saysReutersMar 22
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Russian news website blames hack for report of nearly 10,000 army deaths in UkraineReutersMar 22
Russian invaders have three days of supplies left, says Ukraine militaryThe GuardianMar 22
Russia’s military hit by high-ranking losses in UkraineReutersMar 23
US formally declares Russian military has committed war crimes in UkraineCNNMar 23
Ukraine says ‘confrontational’ Russia talks moving forward as West plans more sanctionsReutersMar 23
The bodies of Russian soldiers are piling up in Ukraine, as Kremlin conceals true toll of warCNNMar 23
Top Russian military leaders repeatedly decline calls from U.S., prompting fears of ‘sleepwalking into war’The Washington PostMar 23
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Rockets hit western Ukraine as Biden visits Poland, decries PutinReutersMar 26
Russian forces take control of Chernobyl workers’ town, three dead, Interfax Ukraine reportsReutersMar 26
Russian general Yakov Rezantsev killed in UkraineBBC NewsMar 26
Multiple rockets hit Lviv city in western UkraineReutersMar 26
‘Generations of hurt’: Children and grandchildren of war survivors fear ripple effect of Russia’s war in UkraineNBC NewsMar 26
Woman whose town was overrun describes strange behavior by Russian soldiersCNN VideoMar 26
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Ukraine willing to be neutral, says Russia wants to split nationReutersMar 27
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U.N. urges investigation into videos of alleged POW abuse by Russia and UkraineNBC NewsMar 29
Russia’s Ukraine invasion has unintended consequences for PutinCNBCMar 29
Ukraine’s ambassador tells U.N. the ‘demilitarization of Russia is well under way’The WeekMar 29
Russia bombards Chernihiv hours after pledging to halt shellingThe GuardianMar 30
Britain says Russian units forced to return to Belarus, Russia to resupplyReutersMar 30
War in Ukraine: Russia launches new attacks after peace promiseBBC NewsMar 30
The Ukrainian woman shot by Russian soldiers on the front lineBBC NewsMar 30
Putin misled by ‘yes men’ in military afraid to tell him the truth, White House and EU officials sayReutersMar 30
Ukraine says Russia planting mines in Black Sea as shipping perils growReutersMar 30
Putin outraged by Zelenskyy note delivered by Russian oligarch Abramovich: ‘Tell him I will thrash him’Fox NewsMar 30
8 dead after United Nations helicopter shot down by rebels in CongoCBS NewsMar 30
Saudi-led coalition to halt military operations in Yemen as UN urges truceCNNMar 30
Russia bombs Ukraine cities, despite pledge to pull back from KyivReutersMar 30
Why Russian troops are using tree branches for camouflage in UkraineThe Washington PostMar 30
Britain’s GCHQ spy chief says Russian soldiers refused to carry out orders in UkraineReutersMar 30
U.S. warns that Russia may “detain” Americans, urges them to leaveCBS NewsMar 30
Ukrainian Troops Push Forward as Russian Forces Regroup and Give Back Control of ChernobylWall Street JournalMar 31
Ukraine war: Russia blocks buses heading to Mariupol, says UkraineBBC NewsMar 31
Russian troops not withdrawing but regrouping in Ukraine, NATO saysReutersMar 31
Once branded ‘alarmist’ over Russian fears, Baltic states call for more military supportNBC NewsMar 31
World is seeing the greatest number of conflicts since the end of WWII, U.N. saysNPRMar 31
‘It’s a lie’: Ukrainian soldier says he doesn’t see decrease in Russian forces in ChernihivCNN VideoMar 31
Russia’s war in Ukraine reminds Georgians of what they survived in 2008NPRMar 31
Syrian Doctors Helping Ukrainians Prepare for Chemical AttackTimeMar 31
Zelensky: Russian invasion of Ukraine at “turning point”AxiosMar 31
Russian troops sabotaging their own equipment and refusing orders in Ukraine, UK spy chief saysCNBCMar 31
Ukraine recap: Russia pulling back to resupply, not end war, US saysUSA TodayMar 31
Europe’s Russian gas in jeopardy, Ukraine girds for new attacksReutersMar 31
Ukraine mayor says Russian soldiers who kidnapped him knew nothing about his countryNPRMar 31
Ukraine war: Russian troops leave Chernobyl, Ukraine saysBBC NewsApr 1
Ukraine Strikes Inside Russian Territory, Russians SayWall Street JournalApr 1
Ukraine war: Gruesome evidence points to war crimes on road outside KyivBBC NewsApr 1
Belarus batallion fights in Ukraine for ‘both countries’ freedom’The Washington PostApr 1
Russian military vehicles abandoned across UkraineReutersApr 1
Pentagon announces $300M in aerial systems, military weapons for UkraineThe HillApr 1
Yemen’s warring parties agree two-month truce in major breakthroughReutersApr 1
Ukraine rejects Kremlin claim it sent helicopters to attack oil depot in RussiaThe GuardianApr 1
Former UN Prosecutor Calls for International Arrest Warrant for PutinBusiness InsiderApr 2
Ukrainians Count Dead, Dig Mass Graves, Clear Land Mines After Russian PullbackWall Street JournalApr 2
Putin is making the same mistakes that doomed Hitler when he invaded the Soviet UnionCNNApr 2
Ukraine says it has recaptured city of Brovary but warns of Russian minesThe GuardianApr 2
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VIDEO: Ukrainian Drivers Dodge Through a Russian Anti-Tank MinefieldBusiness InsiderApr 2
Ukrainian president warns that retreating Russian forces are leaving minesCBS NewsApr 2
War in Ukraine: Street in Bucha found strewn with dead bodiesBBC NewsApr 2
Russian Troops Killed, Sickened By Poisoned Food From Ukraine Residents, Say OfficialsHuff PostApr 3
In Ukraine, New Reports of War Crimes Emerge as Russians Retreat From Kyiv AreaWall Street JournalApr 3
Germany says West to agree more sanctions on Russia after Bucha killingsReutersApr 3
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Rape as a weapon: huge scale of sexual violence inflicted in Ukraine emergesThe GuardianApr 4
In Ukrainian street, a corpse with hands bound and a bullet wound to the headReutersApr 4
Images show destruction of world’s largest airplane in UkraineCNNApr 4
Ukrainian mayor ‘executed with her husband’ as Russia ‘abducts 11 community leaders’The IndependentApr 4
Bucha mayor says “we will not forgive” Russians for alleged atrocitiesAxiosApr 4
Russia claims Bucha civilian massacre faked as a “provocation” as outrage builds over Ukraine war atrocitiesCBS NewsApr 4
U.S. to seek Russia’s suspension from UN Human Rights CouncilAxiosApr 4
Video: Aftermath in Bucha, Ukraine, shows civilian bodies lying in the streetsCNN VideoApr 4
Zelenskiy warns of worse atrocities yet to be uncovered in Ukraine as west vows more Russia sanctionsThe GuardianApr 5
Ukraine’s Zelensky Calls for Removing Russia From U.N. Security Council After Alleged War CrimesWall Street JournalApr 5
Town by town, Ukrainian prosecutors build detailed war crimes cases against RussiaThe Washington PostApr 5
Collecting Bodies in Bucha, UkraineThe New YorkerApr 6
Ukraine: India strongly condemns Bucha civilian killingsBBC NewsApr 6
Ukrainians begin grim work of investigating ‘absolute horror’ near Kyiv: ‘It is a hell’USA TodayApr 6
Russia threatens states with consequences over U.N. vote on Human Rights CouncilReutersApr 6
These drone operators used to make ‘nice’ YouTube videos. Now they record alleged Russian war crimesCNNApr 6
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Drone video team turns the tables on hiding Russian vehicleCNN VideoApr 6
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Germany has satellite image indication of Russian involvement in Bucha killings -security sourceReutersApr 7
U.N. removes Russia from human rights panel over atrocitiesLA TimesApr 7
Death and defiance in a Bucha neighbourhood that was held by Russian troopsReutersApr 7
Ukraine Shot Down One of Russia’s Most Advanced Fighter JetsPopular MechanicsApr 7
Kremlin says Russia has suffered ‘significant losses’ in UkraineReutersApr 7
Ukraine round-up: Villagers forced to live with the dead for daysBBC NewsApr 7
Russia says Ukraine presented ‘unacceptable’ draft peace dealReutersApr 7
Russia says it would have to ‘rebalance’ if Finland and Sweden join NATOReutersApr 7
A Ukrainian mother had plans to change her life this year. Russian forces shot her as she cycled home.CNNApr 7
Russia facing most difficult situation in three decades, PM saysReutersApr 7
Russia or die: After weeks under Putin’s bombs, these Ukrainians were given only one way outCNNApr 7
Chairman of Russia’s Rusal calls for investigation of Bucha killingsReutersApr 7
Russian Missile Attack Kills Dozens at Railway Station in Eastern UkraineWall Street JournalApr 8
Ukraine’s ‘iron general’ is a hero, but he’s no starPOLITICOApr 8
Ukraine and allies blame Russia for strike on station that killed over 50ReutersApr 8
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Train station attack fuels global outrage at Russia as Ukraine braces for eastern onslaughtThe Washington PostApr 8
U.S. to put Patriot missile defense system in Slovakia to help with Ukraine swapNPRApr 8
Zelenskiy braces for ‘hard battle,’ Boris Johnson visits with aidReutersApr 9
Ukraine urges civilians to flee as rail attack toll risesAl JazeeraApr 9
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‘They made him kneel and shot him in the head’: the savage occupation of BuchaThe GuardianApr 10
YouTube blocks Russian parliament channel, drawing ire from officialsReutersApr 11
Ukraine’s Zelensky Calls for More Military Aid Ahead of Battles in Eastern RegionsWall Street JournalApr 11
Ukraine War: Russia warns Sweden and Finland against Nato membershipBBC NewsApr 11
Attacks on Ukrainian women, children “risk destroying generation” — UNAxiosApr 11
Georgia fears they may be Putin’s next targetCNN  VideoApr 11
Putin says Russia will achieve ‘noble’ aims of its Ukraine military campaignReutersApr 12
Putin Says Ukraine Peace Talks Hit Dead End, Vows to Continue FightWall Street JournalApr 12
Putin says peace talks with Ukraine are at dead end, goads the WestReutersApr 12
Ukraine recap: Biden says Russia is committing ‘genocide’USA TodayApr 12
Mariupol mayor says city’s death toll could top 20,000CBS NewsApr 12
The Memo: Zelensky battles to hold world’s attention as chances of long war riseThe HillApr 12
Analysis: Even with sanctions, Russia can afford to feed its war machineReutersApr 12
Donestk official: Russia using mobile crematoriums to dispose of bodiesThe HillApr 12
First Thing: Russia using weapons ‘smuggled by Iran’ in UkraineThe GuardianApr 12
Helping Ukrainian refugees helps uphold my Jewish faithUSA TodayApr 12
Reports of women in Ukraine being sexually assaulted by Russian led forcesCBS NewsApr 12
War-time effort: A shoemaker, pizza shop and a bakery in Kyiv pivot to serve their countryCNN BusinessApr 12
Donbas: Battle in east Ukraine expected to be bloody and decisiveBBC NewsApr 12
UK says ‘all options are on the table’ if Russia uses chemical weapons in UkraineReutersApr 12
Putin vows Russia’s military goals in Ukraine will be achieved as more reports of atrocities emergeCBS NewsApr 12
Biden labels Russian atrocities in Ukraine ‘genocide’POLITICOApr 12
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy mocks Putin for saying war is going to planReutersApr 12
Zelenskyy: Ukraine arrested Viktor Medvedchuk, pro-Putin politicianCNBCApr 12
Finland to make decision on NATO entry in coming weeks, not monthsReutersApr 13
Ukraine war: Mass surrender of troops in Mariupol, says RussiaBBC NewsApr 13
Russia says over 1,000 Ukrainian marines surrender in MariupolReutersApr 13
Ukrainian fighter pilots in old jets take on better-equipped RussiansThe Washington PostApr 13
Ukraine Says It’s Doxing Russian Troops and SpiesWIREDApr 13
Why prosecuting Russian war crimes in Ukraine could be complicatedPOLITICOApr 13
Explainer: Why African nations’ support for UN action on Russia/Ukraine is so mixedReutersApr 13
Zelenskyy shows the physical toll that war can have on the bodyNPRApr 13
The Secret of Ukraine’s Military Success: Years of NATO TrainingWall Street JournalApr 13
Video shows what looks to be banned cluster munitions used in UkraineCNN VideoApr 13
Russia says ammunition blast damages flagship of Black Sea fleetReutersApr 13
Social Media Is Clearing The ‘Fog Of War’ As Reports Confirm Destruction Of Russian Black Sea Fleet FlagshipForbesApr 14
Russian warship sinks; Ukraine says its missile is responsibleReutersApr 14
Images of Russian trucks say much about its military’s struggles in UkraineCNNApr 14
Among the Americans fighting in Ukraine: ‘I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t come’The GuardianApr 14
New Russian Strategy Does Not Resolve Underlying Military IssuesForbesApr 14
Ukraine says fighting rages in Mariupol, blasts rattle KyivReutersApr 15
What is the significance of Russia’s Moskva warship sinking?Al JazeeraApr 15
Moskva sinking: Ukrainian missile, or accidental fire – what really happened to Russian warship?CNNApr 15
Russia sends formal letter warning US to stop arming Ukraine: reportThe HillApr 15
Ukraine using ClearviewAI facial recognition to identify Russian war deadThe Washington PostApr 15
Russia warns US of ‘unpredictable consequences’ amid latest arms shipment to Ukraine: reportFox NewsApr 15
Russia says 1 dead, 27 missing in sinking of Moskva ship in Black SeaNPRApr 15
Putin thought Ukraine war was a missile to Nato. It may be a boomerangThe GuardianApr 15
Ukraine’s battle for control of its skiesBBC NewsApr 15
How big a loss to Russia is the sinking of the Moskva missile cruiser?ReutersApr 15
Ukraine war: No quick return to normal for scarred BuchaBBC NewsApr 16
Ukrainian Photographers Document the Russia-Ukraine WarTimeApr 16
Russia says its forces clear most of Mariupol, strike Kyiv suburbReutersApr 16
In Bucha, the story of one man’s body left on a Russian killing fieldThe Washington PostApr 16
Zelenskyy appeals for ‘stronger, more destructive’ sanctions, says up to 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers are deadCNBCApr 16
Russia may begin new offensive soon, U.S. officials say, as Ukraine runs through its stock of artillery shellsNBC NewsApr 16
Russian Soldier Says Putin’s Troops Are Blowing up Their Own ‘as if they were terrorists’Business InsiderApr 16
Ukrainian Forces in Mariupol Rebuff Russian Ultimatum to SurrenderWall Street JournalApr 17
On ‘Easter of war’, pope implicitly criticises Russia over UkraineReutersApr 17
Ukrainians defy Russian surrender demand in Mariupol on ‘Easter of war’ReutersApr 17
Ukrainian woman says she was raped by Russian soldierNBC NewsApr 17
Russia calls increased NATO military activity in the Arctic worrying, warns of “unintended incidents,” TASS reportsReutersApr 17
Zelensky on ‘Never Again’ vow: ‘We don’t believe the world’CNN VideoApr 17
Second British soldier captured in Mariupol is paraded on Russian TVThe GuardianApr 17
Ukraine says Russia begins eastern offensive, missiles kill 7 in LvivReutersApr 18
Film and photos show Russian cruiser Moskva probably hit by missilesThe GuardianApr 18
Russia fired uncommonly used fléchettes in Bucha by the thousandsThe Washington PostApr 18
Russian missiles strike Lviv in western Ukraine ahead of Donbas offensive in eastNBC NewsApr 18
Nearly 5 million people have fled Ukraine since Russian invasion, United Nations saysCBS NewsApr 18
Russia Begins New Military Offensive in Ukraine’s East, Ukrainian President SaysWall Street JournalApr 18
Moskva warship sinking raises questions about fate of crewThe Washington PostApr 18
Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Feels Anguish of Parents Who Lost Children in Russian WarPeopleApr 18
José Andrés’ charity kitchen destroyed by Russian missile strikeReutersApr 18
Ukraine stares down Russia at Kharkiv’s ‘point zero’France 24Apr 18
Russia sets new Mariupol ultimatum in ‘Battle of Donbas’ as West pledges more helpReutersApr 19
Putin gives honorary title to Russian brigade accused of war crimes in BuchaCNNApr 19
Russian forces capture first city in battle for DonbasThe GuardianApr 19
Front-line Ukrainian army unit digs in against RussiaThe Washington PostApr 19
Russian Soldier’s Wife Gave Permission to Rape Women in Ukraine: AudioPeopleApr 19
Russia takes Donbas town but Ukrainian frontline ‘still holding’The GuardianApr 19
Russia rejects UN’s Ukraine Easter ceasefire calls to evacuate civiliansAxiosApr 19
The Ukrainian Air Force Just Got Bigger. Someone Gave Kyiv More MiG Parts.ForbesApr 19
Ukraine war: Kyiv’s allies pledge more weapons to help win warBBC NewsApr 20
Mariupol’s commander: “We will not lay down our weapons” to RussiansAxiosApr 20
West sends Ukraine fighter jets, heavy weapons amid Russian attack in DonbasThe Washington PostApr 20
An abandoned Russian military camp in a forest near Kyiv reveals horrors of the invasionCNNApr 20
Ukraine repelling intense Russian offensive in east, UK says, as Mariupol troops face ‘last hours’The GuardianApr 20
Ukrainian forces stop Russian advance towards Sloviansk – presidential aideReutersApr 20
Ukrainians Are Speaking Up About Rape as a War Crime to Ensure the World Holds Russia AccountableTimeApr 20
UK Officials Claim Russia Is Experiencing ‘Continued Failure’ In Ukraine – But Putin Will Not Give UpHuff PostApr 20
Putin Declares Russia Takes Control of Mariupol, Claims Successful VictoryBloombergApr 21
Moldova worries it may be next on Russia’s list after UkraineNBC NewsApr 21
American ‘Ghost’ drones for Ukraine designed for attack: PentagonReutersApr 21
200 new graves in Manhush, Mariupol point to more Russian war crimes, Ukraine saysThe Washington PostApr 21
UN: More than 7.7 million people displaced inside UkraineAxiosApr 21
A picture and its story: A daughter’s shock as a trip to buy bread ends her father’s lifeReutersApr 21
Russia is failing in Ukraine, top U.S. official saysReutersApr 21
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New tanks and artillery bolster Ukraine’s hopes of defeating RussiaAxiosApr 21
Opinion | The West can’t afford to neglect Moldova — because Putin won’tThe Washington PostApr 21
‘We don’t believe you’: Ukrainian woman interrogated by Russian soldiersCNN VideoApr 21
Kyiv accuses Moscow of ‘imperialism’ after Russia flags interest in south UkraineReutersApr 22
Russia’s offensive in the Donbas can’t make up for its failure in KyivVoxApr 22
Commander hints at Russian ambitions beyond UkraineThe Washington PostApr 22
After fending off Russian troops in Kyiv, these Ukrainian special forces members are processing horrors and appealing for weaponsThe Globe & MailApr 22
Zelenskyy says Blinken and Austin will visit Kyiv on Sunday as strikes in Odessa kill at least 8The Washington PostApr 23
Ukraine fends off Russian attacks as Mariupol, Odesa are pounded; top U.S. officials to visit KyivLA TimesApr 23
State National Guards to send armored vehicles to UkraineThe HillApr 23
Top U.S. Officials Meet With Zelensky in KyivWall Street JournalApr 24
Ukraine says Russia deploys Iskander-M launchers near borderReutersApr 24
A daughter’s shock as a trip to buy bread ends her father’s lifeApple NewsApr 24
The awful truth is dawning: Putin may win in Ukraine. The result would be catastropheThe GuardianApr 24
U.S., Ukrainian officials weigh ‘high possibility’ of Putin invading MoldovaPOLITICOApr 24
U.S. Wants to See Russia Weakened, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Says After Ukraine VisitWall Street JournalApr 25
Russia warns United States against sending more arms to UkraineReutersApr 25
Heavy weaponry pours into Ukraine as commanders become more desperatePOLITICOApr 25
Evidence some Ukrainian women raped before being killed, say doctorsThe GuardianApr 25
Putin appears fidgety at church service during illness rumorsNY PostApr 25
How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is fracturing peace in the ArcticVoxApr 25
Britain to send Stormer armoured vehicles to UkraineReutersApr 25
Russia Has Lost 15,000 Troops Since The Start Of The War, UK BelievesHuff PostApr 25
Poland has delivered tanks to Ukraine, says Polish PMReutersApr 25
NATO warships arrive at Finnish port for training exercisesReutersApr 25
Ukraine-Russia war crimes spotlight soldier rape as a strategyNBC NewsApr 25
Germany agrees to send heavy weapons to Ukraine after major policy U-turnCNNApr 26
Swiss veto German request to re-export tank ammunition to UkraineReutersApr 26
No time to waste with aid, U.S. defense secretary saysThe Washington PostApr 26
Putin hopes talks with Ukraine will yield positive resultReutersApr 26
Putin defends Ukraine invasion in meeting with UN chiefAxiosApr 26
Russia warns Britain for provoking UkraineReutersApr 26
U.S. intel helped Ukraine protect air defenses, shoot down Russian plane carrying hundreds of troopsNBC NewsApr 26
UN adopts rule to scrutinize Russia’s Security Council vetoesAxiosApr 26
How does Ukraine keep intercepting Russian military communications?NPRApr 26
‘Red Dawn’ Becomes Bizarre Reality in Ukraine with ‘Wolverines’ GraffitiViceApr 26
Russia accuses Nato of ‘proxy war’ in Ukraine as US hosts crucial defence summitThe GuardianApr 26
Tensions surge after breakaway Moldovan region reports attacks; Kyiv blames RussiaReutersApr 26
Refugees flee to Moldova, where Russia’s shadow looms largeNBC NewsApr 26
Moscow threatens to hit Kyiv with long-range missiles if it attacks Russian soilFox NewsApr 27
Russia reports blasts in south that Ukraine calls payback for invasionReutersApr 27
Video: Putin issues new threat to countries intervening in UkraineCNN VideoArp 27
Russian forces capture villages in push into eastern UkraineThe GuardianApr 27
The Guardian view on war in Ukraine: the stakes rise higherThe GuardianApr 27
Russia’s threat to retaliate against US-Japan naval exercises shows it’s getting jumpy, analysts sayCNNApr 28
Ukraine Brings First War-Crimes Charges Against Russian Soldiers in BuchaWall Street JournalApr 28
Blasts hit Kyiv as U.N. chief visits, U.S. pledges new Ukraine aidReutersApr 28
Amal Clooney: ‘Ukraine is a Slaughterhouse in the Heart of Europe’PeopleApr 28
What a U.N. team has seen while documenting possible war crimes in UkraineNPRApr 28
Russia deployed trained dolphins to guard Black Sea naval base, satellite images showNBC NewsApr 28
UK says Ukraine can attack Russian logistics, unlikely to use its weaponsReutersApr 28
Ukraine names 10 Russian soldiers in alleged human rights abuses in BuchaThe GuardianApr 28
‘We do not want to be involved’: As horror unfolds in Ukraine, most of the world isn’t punishing PutinUSA TodayApr 28
Russia warns West: Don’t test our patienceReutersApr 28
Zelenskiy urges ‘strong response’ after Russia strikes Kyiv during UN Ukraine visitThe GuardianApr 29
Russian forces reportedly came close to capturing Zelenskiy during first hours of invasionThe GuardianApr 29
Ukraine warns talks with Russia may collapse as battles rage in eastReutersApr 29
NATO scrambles fighter jets to intercept Russian planesCNN VideoApr 29
Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (April 29)NPRApr 29
The West prepares for Putin’s next moves as Ukraine war enters a new phaseNBC NewsApr 30
War in Ukraine: How rape has reportedly become a weaponNPRApr 30
Ukraine defense ministry warns of ‘signs’ Russia is increasing troop size in DonbasFox NewsApr 30
Former US Marine Colonel in Ukraine Says ‘Russians Are Worse Than ISIS’Business InsiderApr 30
Ukraine steel plant rescues; bodies found outside KyivUSA TodayApr 30
Evacuations begin from Mariupol plant as shelling in east continuesThe Washington PostApr 30
Mariupol civilians leave besieged Azovstal steelworksBBC NewsApr 30
Pelosi travels to Kyiv to meet with ZelenskyyNBC NewsMay 1
Opinion: Vladimir Putin has gravely miscalculated in UkraineDWMay 1
Russia Recasts Fight in Ukraine as War With the WestWall Street JournalMay 1
Evacuation begins of Ukranians trapped at steel millCBS NewsMay 1
Ukraine Says It Sank Two Russian Naval Boats, and Moscow Targets OdessaWall Street JournalMay 2
Ukraine hopes to evacuate more civilians from besieged Mariupol steelworksThe GuardianMay 2
Dramatic video shows Ukrainian drones blasting Russian boatsNY PostMay 2
Civilians evacuated from Mariupol steelworks but hundreds still trappedThe GuardianMay 2
U.S. can’t confirm top Russian general wounded during Donbas visit, U.S. official saysReutersMay 2
Advisor to Ukraine’s President Says Russia Is Preparing a ‘Zerg Rush’ViceMay 2
Russia planning to annex Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, U.S. saysThe Washington PostMay 2
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy says Russia forgot World War Two lessonsReutersMay 2
U.S. says Russia’s progress in Donbas has been “minimal at best”AxiosMay 2
Ukraine formally closes seaports captured by RussiaReutersMay 2
Why Russia’s military operations have fallen short of expectationsCBS NewsMay 2
Zelenskiy says he warned UN Russia could take Azovstal steelworks evacuees to its territory – videoThe GuaridanMay 2
Putin may soon officially declare war on Ukraine, US and Western officials sayCNNMay 3
Russian strikes pound Ukraine on eve of new EU sanctionsReutersMay 3
Russian military is now storming Mariupol steel factory, Ukrainian forces sayFox NewsMay 3
Don’t assume ‘imperialistic’ Putin won’t attack other countries, Scholz saysReutersMay 3
Destruction of cultural sites in Ukraine puts country’s identity in perilPOLITICOMay 3
Putin tells Macron West could use its influence to stop “atrocities” in UkraineReutersMay 3
Ukraine war: Nurse who lost her legs has first dance with husband in hospitalBBC NewsMay 3
Retired Marine colonel is teaching Ukrainians how to fightNBC NewsMay 3
Bucha Woman Says Russian Soldiers Burned Her Home, Killed HusbandPeopleMay 3
Russia unleashes this next step in crackdown on Ukraine regionFox NewsMay 3
Russia says it bombed U.S. and European weapons near Ukraine’s OdesaReutersMay 3
Men and boys among alleged rape victims of Russian soldiers in UkraineThe GuardianMay 3
Ukrainian prosecutor says Russia uses rape as a war tactic, calls Putin a war criminalReutersMay 3
South Ukraine shows signs Russia has come to stayFrance 24May 4
Russian airstrikes target western arms arriving in UkraineThe GuardianMay 4
Keeping any NATO ratification period short is key to Finland, says PMReutersMay 4
‘The closet is bare’: Aid to Ukraine depletes US weapons supplyCNN VideoMay 4
Mariupol steelworks evacuees: ‘We were losing hope that we would ever get out’BBC NewsMay 4
U.S. intelligence helping Ukraine kill Russian generals -NY TimesReutersMay 4
Why May 9 is a big day for Russia, and what a declaration of war would meanCNNMay 4
Pentagon says Russia may be trying to disable Ukraine rail systemThe Washington PostMay 4
Russia warns NATO: transport carrying weapons in Ukraine is a ‘target’ReutersMay 4
Pope Francis warns pro-war Russian patriarch not to be ‘Putin’s altar boy’CNNMay 4
Sweden says it received U.S. security assurances if it hands in NATO applicationReutersMay 4
Russia’s top general visited Ukraine as Putin’s military falters, US saysFox NewsMay 4
Explained: How war crimes are defined and enforcedThe HillMay 4
No Ukrainian counter-offensive expected before mid-June, presidential adviser saysReutersMay 5
Retired US major general: What it will take for the Ukrainians to winCNNMay 5
Battles rage at Ukrainian plant as U.N. rushes to evacuate civiliansReutersMay 5
Mariupol Steel Plant Under Assault; U.S. Says Russia Has Lost the WarWall Street JournalMay 5
US intelligence helping Ukraine kill Russian generals, report saysThe GuardianMay 5
Race against time in Ukraine as Russia advances and West sends weaponsThe Washington PostMay 5
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy says Russia has devastated hundreds of hospitalsReutersMay 5
Japanese premier warns of Ukraine-style invasion by ‘autocratic powers’The GuardianMay 5
U.S. says Russian forces are largely stalled in Ukraine; Biden to discuss more sanctions with G-7CNBCMay 5
Ukrainian farmers struggle after Russian forces damage and destroy farmlandNRPMay 6
Evacuations restart in Mariupol as Biden announces more arms for UkraineReutersMay 6
Zelensky outlines demands for peace talks between Ukraine and RussiaThe Washington PostMay 6
Kremlin says Poland might be a source of threatReutersMay 6
‘I didn’t believe stories of atrocities in Ukraine. But then I saw the photos’The GuardianMay 6
Another Russian Warship Is Burning In The Black SeaForbesMay 6
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy: Russia thinks it can escape war crime prosecutions because of nuclear threatReutersMay 6
Russia must face war crimes justice, Amnesty International saysFox NewsMay 6
Russian Soldier Says The Kremlin Threw Them Into The Ukraine War Like ‘Dogs’ With ‘No Training’LAD BibleMay 6
U.N. Security Council, including Russia, expresses concern about UkraineReutersMay 7
Ukraine says civilians evacuated from Mariupol steel plant, says it’s mounting counteroffensive near KharkivLA TimesMay 7
Ukraine conflict taking heavy toll on Russia’s most capable units, Britain saysReutersMay 7
US intelligence told to keep quiet over role in Ukraine military triumphsThe GuadianMay 7
“Massive bombardments” in Ukraine as Russia blows up bridges to slow counter-offensive, officials sayCBS NewsMay 7
Bucha Death Toll is a “Little Drop” Compared to Mariupol, says Mariupol City Council MemberMSNBCMay 7
Drone destroys Russian landing ship supplying anti-aircraft missiles to troops on Snake IslandDaily Mail OnlineMay 7
Moldova separatists report drone strikes near Ukraine borderReutersMay 7
‘Putin’s objectives go beyond Ukraine’MSNBCMay 7
Dr. Biden, Justin Trudeau visit Ukraine as dozens are feared dead in school bombing in the eastLA TimesMay 8
US announces sanctions against Kremlin-controlled media companies and bans Russia from using some American consulting servicesCNN PoliticsMay 8
Victory Day: Putin put himself at the center of the holiday. But he has little to celebrateCNNMay 8
Ukraine war: ‘If this is true, then I am also a Nazi’BBC NewsMay 8
Ukraine rebuilds cities and towns as fast as they are destroyedThe Washington PostMay 8
Why Russia has suffered the loss of an ‘extraordinary’ number of generalsABC NewsMay 8
Viewpoint: Putin now faces only different kinds of defeatBBC NewsMay 8
Ukraine war: Night ambushes on quad bikes and drone attacks – how Russia’s invasion was held backSky NewsMay 8
Video: Ukrainian school used as shelter leveled by Russian airstrikeCNN VideoMay 8
Ukraine launched ‘successful’ counteroffensive in Kharkiv, could push to Russia’s border: US think tankFox NewsMay 8
Ben Wallace: Russia ‘mirroring’ WW2 fascism in Ukraine invasionBBC NewsMay 9
The Overlooked Reason Russia’s Invasion Is FlounderingThe AtlanticMay 9
Putin ‘has recognized he has no victory to celebrate,’ US ambassador to UN saysCNN PoliticsMay 9
In a Kharkiv subway station, hatred for Putin on WWII anniversaryReutersMay 9
Ukraine War: Putin gives few clues in Victory Day speechBBC NewsMay 9
Putin Claims He’s Ridding Ukraine Of Nazis. Ukraine’s Jewish Population Knows Better.Huff PostMay 9
Ukraine pushes back Russian troops in counter-offensive near KharkivReutersMay 10
Lithuanian foreign minister calls for removal of Putin, predicts Russian leader will become more erratic as losses mountCNN PoliticsMay 10
Putin’s Victory Day speech gives no clue on Ukraine escalationReutersMay 10
Top intel official warns Putin’s invasion could become ‘more unpredictable and potentially escalatory’POLITICOMay 10
Top US spy chief Avril Haines says war in Ukraine will likely become ‘more unpredictable and escalatory’CNN PoliticsMay 10
Analysis: Finland is on the verge of asking to join NATO. Here’s why that’s bad news for PutinCNNMay 10
Ukraine war may be causing rise in dolphin deaths, say scientistsThe GuardianMay 10
Zelensky: Ukraine has taken ‘important’ step on ‘path to the European Union’The HillMay 10
World Health Organization members pass resolution against RussiaReutersMay 10
War Has Displaced More Than 8 Million In Ukraine, UN SaysForbesMay 10
Civilian casualties in Ukraine surpass 7K under Russian invasion: UN reportFox NewsMay 10
Ukraine destroys ‘Putin parade boat used by Russian leader to inspect naval fleets’Daily MailMay 10
Russian dead ‘slung onto huge pile’ in UkraineThe TimesMay 10
Belarus to deploy special forces to southern border near UkraineReutersMay 10
Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine reaching stalemate, says US officialThe GuardianMay 11
Lavrov says Russia does not want war in EuropeReutersMay 11
Ukrainian soldier uses Russian tank against themCNN VideoMay 11
Ukraine war: Russia pushed back from Kharkiv – report from front lineBBC NewsMay 11
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy: A Nato membership would have prevented the warReutersMay 11
Inside the Azovstal steelworks – in picturesThe GuardianMay 11
Ukraine reports battlefield gains as Europe’s energy worries growReutersMay 11
Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Has Broken Russia’s Siege Of KharkivForbesMay 11
Russia has signaled intent to end ‘current phase’ of invasion, cut losses with Kherson referendumFox NewsMay 11
Finland’s President tells Putin to look in the mirrorReutersMay 11
Russian missiles bring fresh fear to displaced Ukrainians in OdesaNBC NewsMay 11
In pictures: Ukraine pushes Russian forces back in counter-offensive near KharkivReutersMay 11
Ukraine police homicide investigators help build war crimes casesThe Washington PostMay 11
Ukraine appeals over worsening conditions in ‘medieval ghetto’ MariupolReutersMay 12
Kyiv: Video shows Russian soldiers killing 2 civilians before they ransack a businessCNNMay 12
Moscow warns Finland over NATO bid as Ukraine says Russian ship damagedReutersMay 12
Finnish Leaders Say Country Should Join NATO, Moving Closer to MembershipWall Street JournalMay 12
Ukraine conflict: Russian soldiers seen killing unarmed civiliansBBC NewsMay 12
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy lauds Finnish readiness to apply to join NATOReutersMay 12
Russia threatens ‘retaliatory steps’ if Finland joins NATOCNBCMay 12
Russian troops ill-prepared for Ukraine war, says ex-Kremlin mercenaryReutersMay 12
Ukraine to open war crimes trial of Russian soldier accused of killing civilianRfiMay 12
UN to set up inquiry into possible Russian war crimes in UkraineReutersMay 12
Downed Russian Fighter Jets Are Being Found With Basic GPS ‘Taped To The Dashboards’LAD BibleMay 12
‘They were furious’: the Russian soldiers refusing to fight in UkraineThe GuardianMay 12
Russia’s extremely slow Donbas offensive in Ukraine, explainedVoxMay 12
U.S. believes Russia plans to “engineer a more pliant population” in part by processing Ukrainians through camps, official saysCBS NewsMay 12
Ukraine thwarts Russian forces at river, sees long fight aheadReutersMay 13
Putin discusses Finland and Sweden’s NATO plans with Security Council, RIA reportsReutersMay 13
Ukraine uses big guns and drone technology in devastating comboNBC NewsMay 13
Ukraine mass graves: Satellite images show Mariupol cemetery expanding as Russian war continuesFox NewsMay 13
Russia fumes as Finland and Sweden push for NATO membershipCBS NewsMay 13
Ex-separatist commander says Russian military chief ‘criminally negligent’ReutersMay 13
Bloody river battle was third in three days – Ukraine officialBBC NewsMay 13
Ukraine war: Boy, 11, raped in front of his mother and now only communicates using black lines, says deputy foreign ministerSky NewsMay 13
US defense secretary Lloyd Austin speaks with Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu for first time since Russia invaded UkraineCNNMay 13
Ukraine begins first war crimes trial of Russian soldierBBC NewsMay 13
Russia-Ukraine war updates for Friday May 13CBNCMay 13
Trial by fire: Ukraine war becomes gruelling artillery duelThe GuardianMay 13
How Putin Drove Finland Into NATO’s ArmsWall Street JournalMay 13
Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 79 of the invasionThe GuardianMay 13
Seventh Russian Oligarch Dies, This Time Via Possible Toad VenomThe StreetMay 13
Russia pulls back from Ukraine’s second-biggest city; McConnell meets with Zelenskyy in KyivCNBCMay 14
Ukraine has won the battle of Kharkiv, analysts say, as Kyiv warns of ‘long phase of war’The GuardianMay 14
Ukraine Launches Counteroffensive to Disrupt Russian Supply LinesWall Street JournalMay 14
Ukraine wages counteroffensive against Russian forces in eastReutersMay 14
Russia is furious that Finland is joining NATO but it can’t do much about itThe Washington PostMay 14
Putin tells Finland that swapping neutrality for NATO is a mistakeReutersMay 14
Russians are using semiconductors from kitchen appliances in military equipment, says U.S. commerce secretaryCBS NewsMay 14
Finland will seek to join NATO, ditching decades of neutrality despite Russia’s threats of retaliationCNNMay 15
Britain says Russia has lost a third of its forces in UkraineReutersMay 15
Why the U.S. is succeeding in Ukraine after failing in Iraq and AfghanistanNBC NewsMay 15
Battle rages for Ukrainian region of DonbasReutersMay 15
Finland, Sweden Set to Seek NATO Entry in Historic ShiftBloombergMay 15
Ukraine has deployed new U.S. howitzers at front lines – embassyReutersMay 15
Ukraine war: Russia’s invasion not going to plan, Nato saysBBC NewsMay 15
Missiles destroy military infrastructure in western Ukraine near Polish border, governor saysReutersMay 15
Russia likely to have lost third of its Ukraine invasion force, says UKThe GuardianMay 15
Analysis: Neutral Switzerland leans closer to NATO in response to RussiaReutersMay 15
Ukrainian troops holding destroyed village believe Russians withdrawing across borderReutersMay 15
Putin involved in war ‘at level of colonel or brigadier’, say western sourcesThe GuardianMay 16
Ukraine says it’s downed 200 aircraft, a mark of Russian failures in the skyNPRMay 16
Putin sees no threat from NATO expansion, warns against military build-upReutersMay 16
This is what the ‘Russification’ of Ukraine’s education system looks like in occupied areasCNNMay 16
Troops defending Kharkiv reached Russian border, Ukraine saysReutersMay 16
Ukraine’s Military Gains Raise Kyiv’s War Aims as Russia Shells Eastern CitiesWall Street JournalMay 16
Russian troops pushed to within 3-4 km of Russian border near Kharkiv- U.S. officialReutersMay 16
Hundreds of Ukrainian troops evacuated from Mariupol steelworks after 82-day assaultThe GuardianMay 16
Russia says it will evacuate wounded Ukrainian soldiers from AzovstalReutersMay 16
West will not allow Russia a ‘diktat peace’ in Ukraine, says Germany’s ScholzReutersMay 16
Mariupol defenders surrender to Russia but their fate is uncertainReutersMay 17
The US is sending a huge amount of weapons and security aid to UkraineVoxMay 17
Ukraine will get worse for isolated Russia, analyst says on state TVReutersMay 17
Russian Military Commentator Breaks Rank And Reveals Reality Of War In UkraineHuff PostMay 17
After months of tough talk, Russia now says Finland joining NATO makes ‘not much difference’Fox NewsMay 17
Libya’s Bashagha says will base his rival gov’t in SirteAl JazeeraMay 17
Mariupol defenders surrender to Russia but their fate is uncertainReutersMay 17
Will Turkey block NATO membership for Sweden and Finland?CNBCMay 17
Ukraine has retaken the region around Kharkiv. Here’s why that’s such a big deal.NBC NewsMay 17
Mariupol’s fall is symbolic for Russia — and UkraineVoxMay 17
EU top diplomat says if verified, Russia has suffered “impressive losses”ReutersMay 17
Finland, Sweden Apply for NATO Membership, Breaking Decades of NeutralityWall Street JournalMay 18
Ukraine live updates: US reopens embassy; Russian soldier guilty pleaUSA TodayMay 18
Russia and Ukraine blame each other after peace talks stallReutersMay 18
Russian Soldier Admits Shooting Unarmed Civilian in First War-Crime Trial in UkraineWall Street JournalMay 18
Russia military veteran Khodaryonok in damning assessment of Ukraine warCNBCMay 18
Finland and Sweden to buy firearms, anti-tank weapons togetherReutersMay 18
Learn lessons of Rwandan genocide and act now to stop Ethiopian war, UN urgedThe GuardianMay 18
Putin’s war in Ukraine backfires as Sweden, Finland apply for NATO membershipNBC NewsMay 18
Ukraine officials give conflicting accounts of attack on Russian trainReutersMay 18
Biden resists Ukrainian demands for long-range rocket launchersPOLITICOMay 18
The most striking aspect of Sweden and Finland’s application to join NATOCNNMay 18
Russia uses new laser weapons in Ukraine, Zelenskiy mocks ‘wonder weapon’ReutersMay 18
Russia says 900 Ukrainian troops sent to prison colony from MariupolThe GuardianMay 18
Russia deploys its ‘Terminator’ vehicle in sign of frustrationThe TimesMay 18
Finland and Sweden in NATO could bring mighty militaries to Russia’s front doorAxiosMay 18
Ukrainian widow confronts Russian soldier accused of killing her husbandBBC NewsMay 19
Top U.S., Russian generals speak for first time since Ukraine invasionReutersMay 19
Can Ukraine Win? Five Scenarios for the War’s Next PhaseWall Street JournalMay 19
Exclusive: U.S. aims to arm Ukraine with advanced anti-ship missiles to fight Russian blockadeReutersMay 19
Russian soldiers left behind devastation and death in this Kharkiv suburbNBC NewsMay 19
Siege ends at Ukraine’s Mariupol steelworks, Russia seeks control of DonbasReutersMay 20
Millions fled Ukraine. Now the line to return home stretches for milesNPRMay 20
Russia says it will beef up forces near western borderReutersMay 20
Russia Says It Will Increase Military Presence Near Western BorderWall Street JournalMay 20
As Russia intensifies push for Donbas, Ukraine rules out ceasefireReutersMay 21
Russia likely facing Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles shortage, UK saysReutersMay 21
Russia tries to rebound in Ukraine as prospects for victory fadeThe Washington PostMay 21
Russian strike Zelensky called ‘absolute evil’ caught on cameraCNN VideoMay 21
Roma refugees who fled from Ukraine to Moldova are now in limboNPRMay 21
Putin Losing Power, Russia Officials Thinks Ukraine War Is Lost – ExpertBusiness InsiderMay 21
Donbas: It’s nearly three months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Here’s where things standCNNMay 21
Poland’s President Addresses Ukraine’s Parliament, Calls for Removal of All Russian TroopsWall Street JournalMay 21
Zelenskiy signals readiness for new talks if Mariupol troops are not harmedThe GuardianMay 21
Apparently-Ailing Putin Surrounded By Docs, Kremlin In ‘Chaos,’ Says Ex Brit Intel OfficialHuff PostMay 22
Ukraine forces prepare for possible attack on Belarusian borderThe GuardianMay 22
Satellite image leads to horrifying conclusionCNN VideoMay 22
Pentagon Weighs Deploying Special Forces to Guard Kyiv EmbassyWall Street JournalMay 22
Russia-appointed head of occupied Ukraine town wounded in blastReutersMay 22
Syria’s barrel bomb experts in Russia to help with potential Ukraine campaignThe GuardianMay 22
Pounded by Russian offensive in the east, Ukraine rules out concessionsReutersMay 22
Biden says U.S. would intervene militarily if China invades TaiwanCBS NewsMay 23
Colombia to train Ukrainian military on landmine removalReutersMay 23
A Ukrainian soldier uploaded all his photos of Azovstal before he was captured. Here they areThe GuardianMay 23
Ukraine urges more world pressure, says it repels Russian attack on eastern cityReutersMay 23
Russian Soldier Sentenced to Life in Prison in Ukraine War-Crimes TrialWall Street JournalMay 23
Kyiv museums exhibit Russian artefacts with pride and a warningThe GuardianMay 23
Moment Russian tanks hiding in occupied gardens are obliteratedDaily MailMay 23
Ukraine war strains space station ties between Russia and U.S.NPRMay 23
Kremlin says Russia must be alert after attack in southern UkraineReutersMay 23
Opinion | Don’t worry about Putin’s feelings. Russia must pay for its invasionThe Washington PostMay 23
Ukraine urges more world pressure, says it repels Russian attack on eastern cityReutersMay 23
We must stop letting Russia define the terms of the Ukraine crisisThe GuardianMay 23
Russia wages all-out assault to encircle Ukraine troops in eastReutersMay 24
Russia-Ukraine war updates for May 24, 2022CNBCMay 24
Ukraine updates: 200 bodies found in Mariupol basementUSA TodayMay 24
S.Korea scrambles jets after Chinese, Russian warplanes enter air defence zoneReutersMay 24
Three months of war: Russia underachieves, Ukraine overachievesNPRMay 24
Ukraine Is Using Quiet Electric Bikes to Haul Anti-Tank WeaponsViceMay 24
DAVOS: Soros says Ukraine may be start of World War ThreeReutersMay 24
U.S. intelligence document shows Russian naval blockade of Ukraine that has sparked food crisisThe Washington PostMay 24
‘My house, the barns, I lost everything’: the Ukrainian farmers devastated by warThe GuardianMay 24
‘They’re afraid of us’: Ukrainian soldier describes taking down Russian helicopterCNN VideoMay 24
Ukraine war: ‘This is just the beginning, everything is still to come’BBC NewsMay 24
Ukraine warns of multi-year food crisis; Zelenskyy says situation in Donbas ‘very difficult’CNBCMay 25
Ukraine war: Bodies of dead Russian soldiers abandoned near KyivBBC NewsMay 25
Russian parliament scraps age limit for army recruitsReutersMay 25
Ukraine Is Knocking Increasing Numbers Of Russian Drones Out Of The Sky — With Help From Russian CorruptionForbesMay 25
Syria says any Turkish incursion amounts to ‘war crimes’ReutersMay 25
Ukraine war weighs heavy as apocalyptic mood shrouds DavosThe GuardianMay 25
Severodonetsk: Battle for key road as fighting reaches Ukraine cityBBC NewsMay 25
Zelensky says Ukraine will fight until it regains all its territories after Kissinger remarkThe HillMay 25
Alleged Wagner Group fighters accused of murdering civilians in UkraineThe GuardianMay 25
Spain, Britain call on NATO to look at Russian threat from AfricaReutersMay 26
Ukraine savages idea of concessions to end war, evokes appeasement of NazisReutersMay 26
As Russian Forces Retreated, Mock Executions and Beatings Increased in UkraineWall Street JournalMay 26
Russian Military Readies 60-Year-Old Tanks and Civilian Boats as War Drags OnViceMay 26
Finnish PM says Russian actions in Ukraine a ‘turning point’ReutersMay 26
Moscow expects Kyiv to meet its demands at peace talks, Kremlin saysReutersMay 26
Russian mercenaries accused over use of mines and booby traps in LibyaThe GuardianMay 26
WHO condemns Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in rare vote, rejects Moscow’s counter-proposalReutersMay 26
Russia is depopulating parts of eastern Ukraine, forcibly removing thousands into remote parts of RussiaCNNMay 26
Exclusive: U.S. and Ukraine discuss danger of escalation as new arms extend Kyiv’s reachReutersMay 26
Pentagon says Russia racks up personnel, weapons lossesThe HillMay 26
Ukraine says troops may retreat from eastern region as Russia advancesReutersMay 27
Ukraine President Zelensky tells West ‘Stop playing’ with Russia, end warNY PostMay 27
Russian advances are making the battle for the Donbas a ‘different story’ to the start of the warNBC NewsMay 27
‘Hypocrisy,’ ‘naivety’ and ‘greed’: Europe chided for failing to stop Putin’s warCNBCMay 27
What hope is there for diplomacy in ending the Russia-Ukraine war?The GuardianMay 27
Ukraine fighting to keep control of town of LymanReutersMay 27
‘You hear bullets, you run’: Congolese refugees stream over Uganda’s borderThe GuardianMay 27
Resurgent east Congo violence displaces 72,000 in one weekReutersMay 27
What weapons are being given to Ukraine by the UK?BBC NewsMay 27
Ukraine-Russia war news: Kharkiv missile strikes tear lives apart despite Putin’s forces being pushed backNBC NewsMay 27
Russia’s ‘cauldron’ tactic may be tipping Donbas battle in its favourThe GuardianMay 27
Russia pummels eastern towns in bid to encircle Ukraine forcesReutersMay 28
US to transfer long-range rocket systems to Ukraine amid Donbas struggle: reportsThe HillMay 28
Ukraine receives Harpoon missiles and howitzers, says defence ministerReutersMay 28
Ukraine accuses Russia of genocide in eastern Donbas regionCBS NewsMay 28
Ukraine pleads for weapons as Russian onslaught threatens to turn the tideThe GuardianMay 28
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy visits frontline in first official appearance outside Kyiv since invasionReutersMay 29
Ukrainian defenders hold out in Donbas city under heavy fireReutersMay 29
Zelensky Visits Ukraine’s East, Fires Kharkiv Security ChiefThe Moscow TimesMay 29
Sievierodonetsk bombing so intense, casualties cannot be assessed, officials sayThe GuardianMay 29
Ukraine suffers on battlefield while pleading for U.S. armsThe Washington PostMay 29
Intense fighting breaks out in Ukraine’s Donbas regionCBS NewsMay 29
Ukraine war: Putin urged to hold ‘direct, serious negotiations’ with ZelenskyBBC NewsMay 29
Ukraine war: President Zelensky visits Kharkiv in first trip outside Kyiv regionBBC NewsMay 29
Russia taking more ground, but Ukraine’s troops and its civilians remain unwaveringCBS NewsMay 30
Russia Extends Control Over Key Ukraine City as U.S. Plans to Boost Kyiv’s FirepowerWall Street JournalMay 30
China sends 30 warplanes into Taiwan air defence zoneBBC NewsMay 31
Russia takes most of Sievierodonetsk city in eastern UkraineReutersMay 31
As Luhansk falls to the Russians, Ukrainian civilians are desperate to evacuateThe Washington PostMay 31
Biden admin will provide Ukraine with longer-range rocket systemsNBC NewsMay 31
Russia controls most of Ukraine’s Severodonetsk, Luhansk governor saysThe Washington PostMay 31
China has the power to take Taiwan, but it would cost an extremely bloody priceCNNMay 31
Himars: what are the advanced rockets US is sending Ukraine?The GuardianMay 31
In photos, a look at how one Ukrainian town is already rebuildingNPRMay 31
Mass shooting at Mississippi Mudbug Festival leaves 1 dead, 5 hurtNY PostMay 1
Florida woman opens fire on deputies from inside McDonald’sFox NewsMay 2
India rape: Lalitpur police officer arrested for alleged rape of 13-year-old girlCNNMay 5
Two suspects arrested after Israeli Independence Day attack leaves three deadCNNMay 8
Russian envoy to Poland doused in red by anti-war protestersReutersMay 9
$20K reward offered in search for gunmen in deadly Philadelphia gas station ambushABC NewsMay 12
Buffalo shooting kills 10 at supermarket; Payton Gendron arraignedUSA TodayMay 14
Geneva Presbyterian Church shooting: At least one dead in Laguna WoodsUSA TodayMay 15
Buffalo shooting punctuates eruption of deadly weekend violenceAxiosMay 16
Watch: CNN anchors read list of 201 mass shootings that have happened in the United States in 2022CNN VideoMay 16
3 high school graduations across the U.S. end with gunfire in less than 24 hoursNBC NewsMay 20
2 killed, 7 wounded in mass shooting outside a Chicago McDonald’sCBS NewsMay 20
19 children, 2 teachers killed in shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TexasNBC NewsMay 24
‘Why are we willing to live with this carnage?’: Biden demands action on guns after Texas school shootingPOLITICOMay 24
Uvalde school shooting ends with 19 children, 2 adults deadThe Texas TribuneMay 24
Here is what we know so far about the victims of the Texas school massacreNBC NewsMay 24
At least 19 children, 2 teachers dead after shooting at Texas elementary schoolABC NewsMay 25
Senate heads for gun control reckoning after Texas school shootingThe HillMay 25
Texas shooting highlights how guns are the leading cause of death for US kidsABC NewsMay 25
Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.VoxMay 25
Analysis: Why Steve Kerr’s comments on Uvalde should stop you in your tracksCNN PoliticsMay 25
Opinion | Our gun epidemic is a symptom of our broken democracyThe Washington PostMay 25
Texas school shooting: Gunman posted messages about attack right before shooting, governor saidCBS NewsMay 26
Timeline of how the Texas school massacre — and the police response — unfoldedCNNMay 27
1 dead, 7 injured during shooting at Memorial Day festival in OklahomaABC NewsMay 29
Shooters at large after 6 teenagers shot in downtown Chattanooga: PoliceABC NewsMay 30

Amnesty International USAWe work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth, and dignity are denied.Current
Human Rights CampaignEquality for ALL, not for someCurrent
Human Rights WatchDefending Human Rights WorldwideCurrent
Taliban order Afghan women to cover faces againReutersMay 7
U.N. rights session planned on Ukraine, to address Mariupol ‘mass casualties’RetuersMay 9
Filipino inquiry says polluters are liable for human rights violationsGristMay 10
Kyiv: Video shows Russian soldiers killing 2 civilians before they ransack a businessCNNMay 12
Ukraine conflict: Russian soldiers seen killing unarmed civiliansBBC NewsMay 12
Ukraine to open war crimes trial of Russian soldier accused of killing civilianRfiMay 12
UN to set up inquiry into possible Russian war crimes in UkraineReutersMay 12
Taliban Resume House Searches As World Watches UkraineBuzzFeed NewsMay 13
Alone under siege: how older women are being left behind in UkraineThe GuardianMay 16
Florida’s ‘don’t say gay’ bill – podcastThe GuardianMay 17
Buffalo shooting reignites debate over critical race theory, US history educationUSA TodayMay 18
Laws restricting lessons on racism are making it hard for teachers to discuss the massacre in BuffaloNBC NewsMay 18
“I’ve Been Called Names, Sworn At, and Just SCREAMED At”. Why everyone is so rude lately.SLATEMay 23
‘Do you guys know how stupid you are?’ Congressional staffers field increasingly abusive callsUSA TodayMay 23
Afghan female journalists defiant as Taliban restrictions growAl JazeeraMay 24
Senate heads for gun control reckoning after Texas school shootingThe HillMay 25
U.N. rights envoy says Taliban must reverse restrictions on Afghan womenReutersMay 26
This Disabled Woman Tipped 26% And Asked Her Grubhub Driver To Drop Her Food Where She Could Get It — He Purposely Left It Out Of Her Reach, And We Need To Hold Businesses Accountable For Disability DiscriminationBuzzfeedMay 31
Star Wars Defends Moses Ingram Against Racist ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ FansVarietyMay 31
TikToker Films Women Making Racist Gesture While in ChinatownDaily DotMay 31

Vilnius mayor paints ‘Putin the Hague is waiting for you’ opposite embassyReutersMar 1
Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene heckle Biden at State of UnionUSA TodayMar 1
How Russia’s war in Ukraine came back to bite Putin at homeNBC NewsMar 2
Moscow police detain children for laying flowers at Ukrainian embassyThe GuardianMar 2
EU says it is picking up signs Russia may bring in martial lawReutersMar 3
Lukoil: Russian oil company calls for an end to Putin’s warCNNMar 4
In Russia, thousands defy police threats to protest the invasion of Ukraine. Can it make a difference?USA TodayMar 4
War in Ukraine: The Russians leaving Russia for FinlandBBC NewsMar 5
Russian elites’ kids protest Ukraine war: A look at who is taking stand against PutinFox NewsMar 5
War in Ukraine: The Russians leaving Russia for FinlandBBC NewsMar 5
War in Ukraine: Thousands march in Kherson against occupiersBBC NewsMar 5
Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Sparked Antiwar Protests in Russia. They Could Be His UndoingTimeMar 5
Protests across Russia see thousands detainedBBC NewsMar 6
Ukraine Faces Fresh Wave of Attacks Focused on Population CentersWall Street JournalMar 6
Angry dock workers in the UK are refusing to unload Russian oilCNBCMar 6
More than 4,300 detained at anti-war protests in RussiaReutersMar 6
Russian news anchor: Millions of Russians feel this is a catastropheCNN VideoMar 6
Social media turn on Putin, the past masterThe GuardianMar 6
Now we know: Russia’s horrific past could become our future under PutinThe GuardianMar 7
How Russians are using VPNs to evade internet blockadeAxiosMar 8
Russians flee Putin’s crackdown as Ukraine invasion reshapes Moscow’s futureNBC NewsMar 9
Russians Rush to Leave as Sanctions Bite and Putin Clamps Down on Dissent Over Ukraine WarWall Street JournalMar 10
VPN use in Russia is surging as government tightens internet controlCNBCMar 10
A top Wikipedia editor has been arrested in BelarusThe VergeMar 11
Russian internet users are learning to beat Putin’s internet crackdownCNNMar 12
Russia faces brain drain as thousands flee abroadBBC NewsMar 13
Demonstrators Are Now Being Arrested By Russian Police For Holding Up Blank SignsLAD BibleMar 15
Russian Presenter Who Hijacked Broadcast With Anti-War Message Appears In CourtLAD BibleMar 15
Russian Presenter Who Hijacked Broadcast With Anti-War Message ‘Missing’ After Being ArrestedLAD BibleMar 15
Russian TV employee who staged on-air protest says she was interrogated for more than 14 hoursNBC NewsMar 16
Putin warns Russia against pro-Western ‘traitors’ and scumReutersMar 16
Russia’s state TV hit by stream of resignationsBBC NewsMar 16
Putin Vows to Rid Russia of ‘Traitors’: War in UkraineBloombergMar 16
Trouble In Kremlin Gulag: Spy Boss Reportedly Arrested As Putin Fumes Over Ukraine InvasionHuff PostMar 20
Lismore Residents Protest At Scott Morrison’s Kirribilli HomeLAD BibleMar 21
Russia’s Elite Are Plotting Vladimir Putin’s Assassination, Ukraine Intelligence ClaimsLAD BibleMar 21
Disney employees across the U.S. are walking out today. Here’s why.NBC NewsMar 22
This nonprofit figured out how to help get real news into RussiaFast CompanyMar 23
Putin’s hunt for ‘traitors’ sends a message: We are watching everyoneThe Washington PostMar 26
Russians Opposed To Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Adopt New National FlagLAD BibleMar 27
Russians who live abroad say Moscow is hardening the views of those back homeNBC NewsMar 27
Putin’s war in Ukraine has triggered an exodus out of Russia — but the escape options are shrinkingCNNMar 30
Can Putin be overthrown? Russia’s leader has sought to prevent a coupCNBCMar 30
US graduate students protest against low pay while universities profit from their workThe GuardianMar 30
‘Everybody’s Waiting for Putin to Die.’ A Russian Businessman on the Hopes for His HomelandTimeMar 30
Georgia says ‘unacceptable’ for breakaway region to vote on joining RussiaReutersMar 31
‘We Will Kill You’: How Russia Silenced Its Antiwar MovementWall Street JournalApr 6
Putin Is the Only Leader They’ve Known. And They’re Done With Him.POLICITOApr 7
Bilingual Ukrainians abandoning Russian language over warThe Washington PostApr 12
Holocaust museums around the world condemn Russia’s actions as war crimesNPRApr 12
A restaurant manager flew a Ukrainian flag. Hateful messages followed.The Washington PostApr 15
Shanghai turns residences into COVID isolation facilities, sparking protestReutersApr 15
Fury in Shanghai as Covid restrictions are blamed for deaths, cause rare protestNBC NewsApr 15
Pro-Russia Serbs protest in Belgrade to support Russia and against NATOReutersApr 15
China Covid: Clashes in Shanghai over lockdown evictionsBBC NewsApr 15
Russian teacher rejected Kremlin propaganda, then paid the priceReutersApr 18
Ukrainians deported to Russia from besieged Mariupol dream of homeReutersApr 19
Using Psychology to Tell Russians the Truth About UkraineTimeApr 20
See moment Shanghai residents confront police over Covid tacticsCNN VideoApr 21
He Worked for Moscow’s Police for Nearly 20 Years. Then He Spoke Up About the Ukraine War.Wall Street JournalApr 21
Anger mounts among locked-down Shanghai residents as city reports more COVID deathsReutersApr 23
Shanghai: Censors try to block video about lockdown conditionsBBC NewsApr 23
Why the Russian People Go Along With Putin’s WarThe AtlanticApr 23
‘Voices of April’: China’s internet erupts in protest against censorship of Shanghai lockdown videoCNNApr 25
Scores flee for their lives ahead of Russia’s sham independence vote in regionCNNApr 26
Too many White parents don’t understand the true purpose of public schoolsThe Washington PostMay 3
Videos Show LAPD Beating and Shoving Protesters at Abortion Rights RallyViceMay 4
‘Paranoid dictator’: Russian journalists fill pro-Kremlin site with anti-war articlesThe GuardianMay 9
Protests in Russia take interesting twistsFox NewsMay 9
‘No end in sight’: Shanghai residents chafe at harsh Covid measuresThe GuardianMay 9
Russian envoy to Poland doused in red by anti-war protestersReutersMay 9
Two Russian journalists appear to defy Putin, slamming the war in UkraineCNNMay 10
Ukraine Mocks Russia’s Victory Day By Holding A ‘Parade’ Of Captured Russian TanksLAD BibleMay 10
Russia demands formal Polish apology for Warsaw anti-war protestReutersMay 11
At mercy of zealous residential committees, Shanghai’s locked-down vent frustrationReutersMay 11
‘They were furious’: the Russian soldiers refusing to fight in UkraineThe GuardianMay 12
‘We will not go back’: thousands rally for abortion rights across the USThe GuardianMay 14
Coup to remove cancer-stricken Putin underway in Russia, Ukrainian intelligence chief saysFortuneMay 14
Turkey lays out demands as Finland, Sweden seek NATO membershipReutersMay 15
China’s harsh lockdowns could exacerbate population crisisCNNMay 16
‘I cannot survive on $260 a week’: US retail and fast-food workers strikeThe GuardianMay 16
‘I look at my government differently’: losses in Ukraine test Russians’ faithThe GuardianMay 17
Some Maryland parents argue a new health curriculum is unfit for young studentsThe Washington PostMay 17
Retired colonel speaks out on Russian TVBBC NewsMay 17
Russia military veteran Khodaryonok in damning assessment of Ukraine warCNBCMay 18
Brazilian jurists call on U.N. to report on Bolsonaro attacks on judiciaryReutersMay 18
Leaked memo shows DHS preparing for violence after abortion rulingAxiosMay 18
Siberian Lawmaker Who Criticized Putin’s War Is Detained—on U.S.-Mexico BorderDaily BeastMay 19
Pro-war Russians are criticizing the Ukraine war effort for not being tough enoughThe Washington PostMay 19
Russian opposition group pushing US to sanction ‘next tier’ of Putin enablersABC NewsMay 19
Australia election results: Labor leader Anthony Albanese will be the country’s next Prime MinisterCNNMay 21
Australia’s rightwing government weaponized climate change – now it has faced its reckoningThe GuardianMay 22
Ukraine war: The defiant Russians speaking out about the warBBC NewsMay 23
Russian diplomat in Switzerland says he resigns over Ukraine invasionReutersMay 23
‘Warmongering, lies and hatred’: Russian diplomat in Geneva resigns over Ukraine invasionThe GuardianMay 23
Afghan female journalists defiant as Taliban restrictions growAl JazeeraMay 24
‘When will this end?’: rage over US gun violence after second mass shooting in 10 daysThe GuardianMay 24
‘I’m never going back’: the high-profile Russian defectors rejecting warThe GuardianMay 25
‘This didn’t feel like a time to ask permission’: After Texas school shooting, students walk out for gun law reformUSA TodayMay 26
They once worked for big oil’s enablers. Now they refuse to be complicitThe GuardianMay 27
‘Switch off the TV’: Former Russian-state journalist’s plea to RussiansBBC NewsMay 27
115 Russian national guard soldiers sacked for refusing to fight in UkraineThe GuardianMay 27
Protesters’ anguished shouts fail to dampen gun enthusiasm at NRA convention in HoustonNBC NewsMay 27
Dissent builds in Russia as Putin’s Ukraine war grinds onThe Washington PostMay 28
Ukraine war is Putin’s death warrant, says wife of jailed politicianThe GuardianMay 29

Climate. Park. Change. Climate. Park. Change. Current
NOAANational Oceanic & Atmospheric AdministrationCurrent & Historical
National Centers for Environmental InformationNOAACurrent
World Environment Situation RoomUN Environment ProgramCurrent
World Meteorological OrganizationWMOCurrent & Historical
These homes are off-grid and climate resilient. They’re also built out of trashThe Washington PostJan 4
The Western U.S. might be seeing its last snowy wintersFast CompanyJan 5
More than 40 percent of Americans live in counties hit by climate disasters in 2021The Washington PostJan 5
69% of Americans don’t want hybrid or electric for their next car because they are uneducatedAxiosJan 6
Top climate stories: Everything to know about the environment this weekWorld Economic ForumJan 7
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Global heating could lead to an increase in kidney stone disease, study findsThe GuardianJan 10
The last 7 years have been Earth’s 7 hottestAxiosJan 10
How climate change makes extreme weather worseCNN VideoJan 10
Past seven years hottest on record – EU satellite dataBBC NewsJan 10
US hit by 20 separate billion-dollar climate disasters in 2021, Noaa report saysThe GuardianJan 10
Climate-fueled permafrost thaw threatens up to half of Arctic infrastructure -reportReutersJan 11
Hottest ocean temperatures in history recorded last yearThe GuardianJan 11
This ‘black box’ charting our climate tailspin looks cool, changes nothingInputJan 13
Retired weather service head talks extreme weather, climate change and, yes, ‘Sharpiegate’USA TodayJan 15
Warming Trends: Americans’ Alarm Grows About Climate Change, a Plant-Based Diet Packs a Double Carbon Whammy, and Making Hay from Plastic IndiaInside Climate NewsJan 15
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Climate change exposes older adults to more of these health hazards—here’s how to prepareMarketWatchJan 18
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Antarctica’s “Doomsday Glacier” may surprise scientistsAxiosJan 21
Iceberg size of Delaware dumps billions of tons of freshwater in oceanUSA TodayJan 23
Where’s the snow? Winter so far turns map upside downAccuWeatherJan 26
America’s hottest city is nearly unlivable in summer. Can cooling technologies save it?The GuardianJan 27
Climate Point: Disaster relief drops as extreme events surge across USUSA TodayJan 27
People Most Affected by Climate Crisis Ready for Civil DisobedienceGizmodoJan 27
Federal judge cancel oil and gas leases in Gulf of Mexico citing climate crisisCNNJan 28
Birds are remarkable and beautiful animals – and they’re disappearing from our worldThe GuardianJan 28
America’s split-screen pandemic: Many families resume their lives even as hospitals are overwhelmedThe Washington PostJan 28
Twenty years of data reveal 4 hidden effects of climate change on healthInverseJan 29
These are the most threatened freshwater reservesPopular ScienceJan 29
Why Renters Are Uniquely Vulnerable to Climate DisastersMother JonesJan 30
Mass outages and extreme weather mean a boom in generator salesNPRJan 31
Beavers Are Flooding the Warming Alaskan Arctic, Threatening Fish, Water and Indigenous TraditionsInside Climate NewsJan 31
Climate change may be supercharging Northeast snowstormsAxiosJan 31
Black neighborhoods at risk as climate change accelerates floodingNBC NewsJan 31
Extreme weather is amplified as humidity increases, study findsAxiosFeb 1
Can the Winter Olympics survive the climate crisis?DWFeb 1
Warming Ocean Leaves No Safe Havens for Coral ReefsInside Climate NewsFeb 1
Asia grapples with high underinsurance amid rise in climate disastersCNBCFeb 1
Eerie ‘Blood Snow’ Is Likely Synced Up With Climate Change, Scientists SayViceFeb 2
Climate change: EU moves to label nuclear and gas as sustainable despite internal rowBBC NewsFeb 2
Overwhelmed by Solar Projects, the Nation’s Largest Grid Operator Seeks a Two-Year Pause on ApprovalsInside Climate NewsFeb 2
When climate change overwhelms me, I listen to BurialNPRFeb 2
Simple solution boosts productivity, reduces noise, and saves energyFast CompanyFeb 2
Climate change: EU’s plan to call natural gas ‘sustainable’ triggers backlashCNNFeb 2
In measuring climate change, it’s not just heat, it’s humidityNBC NewsFeb 2
Environmental Catastrophe Passed “Point of No Return” Eight Years Ago, Scientists SayFuturismFeb 2
Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ keeps scientists at bay with iceberg and sea iceThe GuardianFeb 2
Solar leases for free on public lands?USA TodayFeb 2
‘We have to adapt’: US Pacific north-west weighs plans to cope with extreme weatherThe GuardianFeb 3
Super corals: the race to save the world’s reefs from the climate crisis – in picturesThe GuardianFeb 3
‘A deranged pyroscape’: how fires across the world have grown weirderThe GuardianFeb 3
The climate crisis is wreaking havoc but sport can be a part of the solutionThe GuaridanFeb 3
To Fully Tackle Inflation, U.S. Must Tackle Climate ChangeTimeFeb 3
Countries Where Climate Change Is Most Evident24/7 Wall St.Feb 3
Extreme weather has cost Europe about €500bn over 40 yearsThe GuardianFeb 3
Mount Everest has lost 2,000 years’ worth of ice in less than three decadesCNNFeb 3
Space Imagery Reveals Methane Pouring From the US, Russia DailyBusiness InsiderFeb 3
Climate change: Satellites map huge methane plumes from oil and gasBBC NewsFeb 3
In worst case climate, rain and storm surge combine often for extreme floodingNBC NewsFeb 4
99% of coral reefs could vanish if we don’t act fast – studyWorld Economic ForumFeb 4
The Last Winter Eco-Horror Climate Change Retro ReviewGizmodoFeb 4
🎭 Fed climate dramaAxiosFeb 4
Mount Everest: Mountain’s highest glacier melting rapidly, new study showsBBC NewsFeb 5
Rich people are worse for the planet than the poor – this is the data that proves itThe IndependentFeb 5
Record Heat, Forest Fires In Colombia’s Amazon In JanuaryInternational Business TimesFeb 5
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One Year Later: The Texas Freeze Revealed a Fragile Energy System and Inspired Lasting MisinformationInside Climate NewsFeb 5
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Visualized: A third of Americans are already facing above-average warmingThe GuardianFeb 5
Climate change means Alaska will be able to grow more food—now is the time to start planningFast CompanyFeb 6
Blizzard-like ‘bomb cyclones’ get boost from warming oceansThe HillFeb 6
Barely 15% of the world’s coastal regions remain ecologically intact, study saysThe GuadianFeb 6
World’s biggest firms failing over net-zero claims, research suggestsThe GuardianFeb 6
U.S. carbon pipeline proposals trigger backlash over potential land seizuresReutersFeb 7
Livelihoods lost as climate disaster woes mount in KenyaFrance 24Feb 7
Monarch butterflies show hints of a comeback out West, but experts are cautiousPopular ScienceFeb 7
Right whales giving birth a cause for excitement, but not enough to save endangered speciesUSA TodayFeb 7
Date set for first youth-led climate trial in U.S. historyNBC NewsFeb 7
Surprise! Companies That Promised to Hit Net-Zero Emissions Are Failing MiserablyFuturismFeb 7
How the Prairies must adapt to meet the challenges of climate changeCBC NewsFeb 7
Google, Walmart, and Other Big Companies Are Half-Assing Their Climate PlansGizmodoFeb 7
The Beijing Olympics’ snow problem is more serious than you thinkThe Washington PostFeb 8
Glaciers are shrinking fast. Scientists are rushing to figure out how fastNPRFeb 8
The world is on fire and our leaders are failing, poll findsPOLITICOFeb 8
U.S. Army says time to address climate change is ‘now’CNBCFeb 8
Florida’s manatees are dying in Indian River Lagoon. The manatees are starving.VoxFeb 8
The Winter Olympics are taking place in the era of climate collapse – it’s hard to watchThe IndependentFeb 8
Lawmakers Urge Pentagon To Update Climate Plans In Upcoming Strategy To Keep U.S. ‘Safe’HuffPostFeb 8
​​​​​​​Biden’s Biggest Idea on Climate Change Is Remarkably CheapThe AtlanticFeb 9
Why outdated rainfall records are blocking cities’ climate change preparationsNPRFeb 9
World to China: Time to step up on climatePOLITICOFeb 9
Fresh hopes for landmark treaty to rescue ocean lifeFrance 24Feb 9
To Counter Global Warming, Focus Far More on Methane, a New Study RecommendsInside Climate NewsFeb 9
A home collapsed into the ocean as rising seas eat away at the North Carolina coastCNNFeb 9
U.S. Army unveils climate strategy as military prepares for climate changeThe Washington PostFeb 10
Natural gas is a dangerous name for a climate pollutantVoxFeb 10
Methane emissions speed up as tracking improvesAxiosFeb 10
UN Science Report To Sound Deafening Alarm On ClimateBarron’sFeb 11
Fake Snow Olympics Are an Omen of Climate Change Upending Winter Sports ForeverViceFeb 11
Extreme heat and plastic pollution push oceans to brinkDWFeb 11
Here’s how to demolish the most common excuses for climate crisis apathyThe GuardianFeb 12
How Many Ski Seasons Are Left?The New RepublicFeb 14
This browser extension can help fight your climate anxietyFast CompanyFeb 14
Top banks pumping billions into oil and gas expansion despite climate commitments, report saysThe IndependentFeb 14
Rapidly eroding Arctic coastlines ‘could lose 3 metres a year’ without climate actionThe IndependentFeb 14
Flourishing plants show warming Antarctica undergoing ‘major change’The GuardianFeb 14
A Staggering Amount of Amazon Rainforest Disappeared in January 2022GizmodoFeb 14
Climate crisis: Mourning disappearing snow and wintersDWFeb 15
A third of Americans are already facing above-average warmingGristFeb 15
Private equity’s dirty dozen: the 12 US firms funding dirty energy projectsThe GuardianFeb 15
Why are Himalayan glaciers melting faster than ever?The IndependentFeb 15
Study finds 42% of megadrought in West is due to human-caused climate change: “Worst-case scenario keeps getting worse”CBS NewsFeb 15
US sea level to rise as much in next 30 years as in past century – studyThe GuardianFeb 16
‘Green revolution’ rhetoric undermining support for environmental action, research suggestsThe IndependentFeb 16
China govt to help run coal power plants at full capacityFrance 24Feb 16
New Federal Report Warns of Accelerating Impacts From Sea Level RiseInside Climate NewsFeb 16
Serious, Salty Trouble Is Brewing Under Antarctic Glaciers WIREDFeb 16
California broke an unenviable climate change record this winter: “The extremes are getting more extreme.”MashableFeb 16
BP, Chevron and other oil firms aren’t living up to climate pledges, study findsNPRFeb 16
Deadly Wildfires, Noise Pollution, And Disruptive Timing Of Life Cycles: UN Report Identifies Looming Environmental ThreatsScience MagazineFeb 17
World funds own destruction with $1.8 tn subsidies: studyFrance 24Feb 17
Florida manatees are getting 3,000 pounds of lettuce a day in a state effort to help the starving animalsCNNFeb 17
Biden will allow California to set climate limits on cars. The move could influence the rest of the country.The Washington PostFeb 17
Climate change: Covid shutdown linked to record rainfall in ChinaBBC NewsFeb 18
The climate is changing too fast for plant and animal speciesGristFeb 18
Antarctica will likely set a record for lowest sea ice extent this yearCNNFeb 18
It’s not just climate: Are we ignoring other causes of disasters?GristFeb 19
Draughty window or door? Now it can be seen from spaceThe GuardianFeb 20
Climate change: Biden administration freezes new oil and gas drilling leases after court rules against key toolCNNFeb 21
Republicans Respond to World-Historical Drought by Propping Up Fossil FuelsThe New RepublicFeb 21
The hidden melting of the most important ice on Earth, explainedVoxFeb 21
Researchers Say Science Skewed by Racism is Increasing the Threat of Global Warming to People of ColorInside Climate NewsFeb 22
Deforestation threat to Amazon indigenous areas if protected status changed – reportBBC NewsFeb 22
Greenland’s ice is melting from the bottom up and far faster than previously thoughtCNNFeb 22
3 possibilities for our climate-ravaged future—and the solutions that could prevent the worstFast CompanyFeb 23
Antarctic Sea Ice in 2022 Hits Record LowGizmodoFeb 23
How a little-discussed revision of climate science could help avert doomThe Washington PostFeb 23
Supreme court case could restrict Biden’s effort to tackle climate crisisThe GuardianFeb 24
Sea levels are rising due to the climate crisis – See how experts measure glacier melt in IcelandCNN VideoFeb 24
Alaska worries for its salmon run as climate change warms Arctic watersReutersFeb 25
Vatican Calls for a ‘Cultural Revolution’ to Fight Climate ChangeGizmodoFeb 25
African countries spending billions to cope with climate crisisThe GuardianFeb 25
Moth that causes rash is spreading due to warming temperatures, scientists findCBS NewsFeb 26
Fossil fuel companies are trying to exploit this war for their gain. We can’t let themThe GuardianFeb 26
Climate emergency a ‘national security’ concern, says Red CrossThe GuardianFeb 27
Russian official apologises for Ukraine invasionThe IndependentFeb 28
Impact of climate crisis much worse than predicted, says Alok SharmaThe GuardianFeb 28
IPCC issues ‘bleakest warning yet’ on impacts of climate breakdownThe GuardianFeb 28
‘Delay means death’ – UN climate report urges immediate, drastic actionReutersFeb 28
Climate change is killing people and making them sick. Billions are in danger.NPRFeb 28
As Hawaii declares climate crisis, schools hope Indigenous knowledge will save the islandsUSA TodayFeb 28
As extreme weather ravages the Pacific, there is much to do and no time to wasteThe GuardianFeb 28
Climate change already worse than expected, says new UN reportNational GeographicFeb 28
Deforestation emissions far higher than previously thought, study findsThe GuardianFeb 28
How one of Florida’s most beloved animals may be close to climate extinctionThe GuardianMar 1
A Ukrainian Climate Scientist is Uniquely Positioned to Explain the Real Threat to the Global OrderTimeMar 1
Climate change is intensifying Earth’s water cycle at twice the predicted rate, research showsGristMar 1
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IPCC Report: The New Language of Climate Change InequalityTimeMar 1
A landmark report reveals how climate change threatens “human well-being”InverseMar 1
5 signs of how climate change is unraveling Earth’s ecosystemsVoxMar 1
UN report could change the conversation on ‘loss and damage’ at November’s climate negotiationsGristMar 2
Mass Animal Extinctions Could Be Coming Due to Climate Change including the disappearance of penguins and polar bearsBusiness InsiderMar 2
Big oil is exiting Russia. What does that mean for the climate?GristMar 3
A Battle Over Building Codes May Be The Most Important Climate Fight You’ve Never Heard OfHuffPostMar 3
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Unite against climate change – Ukraine scientistBBC NewsMar 3
The Arctic Seafloor Is Degrading and Could Be a Climate Time BombViceMar 3
Deforestation emissions far higher than previously thought, study findsGristMar 4
‘They’re finally listening’: Indigenous peoples play major role in new climate reportUSA TodayMar 4
For mental health, landmark climate report spells disasterGristMar 4
UK not prepared for climate impacts, warns IPCC expertThe GuardianMar 4
Americans want to be carbon neutral, don’t want to take needed stepsArs TechnicaMar 4
Record growth, record heat, record drought: how will Las Vegas weather the climate crisis?The GuaridanMar 5
Climate Change Is Taking a Big Bite out of Our Food SupplyWIREDMar 5
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Ancient Roman history reveals a startling truth about climate changeInverseMar 5
Amazon near tipping point of shifting from rainforest to savannah, new study suggestsCNNMar 7
Our climate solutions are failing – and Big Oil’s fingerprints are all over themThe GuardianMar 7
The Amazon Rainforest May Be Nearing a Point of No ReturnWIREDMar 7
Amazon rainforest reaching tipping point, researchers sayBBC NewsMar 8
‘People are dying’: Global warming already being seen in North America, UN report findsUSA TodayMar 9
‘This is a fossil fuel war’: Ukraine’s top climate scientist speaks outThe GuardianMar 9
NPCA Poll Finds Most Americans Believe Climate Change Is Harming National ParksNational Parks TravelerMar 9
John Kerry: Ukraine crisis is bad, but ‘wait until you see’ flood of climate refugeesFox NewsMar 9
Scott Morrison Says Climate Change Makes Living In Australia HarderLAD BibleMar 10
Is super-polluting Pentagon’s climate plan just ‘military-grade greenwash’?The GuardianMar 10
UN ocean treaty is ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to protect the high seasThe GuardianMar 10
Esri’s newest mapping project shows how much Earth has changed in only 5 yearsFast CompanyMar 10
‘Defining moment’: how can the US end its dependency on fossil fuels?The GuardianMar 11
Record deforestation in Brazilian Amazon in FebruaryFrance 24Mar 11
Wind turbines could secretly reverse an unexpected effect of climate change — here’s howInverseMar 12
UN biodiversity negotiations set to begin, as experts warn of mass extinctionRfiMar 13
Sun sets on Mexico’s paradise beaches as climate crisis hits homeThe GuardianMar 14
The climate spillover of Russia’s invasion of UkraineAxiosMar 14
Thawing permafrost peatlands ‘on the precipice’ of releasing billions of tonnes of carbonThe IndependentMar 14
China slams firms for falsifying carbon dataReutersMar 15
The Sea Ice That Protects Antarctic Glaciers Just Completely Shattered, Scientists SayFuturismMar 15
Climate change to make pollen season longer and nastier, scientists sayCBS NewsMar 16
US Blocks Illegal Imports of Climate Damaging Refrigerants With New RulesInside Climate NewsMar 17
NASA’s new climate change GIF made the internet go crazyBGRMar 17
Three decades ago world told to ‘act now’ on climateFrance24Mar 18
Great Barrier Reef suffers widespread coral bleachingLocal 10Mar18
‘Last Gasp for Coal’ Saw Illinois Plants Crank up Emission-Spewing Production Last YearInside Climate NewsMar 18
4 Things Climate Scientists Get Told By The Public That They Already KnowForbesMar 18
Dead coral found at Great Barrier Reef as widespread bleaching event unfoldsThe GuardianMar 18
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Australia’s “Black Summer” fires damaged the ozone layer, study revealsThe Weather NetworkApr 3
Dire warning on climate change ‘is being ignored’ amid war and economic turmoilThe GuardianApr 3
Climate change could cost U.S. budget $2 trillion a year by the end of the century, White House saysReutersApr 4
World hurtling to climate danger zone, major report warns, as U.N. chief chides leaders for “lying” about effortsCBS NewsApr 4
‘Now or never’: Only severe emissions cuts will avoid climate extremes -U.N. reportReutersApr 4
‘They Are Lying’: Companies and Governments Must Decarbonize Now to Avert Disaster, UN Report SaysViceApr 4
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Companies confront a new climate challenge: home officesReutersMay 5
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‘Record after record’: Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April high, nearly double previous peakThe GuardianMay 6
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NASA images reveal a man-made scar in the Amazon so big you can see it from spaceInverseMay 10
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Coastal Fire destroys at least 20 homes in Orange County, California, as hundreds are evacuatedCNNMay 11
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Tuvalu, sinking in the Pacific, fears becoming a superpower ‘pawn’ReutersMay 13
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‘World is at boiling point’: humanity must redefine relationship with nature, says reportThe GuardianMay 18
Australia’s rainforest trees are dying faster than ever, study finds Daily MailMay 18
UN chief says Ukraine a ‘wake-up call’ to ditch fossil fuels as WMO releases damning climate reportCNNMay 18
Climate change is making record heatwaves in India and Pakistan 100 times more likelyCNNMay 18
Climate crisis makes extreme Indian heatwaves 100 times more likely – studyThe GuardianMay 18
World’s oceans at most acidic level in 26,000 years, climate report warnsReutersMay 18
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Think climate action is expensive? Inaction could cost $178 trillion.GristMay 24
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200 million to be displaced by storms in the next 20 years – what are we facing in Europe?EuronewsMay 25
New study: Climate change will spread toxic mold to Midwest cornGristMay 25
Interior Department announces $33M to clean up 277 methane-spewing wells on federal land. There are millions moreCNN PoliticsMay 25
Zoo Saving DNA From Rare Animals In Case They Go ExtinctFuturismMay 25
Heat trapped by greenhouse gases reached highest level yet in 2021, scientists sayNY PostMay 25
Major New Zealand salmon producer shuts farms as warming waters cause mass die-offsThe GuardianMay 26
Deforestation surges in Brazil Atlantic Forest: reportFrance 24May 26
Supreme Court allows Biden administration to continue using social cost of carbon, for nowCNNMay 26
They once worked for big oil’s enablers. Now they refuse to be complicitThe GuardianMay 27
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Solana DeFi Project Known as Wormhole Hit With Potential $320 Million HackBloombergFeb 2
Mac malware spreading for ~14 months installs backdoor on infected systemsArs TechnicaFeb 2
Microsoft: These hackers are targeting emergency response and security organizations in UkraineZDNetFeb 7
DOJ arrests couple in connection with $4.5 billion cryptocurrency hackThe HillFeb 8
A Hacker Group Has Been Framing People for Crimes They Didn’t CommitGizmodoFeb 11
Hackers Rigged Hundreds of Ecommerce Sites to Steal Payment InfoWIREDFeb 12
Hackers Just Leaked the Names of 92,000 ‘Freedom Convoy’ DonorsViceFeb 14
Hacking group is on a tear, hitting US critical infrastructure and SF 49ersArs TechnicaFeb 14
74% of ransomware revenue goes to Russia-linked hackersBBC NewsFeb 14
Ukrainian says government websites, banks were hit with denial of service attackNPRFeb 15
Ukraine cyberattack is largest of its kind in country’s history, says officialCNNFeb 16
Russian hackers have obtained sensitive defense information technology by targeting US contractors, according to CISAThe VergeFeb 16
Hackers Leak Entire Donor History of Every GiveSendGo CampaignViceFeb 16
Hackers Circulate Malware by Breaking Into Microsoft Teams MeetingsPC MagFeb 17
Recent Ukraine outage caused by modest cyberattack, data showsReutersFeb 17
VMware Horizon servers are under active exploit by Iranian state hackersArs TechnicaFeb 17
US Agencies Say Russian Hackers Compromised Defense ContractorsWIREDFeb 17
Russia Was Behind DDoS Attacks Against Ukraine, US Officials SayWIREDFeb 19
Hundreds of Ukraine computers hit with wiper malware – ESETThe RegisterFeb 23
Cyberattacks: Key Ukrainian government websites hit by series of hacking incidentsCNNFeb 24
U.S.’s Cyber Agency Raises New ‘Shields-Up’ Warning, as the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Ratchets UpIncFeb 25
Russia-based ransomware group Conti issues warning to Kremlin foesReutersFeb 25
Cyberwar from Ukraine crisis could spread to U.S.Fast CompanyFeb 25
Ukraine government calls for hackers to help it fight against Russian invasionThe IndependentFeb 26
Ukraine launches ‘IT army,’ takes aim at Russian cyberspaceReutersFeb 26
Anonymous: the hacker collective that has declared cyberwar on RussiaThe GuardianFeb 27
Ukraine’s Volunteer ‘IT Army’ Is Hacking in Uncharted TerritoryWIREDFeb 27
Internet becomes battleground in Russia’s Ukraine invasionAxiosFeb 27
Facebook takes down fake accounts boosting Russian disinformation in UkraineEndgadgetFeb 28
Toyota Halts Production at Japan Plants Due to CyberattackRoad & TrackFeb 28
Microsoft says it informed the Ukrainian government about cyberattacksCNBCFeb 28
‘Cyber event’ affecting satellite-internet service in Ukraine: ViasatCNBCFeb 28
Pro-Russia Conti Ransomware Gang Targeted, Internal Chats LeakedViceFeb 28
How is Anonymous attacking Russia? Disabling and hacking websitesCNBCMar 1
Russian hackers’ cyberattacks on Ukraine could breach Geneva Conventions, Microsoft chief warnsThe IndependentMar 1
Microsoft identifies and mitigates new malware targeting Ukraine “within 3 hours”Ars TechnicaMar 1
Microsoft says cyberattacks targeting Ukraine ‘raise serious concerns’ under Geneva ConventionCNN BusinessMar 1
As Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, so did malware. Then Microsoft entered the warThe Seattle TimesMar 1
Anonymous latest news: Hackers claim to have breached Russian space agencyThe IndependentMar 2
Russia’s space chief says hacking satellites ‘a cause for war’POLITOCOMar 2
Hacking, War, and Cyberwar in UkraineViceMar 2
NVIDIA Hackers: Let us mine cryptocurrency faster or we release your stolen dataMashableMar 4
‘Ticking time bomb’: Russian ransomware attacks are coming. What small businesses should do right now.USA TodayMar 4
Ukrainian websites under ‘nonstop’ attack – cyber watchdog agencyReutersMar 5
Attackers can force Amazon Echos to hack themselves with self-issued commandsArs TechnicaMar 6
Nvidia Hackers Shift to Leaking Samsung DataPC MagMar 7
Hacker Group Anonymous Claim They Interrupted Russian TV With Harrowing Footage Of UkraineHuff PostMar 7
Russia Is Preparing to Cut Itself Off From the Global InternetViceMar 8
Ukraine’s youngest cabinet minister wages digital war on Russia by contacting Elon Musk and harnessing IT armyiNewsMar 8
Chinese Spies Hacked a Livestock App to Breach US State NetworksWIREDMar 8
Ukraine and US targeted by cybersecurity attacks in run-up to Russian invasionThe VergeMar 8
US officials put Americans on alert for Russian cyberattacks as Ukraine war growsUSA TodayMar 8
China state-backed hackers compromised 6 US state governments: ReportCNBCMar 9
Internet company Cloudflare sets servers in Ukraine and Russia to ‘brick themselves’ if they lose powerThe IndependentMar 9
Cybersecurity Attacks From Russia Are a Real Threat. Here’s How to PrepareIncMar 9
Ubisoft says it experienced a ‘cyber security incident’, and the purported Nvidia hackers are taking creditThe VergeMar 11
Ukraine has flipped the script on Russia, which has long instigated cyberattacksMiami HeraldMar 14
‘It’s the right thing to do’: the 300,000 volunteer hackers coming together to fight RussiaThe GuardianMar 15
Anonymous Claims It’s Taken Out Russia’s National Security AgencyLAD BibleMar 15
What has Anonymous done to Russia? Here are the resultsCNBCMar 16
Hackers Provide Livestream of Dozens of Cameras Inside RussiaViceMar 17
Deepfake presidents used in Russia-Ukraine warBBC NewsMar 18
The NRA confirms it was hacked last yearThe VergeMar 19
A Developer Altered Open Source Software to Wipe Files in RussiaWIREDMar 19
Study: If your passwords are less than 8 characters long, change themCNBCMar 20
Cyber warfare gets real for satellite operatorsSpace NewsMar 20
Anonymous: How hackers are trying to undermine PutinBBC NewsMar 20
FBI warning: This ransomware uses DDoS to threaten victims. Here’s what to watch out forZDNetMar 21
Analysis: Putin’s next escalation could be a direct cyberattack on the USCNNMar 22
Hacker Group LAPSUS$ Claims Extraordinary Access to User Authentication Firm OktaGizmodoMar 22
Anonymous Says It’s Hacked Printers ‘All Across Russia’ To Print Out Anti-Propaganda MessagesLAD BibleMar 22
Hackers around the world deluge Russia’s internet with simple, effective cyberattacksNBC NewsMar 22
Anonymous Issues Warning To 40 Companies Still Operating In RussiaLAD BibleMar 22
Microsoft confirms it was breached by hacker group Lapsus$CNN BusinessMar 23
FBI: Ransomware Hit US Critical Infrastructure at Least 649 Times in 2021PC MagMar 23
LAPSUS$ Hackers Are Stealing Microsoft, Samsung, Okta DataGizmodoMar 24
Ransomware is scary, but another scam is costing victims much, much more, says FBIZD NetMar 24
Cybersecurity researchers trace Lapsus$ attacks to a teenager from EnglandEngadgetMar 24
North Korean hackers unleashed Chrome 0-day exploit on hundreds of US targetsArs TechnicaMar 24
​Anonymous Says It Has Hacked The Central Bank Of RussiaLAD BibleMar 24
LAPSUS$ Teens Arrested in Alleged Hack of Microsoft and OktaGizmodoMar 25
Ransomware Can Encrypt 100,000 Files in MinutesPC MagMar 26
North Korea Launches Wave of Hacks Directed at US CompaniesFuturismMar 26
Misinformation is stopping renewable energy projectsNPRMar 28
U.S. blacklists Kaspersky antivirus as a risk to national securityPC WorldMar 28
Leaked Details of the Lapsus$ Hack Make Okta’s Slow Response Look More BizarreWIREDMar 28
‘I can fight with a keyboard’: How one Ukrainian IT specialist exposed a notorious Russian ransomware gangCNNMar 30
A Sinister Way to Beat Multifactor Authentication Is on the RiseWIREDMar 30
Hackers Steal 920K Emails From Russia’s Largest State-Owned Media CorporationDaily DotApr 4
MailChimp Hacked, Crypto Wallets Phished With Stolen DataGizmodoApr 4
Anonymous Reveals Personal Data Of 120,000 Russian Soldiers Fighting in UkraineLAD BibleApr 4
These ten hacking groups have been targeting critical infrastructure and energyZDNetApr 5
Ukraine says it thwarted Russian cyberattack on electricity gridReutersApr 12
Ukraine foiled Russian cyberattack that tried to shut down energy gridNBC NewsApr 12
Pipedream Malware: Feds Uncover ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for Industrial System HackingWIREDApr 13
North Korea Cyberhack Poses a New National Security Threat, Expert SaysBusiness InsiderApr 16
Study Finds Most Organizations Hit by RansomwareRedmond MagazineApr 19
Dangerous New iMessage Bug Used To Hack iPhones DiscoveredLAD BibleApr 20
Hackers Are Getting Caught Exploiting Zero-Day Bugs More Than EverWIREDApr 21
What Shanghai Is Going Through Is News to Many in the Rest of ChinaWall Street JournalApr 23
Lapsus$ hackers breached T-Mobile’s systems and stole its source codeThe VergeApr 23
German-based renewable energy firms hit in a series of hacksThe HillApr 25
Russia Is Being Hacked at an Unprecedented ScaleWIREDApr 27
Finnish, Swedish security services warn of Russian meddling over expected NATO bidsReutersApr 27
Russian hacking in Ukraine has been extensive and intertwined with military operations, Microsoft saysCNNApr 27
US Offers $10 Million for Information on 6 Russian Military HackersPCMagApr 27
Ransomware Criminals Strike American Dental AssociationForbesApr 27
Canadian Businesses Scrambling To Defend Against Cyberattacks UptickBarron’sApr 27
Russian Linked Attackers Reportedly Barraged Ukrainian Networks with Hundreds of AttacksGizmodoApr 28
Ukraine’s Digital Battle With Russia Isn’t meeting expectations; it’s exceeding themWIREDApr 29
Hacktivists and cybercriminals wreak havoc in RussiaThe Washington PostMay 1
Russia’s cyber warfare against Ukraine more nuanced than expectedThe HillMay 1
Relentless ransomware disguised as Windows Updates takes aim at studentsPC WorldMay 2
Crypto Hackers Stole More Than $370 Million In April AloneViceMay 2
Many CEOs Are Using These Ridiculously Simple Passwords, Cybersecurity Report ShowsIFL ScienceMay 3
Cybersecurity firm Cybereason uncovers Chinese espionage campaignCNBCMay 4
Online passwords: Get rid of them ‘altogether’ in a bid to foil hackers, says cyber security expertSky NewsMay 5
Anonymous Sends Warning To US Supreme Court About Overturning Landmark Abortion RulingLAD BibleMay 5
Russia hammered by pro-Ukrainian hackers following invasionArs TechnicaMay 6
Ransomware Attack Hits Major Farming Equipment Maker AGCOPCMagMay 6
Ukrainian Hackers Allegedly Cut Off Russian Soldiers’ Beloved Vodka SupplyFuturismMay 7
Microsoft launches Security Experts services, boosting security spendCNBCMay 9
Russian satellite TV shows a Ukraine message: ‘blood on your hands’ReutersMay 9
Hackers are actively exploiting BIG-IP vulnerability with a 9.8 severity ratingArs TechnicaMay 9
Some Top 100,000 Websites Collect Everything You Type—Before You Hit SubmitWIREDMay 10
Hackers Use QR Codes to Steal Your MoneyThe StreetMay 14
Your iPhone Is Vulnerable to a Malware Attack Even When It’s OffWIREDMay 17
Microsoft Windows 11 hacked six times in three days at PWN2OWNForbesMay 19
North Korean IT Workers Are Infiltrating Tech CompaniesWIREDMay 21

Federal Reserve Board – DataFederal ReserveCurrent
World Economic ForumWorld Economic ForumCurrent
Here’s another thing keeping prices high: Climate changeCNNFeb 1
To Fully Tackle Inflation, U.S. Must Tackle Climate ChangeTimeFeb 3
Extreme weather has cost Europe about €500bn over 40 yearsThe GuardianFeb 3
Ford says chip shortage will force it to halt or cut production at 8 plants: reportsFox BusinessFeb 5
‘Our raises have been pennies’: US cake-makers strike for fair deal as company makes billionsThe GuardianFeb 5
Even your backup grocery store is struggling to stay fully stockedCNNFeb 7
Number of rainy days and intense rainfall can affect economy: StudyCNBCFeb 8
Inflation rate rises 7.5 percent in January compared with last yearThe Washington PostFeb 10
Fraud creates problems for officials keeping tabs on $6 trillion coronavirus aidThe Washington PostFeb 17
The Fed is setting out to kill inflation. Brace for collateral damage.POLITICOFeb 17
Catastrophe Report Warns Of The High Price Tag Of Damage From Extreme Weather EventsForbesFeb 17
The Inflation Survivors of the 1980s Have Some Advice for YouWall Street JournalFeb 18
Car buyers face sticker shock as dealers jack up prices on new vehiclesCBS NewsFeb 18
The pandemic is giving Americans an economics crash courseAxiosFeb 19
Why the White House stopped telling the truth about inflation and corporate powerThe GuardianFeb 20
Moscow Exchange suspends trading on all marketsReutersFeb 23
Stocks swing and oil prices soar after Russia attacks UkraineCBS NewsFeb 24
Russia Has Attacked Ukraine. Markets Aren’t Ready for the Fallout.Barron’sFeb 24
Putin’s Ukraine invasion has cost Russian companies $70 billionQuartzFeb 24
Western powers have realized Russia is largely immune to sanctionsThe GuardianFeb 25
African countries spending billions to cope with climate crisisThe GuardianFeb 25
Russian vodka pulled from shelves in US, Canada bars, liquor stores: ‘Every small thing makes a difference’Fox NewsFeb 26
US, allies to kick certain Russian banks out of SWIFT banking systemThe HillFeb 26
Google joins YouTube, Meta, Twitter in restricting Russian state media adsAxiosFeb 26
U.S. banks prepare for cyber attacks after latest Russia sanctionsReutersFeb 27
Google follows YouTube in cutting off ad revenue to Russian state mediaCNN BusinessFeb 28
The West finally throws a punch in its face-off with RussiaPOLITICOFeb 28
Container lines suspend shipments to Russia, Maersk consideringReutersFeb 28
Switzerland backs Russia sanctions as historically neutral countries turn on PutinAxiosFeb 28
Resource scarcity will change our world in unpredictable ways, according to new research by Bank of AmericaFortuneMar 1
Russian stock market close for third straight day as the ruble plummetsAxiosMar 2
Ford suspends operations in Russia over Ukraine invasionAxiosMar 2
Ukraine Sent an Open Letter to Apple. Tim Cook Just Responded With an Email to His TeamIncMar 2
Factbox: Russia’s response to Western sanctions over UkraineReutersMar 2
Exxon exits $4 billion Russia investment over Ukraine attackCBS NewsMar 2
Airbus and Boeing to halt supply of aircraft parts to Russian airlinesThe GuardianMar 2
Russia’s Sberbank collapses 95% on London exchange as it exits EuropeCNBCMar 2
Wintershall Dea stops payments to Russia, writes off $1.1 bln Nord Stream 2 loanReutersMar 2
Russia-Ukraine war: Lessons for global energy marketsCNBCMar 2
If you want to hit Russian economy hard, aim for energy exportThe GuardianMar 2
U.S. imposes new sanctions on Russia, Belarus over Ukraine invasionAxiosMar 2
For Average Russians, Western Sanctions Over Ukraine War Begin to BiteWall Street JournalMar 2
Here are the companies pulling back from Russia over the war in UkraineCNN BusinessMar 3
It’s Official: Trump’s ‘Impenetrable’ Border Wall Is An Expensive FailureHuffPostMar 3
Ukraine authorities say seized Russian tanks don’t need to be declared on tax formThe GuardianMar 3
France seizes Rosneft boss’s yacht as it tried to fleeReutersMar 3
Russia halts deliveries of rocket engines to the U.S.ReutersMar 3
Russian billionaire Usmanov’s yacht stuck in Hamburg shipyardReutersMar 3
Explainer: Why $100 oil could hurt the energy transition more than it helpsReutersMar 3
‘Ban it’: Bipartisan lawmakers call on Biden administration to end Russian oil importsCNN PoliticsMar 3
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Climate Change Report: Cost-Benefit Analyses Are PointlessRolling StoneMar 4
Stock Market Today: Dow Fell as Ukraine Overshadowed Strong Jobs ReportBarron’sMar 4
Russia blocks Facebook, passes ‘fake news’ law; LVMH, Microsoft halt salesReutersMar 4
Strong Hiring, Low Unemployment Point to Economy Making Post-Pandemic PivotWall Street JournalMar 4
Axios MarketsAxiosMar 4
Russian stock analyst drinks to death of the stock market on live TVCNBCMar 4
Metal prices soar after Russia’s invasion of UkraineAxiosMar 4
Recession 2022: Odds of downturn rising amid Ukraine war, Fed hikesUSA TodayMar 4
Russia’s version of Google warns it may not be able to pay its debtsCNN BusinessMar 4
Ukraine war prompts European reappraisal of its energy suppliesThe GuardianMar 4
Axios GenerateAxiosMar 4
Microsoft to Stop Sales in Russia, Citing ‘Unlawful’ Invasion of UkrainePC MagMar 4
Google suspends all advertising in RussiaCNBCMar 4
AMD, Intel Halt All Chip Sales to Russia, Belarus Over Ukraine InvasionPC MagMar 4
Major US Internet Backbone Provider Terminates Service With RussiaPC MagMar 4
Russia Blocks Facebook for Not Giving State Media Free ReinPC MagMar 4
Swiss adopt new EU sanctions on RussiaFox BusinessMar 4
The case for more companies to keep pulling out of RussiaFast CompanyMar 4
Financial screws turned on Russia as insurers exit, London stocks haltedReutersMar 4
Russia’s business ties to the West took 30 years to build and one week to shatterThe Washington PostMar 4
Supply chains: Russia-Ukraine crisis replaces Covid as top risk to global supply chains, Moody’s saysCNN BusinessMar 4
Ukraine war a ‘catastrophe’ for global economy as stock markets plungeThe GuardianMar 4
Italian police seize yacht owned by Russia’s richest manThe GuardianMar 4
Electronic Arts to Stop Video Game Sales in Russia, Joining Growing Sales BanPC MagMar 4
Russian sanctions: Pension funds may divest from Russia over UkraineUSA TodayMar 4
A Major Internet Backbone Company Cuts Off RussiaWIREDMar 5
Sanction shockwaves: Russian oligarchs and elites scramble to move, sell assets to get ahead of international penaltiesCNN PoliticsMar 5
Food prices jump 20.7% yr/yr to hit record high in Feb, U.N. agency saysReutersMar 5
What the new IPCC report says climate change could — and is — costing CanadiansCBCMar 5
PayPal suspends its services in Russia over Ukraine warCNBCMar 5
Airbnbs in Ukraine: People are booking them but don’t plan to check inCNN TravelMar 5
The Sanctions Against Russian Oligarchs Are Working; They Can’t Stand ThemThe AtlanticMar 5
Investors brace for U.S. CPI reading of close to 8% next week as risk of durable inflation growsMarketWatchMar 5
Rising demand and reduced supply push up gas pricesCBS NewsMar 5
IMF says war in Ukraine will have ‘severe impact’ on global economyReutersMar 5
Airbnb bookings in Ukraine have raised nearly $2 million in aidNPRMar 5
Europe at war: Six charts to know in financial marketsReutersMar 5
Italy’s Prada says it is suspending retail operations in RussiaReutersMar 5
Russia’s second-largest internet provider cuts off Russian websitesMashableMar 5
Activision Blizzard and Epic Games halt sales of games in RussiaThe VergeMar 5
Businesses worldwide are cutting off Russian tradeNBC NewsMar 5
How Cutting Russia From SWIFT Will Change The Financial LandscapeForbesMar 5
Samsung halts product shipments to Russia: reportFox BusinessMar 5
Shell defends ‘difficult’ decision to buy Russian crude oilBBC NewsMar 6
Russian banks rush to switch to Chinese card systemReutersMar 6
National average price of gas tops $4 a gallonUSA TodayMar 6
These are the corporations that have pulled out of Russia since its invasion of UkraineCBS NewsMar 6
Japan may take more action vs Russia, could impact energy sector -lawmakerReutersMar 6
How the Ukraine conflict became a turning point for cryptocurrencyNBC NewsMar 6
Russian bank VTB prepares to pull out of Europe, FT reportsReutersMar 6
Tesco To Stop Buying Russian Products Over War With UkraineLAD BibleMar 6
Visa, Mastercard and American Express suspend operations in Russia over Ukraine invasion –CBS NewsMar 6
Activision Blizzard, Epic Games Halt Sales in RussiaPC MagMar 6
U.S., European allies discuss banning imports of Russian oilReutersMar 6
Gas hits $4 a gallon for the first time since 2008CNN BusinessMar 6
American Express suspends operations in Russia and BelarusReutersMar 6
Which Companies Have Boycotted The Russian Market?BloombergMar 6
Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, and more cut off RussiaMashableMar 7
Japan Inc feels the heat over Russia ties as rivals shun MoscowReutersMar 7
As Oil Blasts Higher, It’s Worth Remembering What Happened the Last Time Prices Reached a RecordBarron’sMar 7
Industry gathering faces upended energy worldAxiosMar 7
‘My heart is breaking’: Russians fear economic nightmare about to unfoldReutersMar 7
Inside tech companies’ unprecedented move to suspend sales in RussiaAxiosMar 7
McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coca-Cola leave RussiaCNNMar 8
Biden announces ban on Russian energy importsCNN PoliticsMar 8
Explainer: Will Big Tech cloud companies cut off Russia?ReutersMar 8
Biden Set to Ban U.S. Imports of Russian Oil as Soon as TodayBloombergMar 8
Big brands and oil ban punish Russia as Moscow makes new pledge on Ukraine refugeesReutersMar 8
Cloudflare refuses to pull out of Russia, says Putin would celebrate shutoffArs TechnicaMar 8
Some Western companies decline to join corporate exodus from Russia over Ukraine invasionFox BusinessMar 8
McDonald’s temporarily closes Russia operationsCNN VideoMar 8
The West closes in on Russia’s last lifelineCNNMar 8
Twitter Moves to Get Around Russia Ban With Tor SitePC MagMar 8
TikTok Has Blocked Russians From Covering Protests. Creators Feel Abandoned.ViceMar 8
Russia Looks to Legalize Software Piracy to Bypass Ukraine-Related Tech BansPC MagMar 8
The Gaming Industry Unites to Cut Off RussiaWIREDMar 8
‘Escape From Tarkov’ Players Feel the Squeeze of the Ruble’s CollapseViceMar 8
Russian rouble ticks higher in little volume after stark lossesReutersMar 8
Russia-Ukraine war has hit currencies hard. Here’s what analysts expect nextCNBCMar 9
A world in crisisAxiosMar 9
Another US internet backbone provider is shutting down services in RussiaThe VergeMar 9
Kremlin says United States unleashed economic war on RussiaReutersMar 9
Soaring Bread Prices Could Cause Civil Unrest, Like in the Arab SpringBusiness InsiderMar 9
Russia ‘canceled’: How effective will Western sanctions be?CS MonitorMar 9
Biden to call for suspending Russia’s preferential trade status over Ukraine, opening door to tariffsUSA TodayMar 10
Russian economy in ‘shock’ from unprecedented economic warReutersMar 10
YouTube Stops Monetization for Video Creators in RussiaGizmodoMar 10
Russians Rush to Leave as Sanctions Bite and Putin Clamps Down on Dissent Over Ukraine WarWall Street JournalMar 10
Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase are pulling out of RussiaNPRMar 10
Russia plans to seize assets of western companies that pull outThe GuardianMar 10
Putin says Russia will solve its problems, calls sanctions illegitimateRetuersMar 10
Russia Could Seize and Nationalize Foreign Companies’ Assets As They Leave the CountryBusiness InsiderMar 10
Why internet backbone services Cogent and Lumen are cutting off RussiaCNNMar 11
Ukraine war: Putin seeks foreign volunteers to fight in UkraineBBC NewsMar 11
Deutsche Bank bucks trend as it maintains ties to RussiaReutersMar 11
Russia investors set for big losses – Global banks reveal billions in potential Russia-linked lossesAxiosMar 11
What happens if Russia can’t pay its debts after western sanctions?The GuaridanMar 11
Micron CEO says chip shortage improving, but could last into 2023Fox BusinessMar 11
Russia’s richest businessman tells Putin: Don’t take us back to 1917CNNMar 11
Deutsche Bank reverses course on Russia, says it will unwind business thereCNBCMar 11
Shoppers Warned Food Prices Will Soar By Up To 50 PercentLAD BibleMar 11
Cost-of-living calculator/map shows if you are middle classFast CompanyMar 11
Italy seizes Russian billionaire Melnichenko’s Sailing Yacht AReutersMar 12
Shenzhen lockdown: Foxconn halts operations as Covid hits tech hubCNNMar 14
Russian airlines to fly $10 billion worth of foreign-owned planesCNBCMar 14
Gas through Russia’s Yamal pipeline reverses to flow eastwardsReutersMar 15
Russia threatens to nationalize Microsoft and other western companiesWindows CentralMar 15
Federal Reserve hikes interest rates for the first time since 2018CNNMar 16
Blinken: Standard for lifting sanctions is an ‘irreversible’ Russian withdrawalNPRMar 16
Inflation is causing some older Americans to delay retirement plansCNBCMar 16
Opinion | Koch, Halliburton, Subway, others fund Putin’s Ukraine war. Boycott them.The Washington PostMar 16
Sanctions starting to have impact on Russia, France saysReutersMar 18
Russia says post-1991 ‘illusions’ about the West are overReutersMar 18
Russian oligarch’s yacht stuck in Norway as suppliers refuse to refuelThe GuardianMar 19
Climate Change Is Disrupting the Global Supply Chain TooWIREDMar 19
Putin’s Ukraine invasion will spur 30-year economic setback: expertsCNBCMar 19
Xi won’t take a position on Ukraine that undermines Putin: AnalystCNBCMar 21
Massive outage brought down most Apple services, including iCloud and iMessageArs TechnicaMar 21
Ukraine war, chip shortage hit Ford productionFox BusinessMar 22
Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich stashes second yacht in Turkey, apparently to beat Ukraine-linked sanctionsCBS NewsMar 22
Global computer chip shortage could last for yearsCBS NewsMar 22
Biden will announce joint action on reducing European reliance on Russia oil and gas -White HouseReutersMar 22
US consumer prices will rise by 7% in 2022, says ratings firmCNN VideoMar 22
Chip manufacturers struggling to meet demand amid global shortage: “It is extremely complex”CBS NewsMar 22
Britain and US agree on steel tariffs as hopes of broader trade deal recedeThe GuardianMar 23
COVID relief: Child tax credit, school lunch changes mean povertyUSA TodayMar 23
Ukrainian Hackers Declare They Want To Send Russia ‘Back To The Stone Age’LAD BibleMar 23
Gas rationing, food vouchers and hunger: Economic pain from Russia’s war is getting realCNNMar 24
Biden says allies must stay united against Russia, expel it from the G-20NBC NewsMar 24
The worse things go for Putin in Ukraine, the more China will back himThe Washington PostMar 24
Four weeks of war scar Russia’s economyReutersMar 24
Fuel prices hitting America’s farmers hard as some fear for their futureFox BusinessMar 24
Panicked Russians Don’t Believe Official Advice That Economy Is FineBloombergMar 24
GM will idle Indiana truck plant for two weeks over chips shortageReutersMar 25
Russia is threatening a move that will haunt its economy for decadesThe Washington PostMar 25
The Supply Chain Crisis Is About to Get a Lot WorseWIREDMar 28
U.S. auto sales slump as less affluent buyers walk awayReutersMar 28
Crude Oil Price Falls as U.S. Weighs a Massive Oil Release to Fight InflationBloombergMar 30
Chicken breast, ground beef, pork prices set to surge higherFox BusinessMar 31
U.S. Sanctions Russian Tech Companies, Whole Sectors of Russian EconomyWall Street JournalMar 31
Food prices are going up — and at levels Americans haven’t seen in decadesNPRMar 31
Russia’s Economy Is Crashing, Devastated by Putin’s War in UkraineBusiness InsiderApr 2
Lithuania becomes first EU country to cut off Russian gasAxiosApr 3
Climate change could cost U.S. budget $2 trillion a year by the end of the century, White House saysReutersApr 4
Russia’s economy is beginning to crack as economists forecast sharp contractionsCNBCApr 4
This is when you can hope for new car prices to start going downMarketWatchApr 4
Here’s what consumers plan to cut back on if prices continue to surgeCNBCApr 5
EU to propose import ban on Russia coal, chemicals, woodReutersApr 5
Inflation fears force Americans to rethink financial choicesCNBCApr 5
US and allies to hit Russia with new sanctions as outrage over civilian killings growsThe GuardianApr 6
Climate inaction could cost the government $2 trillion annuallyNPRApr 7
Finland seizes shipments of artwork headed to Russia, citing EU sanctionsNPRApr 7
A “recession shock” is coming, BofA warnsReutersApr 8
Interest-Rate Surge Ripples Through Economy, From Homes to Car LoansWall Street JournalApr 8
Saxo Bank terminates Russian, Belarussian clients following sanctionsReutersApr 9
Soaring Fertilizer Prices Threaten Widespread Hunger, Higher InflationBusiness InsiderApr 10
Prices rose 8.5% in March compared to 2021, driven by energy costsThe Washington PostApr 12
Russia-Ukraine war means there’ll be no return to normality for EuropeCNBCApr 12
Inflation hits new 40-year high of 8.5-percent due to war, rent hikesNBC NewsApr 12
Soaring prices of online goods may flash another warning for the FedReutersApr 12
No more cheap flights: Domestic travel prices up over 20% from pre-pandemic levels, report saysFox BusinessApr 12
Ukraine wants allies to seize Russian assets to aid reconstructionFortuneApr 12
How soaring inflation forces stark choicesNPRApr 12
For Putin, It’s All About the Money – And I Learned That the Hard WayTimeApr 12
Russia’s cash flows soared despite economic sanctions over UkraineAxiosApr 12
USDA Says ‘All Food Prices’ Will Increase in 2022Real SimpleApr 12
China’s imports unexpectedly fall as COVID curbs convulse trade outlookReutersApr 13
Stocks week ahead: The biggest risk to the global economy no one is talking aboutCNNApr 17
MoneyWatch: Stock market steadies despite inflation concernsCBS NewsApr 18
China’s economy is sputteringAxiosApr 19
The three forces driving inflation higher and what it will take to cool them offNBC NewsApr 19
German inflation: Producer price rises highest since 1949CNNApr 20
New Zealand shoppers order groceries from Australia as inflation soarsThe GuardianApr 20
Ukraine’s Grim Economic Toll From War Confronts World GovernmentsWall Street JournalApr 23
Once again, world events are changing our supply and procurement prioritiesThe HillApr 25
World in early stages of ‘very significant’ recession: Economist Nancy LazarFox BusinessApr 25
UN tourism body chief hopes for Russia’s suspension on WednesdayReutersApr 26
Russia Stops Gas to Poland, Bulgaria on Non-Payment in RublesBloombergApr 27
After Medical Bills Broke the Bank, This Family Headed to Mexico for CareKaiser Health NewsApr 27
Ukraine War Has Led to the Biggest Commodity Price Shock in 50 YearsBusiness InsiderApr 27
Russia halts gas supplies to Poland and BulgariaReutersApr 27
Batteries are getting cheap. So why aren’t electric vehicles?GristApr 27
Could We Run Out Of Sand? We Might Be Headed For A Crisis, UN Report WarnsIFLScienceApr 27
Russia doubles fossil fuel revenues since invasion of Ukraine beganThe GuardianApr 27
Exxon declares force majeure on Russian Sakhalin-1 operationsReutersApr 27
Biden seeks quicker sale of seized Russian assetsUSA TodayApr 28
Stock markets tank over new questions about where the economy is headingThe Washington PostApr 29
Here are 3 reasons why stocks are tankingNPRApr 29
Ukrainian forges plane wreckage into key fobs to fund war effortReutersApr 30
Russian troops in Melitopol plunder $5M farm vehicles from Ukraine – to find they’ve been remotely disabledCNNMay 1
Russia Turns on Spending Taps to Blunt Economic Impact of War and SanctionsWall Street JournalMay 2
Here’s how much the Ford F-150 Lightning’s home backup charging will costFox BusinessMay 2
Facing a Wheat Crisis, Countries Race to Remake an Entire Market on the FlyWall Street JournalMay 2
U.S. manufacturing activity slowest in more than 1-1/2 years as workers quitReutersMay 2
Ukraine International Airlines leases out planes to ease impact of warReutersMay 2
UN Says Millions of Tons of Grain Are Blocked at Ukraine Ports: ReportBusiness InsiderMay 3
Snarled-up ports point to worsening global supply chain woes – reportReutersMay 3
Record high U.S. job openings, resignations likely to fuel wage inflationReutersMay 3
Putin puts West on notice: Moscow can terminate exports and deals |ReutersMay 3
Arizona semiconductor company offers solution to chip shortageFox BusinessMay 3
Global manufacturers lose momentum as inflation worsens: KempReutersMay 3
As inflation drives shoppers toward store-brand essentials, big names like Kraft and Clorox take noticeNBC NewsMay 3
Denmark, Finland support EU proposal for sanctions on Russian oilReutersMay 4
EU takes step toward Russian oil ban as two sides play “a game of chicken”CBS NewsMay 4
Gas, food prices will continue to climb with ‘no end in sight,’ economics professor warnsFox BusinessMay 4
Robust imports push U.S. trade deficit to record high in MarchReutersMay 4
Oil prices have soared. Why won’t Opec bring them down?BBC NewsMay 4
Biden urges Congress to pass his $33 billion aid package; Israel reportedly plans to increase military aid to UkraineCNBCMay 4
‘Inflation is much too high’: Powell puts the hammer on price spikesPOLITICOMay 4
Are the West’s sanctions against Russia working?VoxMay 4
Documents found by Fiji on superyacht implicate its Russian owner, FBI says | ReutersReutersMay 5
Turkey’s cost of living soars nearly 70%BBC NewsMay 5
Dow, S&P 500 Slide More Than 3% as Investors Reassess Fed CommentsWall Street JournalMay 5
Shipping delays are back as China’s lockdowns ripple around the worldCNN BusinessMay 6
Italy impounds luxury yacht linked to Russian presidentReutersMay 6
‘Nowhere near the bottom,’ top economist says as global markets craterCNBCMay 6
This Food Is Alarmingly Low in Stock Across America—But Costco Has ItEat This Not ThatMay 7
Zelensky’s iconic fleece sold for £90,000 at Ukraine fundraiserCNNMay 8
US faces baby formula ‘crisis’ as shortage worsensBBC NewsMay 9
Ukraine calls for moves to unblock ports and prevent global food crisisReutersMay 9
Mexico inflation at 21-year high, central bank seen hiking rates againReutersMay 9
Wall Street in free fall as investors sell everythingAxiosMay 9
How Russia’s war in Ukraine is changing the worldNPRMay 10
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy tells Malta to clamp down on Russian dual-nationalsReutersMay 10
Surging mortgage rates add to Biden’s economic woesPOLITICOMay 10
How China’s Covid lockdowns are taking a toll on global companiesCNN BusinessMay 10
Tesla Reportedly Runs Out of Vehicle Parts at Shanghai GigafactoryPCMagMay 10
Four Russian governors resign as sanctions biteReutersMay 10
Ukraine to halt key Russian gas transit to Europe, blames MoscowReutersMay 10
Inflation hit 8.3 percent in April compared to last year, showing signs of leveling offNBC NewsMay 11
U.S. Treasury reports record budget surplus in April as revenues soarReutersMay 11
Abbott, maker of baby formula, could take up to 10 weeks to get product back in stores from affected facilityNBC NewsMay 11
National baby formula shortage leaves moms desperate as doctors warn against long-term health effectsFox BusinessMay 11
Ukraine warns countries about buying its stolen grain; U.S. $40 billion aid to Ukraine faces delayCNBCMay 12
On Norway’s Arctic border with Russia, a town freezes ties with its eastern neighborReutersMay 12
Why Markets Are Falling So MuchWall Street JournalMay 12
Russian ships carrying stolen Ukrainian grain turned away from Mediterranean ports — but not all of themCNNMay 12
Spain finds yacht and other assets of 15 sanctioned Russian oligarchsReutersMay 12
The Financial Penalty of Losing Your SpouseAARPMay 13
Here Are the States Seeing the Worst of the Baby Formula ShortageBusiness InsiderMay 14
McDonald’s is leaving Russia, after more than 30 yearsNPRMay 16
Climate change is hurting insurers, report saysReutersMay 17
Golden arches to go dark in Russia as McDonald’s exits after 30 yearsReutersMay 17
Dow tumbles 1000 points. The stock market is practically begging to be punishedCNN BusinessMay 18
‘I cannot survive on $260 a week’: US retail and fast-food workers strikeThe GuardianMay 16
Ukraine war: Russia nationalises Renault’s Moscow plantBBC NewsMay 16
Wheat prices hit record high after Indian export banFrance 24May 16
The US is sending a huge amount of weapons and security aid to UkraineVoxMay 17
Russia says fertiliser producers want to ship potashReutersMay 17
China’s COVID lockdowns deliver a punishing toll on economyAxiosMay 17
The net worth Americans think you need to be wealthyFortuneMay 17
Dow drops 1,100 points for its biggest decline since 2020 as the sell-off this year on Wall Street intensifiesCNBCMay 17
Americans are stressed about money and finances, hurting mental healthCNBCMay 18
UK inflation hits 40-year high of 9% as cost of food and energy soarsThe GuardianMay 18
Yellen warns of global ‘stagflationary’ risk from gas, food pricesThe Washington PostMay 18
Global supply stress worsened in April, NY Fed’s index showsReutersMay 18
Gasoline could top $5 a gallon this summer, causing more pain for consumersCNBCMay 18
Amazon Stock Plunges in Wake of Target, Walmart Debacles. This Is Why.Barron’sMay 18
Euro dollar: What does it mean for investors as the pair nears parity?CNBCMay 19
World stocks slide as growth fears persist, safe-havens gainReutersMay 19
U.S. bonds: Treasury prices climb following stock market sell-offCNBCMay 19
Analysis: Rare double whammy hits retail investors: steep slumps for both stocks and bondsReutersMay 19
US approves $40 billion in aid for Ukraine’s war with RussiaVoxMay 19
Gas prices map USA shows states with highest and lowestFast CompanyMay 19
Ukraine: Senate approves $40B in weapons, food aid for Russian warUSA TodayMay 19
Finnish gas supplies from Russia to be halted; Russia considers bill to let over-40s sign up for militaryCNBCMay 20
Take Five: Surging inflation, recession risk and tanking marketsReutersMay 20
US Economy Start to Show Signs of Strain as Recession Warnings MountBloombergMay 20
Putin instructs government to assess actions taken against Russia in WTOReutersMay 20
Russia halts gas supplies to FinlandBBC NewsMay 21
Most small business owners fear US economy will worsen over next yearFox BusinessMay 23
Average age of U.S. cars hits record high due to tight supplies, report saysReutersMay 23
Starbucks exits Russia, shutting 130 coffee shopsNPRMay 23
Where Is Inflation Headed? Nine Signs to WatchWall Street JournalMay 24
Think climate action is expensive? Inaction could cost $178 trillion.GristMay 24
Opinion: Inflation will be higher for longer — and you’re not going to like what comes nextMarketWatchMay 24
These U.S. companies are still doing business in RussiaCBS NewsMay 25
Inflation and Unemployment Haven’t Behaved Like This in 70 Years. Why It Matters.Barron’sMay 25
CBO sees sharp reduction in FY 2022 deficit, but slowing economy to boost debtReutersMay 25
How to prioritize your financial goals with adult kids living at homeCNBCMay 25
Ukraine war weighs heavy as apocalyptic mood shrouds DavosThe GuardianMay 25
Here’s how much it could cost to rebuild Ukraine — and who would pay for itNPRMay 26
UK EV Rapid Charging Costs Soar 20% in Eight MonthsBloombergMay 26
Soaring fertiliser prices force farmers to rethinkBBC NewsMay 27
Recession Looks Inevitable As Food and Energy Prices Spiral: World BankBusiness InsiderMay 26
Russia needs huge financial resources for military operation – finance ministerReutersMay 27
There are 2 very different kinds of recessions—and the U.S. is likely headed for something totally different than 2008FortuneMay 28
Cost of living crisis: Relying on food handouts and moving countryBBC NewsMay 30
Biden lays out plan to fight inflationThe HillMay 31
Shanghai’s subway and shops reopen and streets fill up after two-month lockdownThe GuardianMay 31
Putin’s War Machine Is Thriving Off Russian Energy SalesBloombergMay 31
Food Insecurity InformationFeeding AmericaCurrent
Shipping delays may spoil food, medical shipments to Russia, Maersk saysReutersMar 2
‘Infants here don’t know how to eat’: millions facing famine in MadagascarThe GuardianMar 4
Food prices jump 20.7% yr/yr to hit record high in Feb, U.N. agency saysReutersMar 5
Climate Change Is Taking a Big Bite out of Our Food SupplyWIREDMar 5
Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is Upending Global Food SuppliesBusiness InsiderMar 8
Food crisis grows as spiralling prices spark export bansReuters Mar 9
A world in crisisAxiosMar 9
Soaring Bread Prices Could Cause Civil Unrest, Like in the Arab SpringBusiness InsiderMar 9
Shoppers Warned Food Prices Will Soar By Up To 50 PercentLAD BibleMar 11
Ukraine’s farmers stalled, fueling fears of global food shortagesReutersMar 11
Global wheat supplies in peril as war brings risk of food shortages worldwideNBC NewsMar 12
Russian Oligarch Warns World Faces Food Crisis Due to Ukraine InvasionBusiness InsiderMar 14
Ukraine war: Russia blocks ships carrying grain exportsDWMar 17
‘Take from the hungry to feed the starving’: UN faces awful dilemmaThe GuardianMar 17
Millions of children will miss healthy school meals when pandemic relief expiresNPRMar 21
Saving Starving Manatees Will Mean Saving This Crucial Lagoon HabitatInside Climate NewsMar 22
5 Ways to Avert the Global Food Security CrisisTimeMar 24
Gas rationing, food vouchers and hunger: Economic pain from Russia’s war is getting realCNNMar 24
Revealed: the dangerous chemicals in your food wrappersThe GuardianMar 24
‘Climate smart’ policies could increase southern Africa’s crops by up to 500%The GuardianMar 24
Biden warns of ‘real’ food shortage following sanctions on RussiaFox NewsMar 24
ClientEarth launches legal action against EU over unsustainable fishing quotasThe GuardianMar 25
Food packaging contains dangerous chemicals, report saysCNN HealthMar 25
Microplastics have been found in air, water, food and now … human bloodUSA TodayMar 25
Russia has started destroying Ukrainian fuel and food storage depots, interior ministry adviser saysReutersMar 27
Complex Models Now Gauge the Impact of Climate Change on Global Food Production. The Results Are ‘Alarming’Inside Climate NewsMar 27
With Ukraine farmers on frontlines, U.N. food chief warns of ‘devastation’ReutersMar 29
Chicken breast, ground beef, pork prices set to surge higherFox BusinessMar 31
Food prices are going up — and at levels Americans haven’t seen in decadesNPRMar 31
Processed Foods Like Ramen Packets and Frozen Pizza Can Hurt Your Heart and the Globe: StudyBarron’sMar 31
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine disrupts already precarious global food securityKCRWApr 1
Warning over ‘irreversible’ health risk from plastics as humans ‘eat credit card a week’The IndependentApr 4
‘We see the storm coming’: U.S. struggles to contain a deepening global food crisisPOLITICOApr 5
Shanghai: Residents ‘running out of food’ in Covid lockdownBBC NewsApr 7
‘Dirty Dozen’ list shows fruits, vegetables highest pesticide levelsUSA TodayApr 7
War in Ukraine sends global food prices surging to record highNPRApr 8
Soaring Fertilizer Prices Threaten Widespread Hunger, Higher InflationBusiness InsiderApr 10
Millions of Somalis at risk of famine: UN agenciesFrance 24Apr 12
Shanghai eases COVID lockdowns amid food crisisAxiosApr 12
USDA Says ‘All Food Prices’ Will Increase in 2022Real SimpleApr 12
Seed banks: the last line of defense against a threatening global food crisisThe GuardianApr 15
As food prices soar, some states consider cutting taxes on groceriesCNBCApr 15
Blue corn and melons: meet the seed keepers reviving ancient, resilient cropsThe GuardianApr 18
Russia’s war in Ukraine to blame for rising global food insecurity – YellenReutersApr 19
WFP: 20 million risk starvation as Horn of Africa drought worsensAl JazeeraApr 19
It’s planting season in Ukraine, and that means problems for global food supplyNPRApr 20
New Zealand shoppers order groceries from Australia as inflation soarsThe GuardianApr 20
The Correlation Between Dollar Stores and Food DesertsEaterApr 20
Ukraine war could plunge millions into malnutrition if global powers don’t intervene, experts sayABC NewsApr 21
‘My children cry with hunger’: refugees denied UN aid rations at Malawi campThe GuardianApr 25
Panic buying in Beijing as district starts mass COVID testingReutersApr 25
Clusters of weather extremes will increase risks to corn crops, societyPhys.orgApr 27
UN says up to 40% of world’s land now degradedThe GuardianApr 27
US egg factory roasts alive 5.3m chickens in avian flu cull – then fires almost every workerThe GuardianApr 28
UN “blocked” from delivering aid to starving Ukrainians by RussiaAxiosMay 1
Facing a Wheat Crisis, Countries Race to Remake an Entire Market on the FlyWall Street JournalMay 2
UN Says Millions of Tons of Grain Are Blocked at Ukraine Ports: ReportBusiness InsiderMay 3
As inflation drives shoppers toward store-brand essentials, big names like Kraft and Clorox take noticeNBC NewsMay 3
Gas, food prices will continue to climb with ‘no end in sight,’ economics professor warnsFox BusinessMay 4
India’s Heat Wave Could Worsen the Global Food CrisisThe AtlanticMay 4
World hunger expected to increase after Russian invasion of UkraineThe HillMay 4
Ukraine farm thefts: Russians steal vast amounts of grain and equipment, threatening this year’s harvestCNNMay 5
Ukraine, Russia production critical to restoring global food security, UN chief saysReutersMay 5
What are millets and can they help create global food security?DWMay 5
Ukrainian farmers struggle after Russian forces damage and destroy farmlandNRPMay 6
Record food prices decrease slightly in April: UN agencyFox BusinessMay 6
This Food Is Alarmingly Low in Stock Across America—But Costco Has ItEat This Not ThatMay 7
‘Forever chemicals’ may have polluted 20m acres of US cropland, study saysThe GuardianMay 8
Farmers in the Plains Are in ‘Dire Straits’ Due to Drought, Wildfire ConditionsNebraska Public MediaMay 9
US faces baby formula ‘crisis’ as shortage worsensBBC NewsMay 9
Ukraine calls for moves to unblock ports and prevent global food crisisReutersMay 9
Abbott, maker of baby formula, could take up to 10 weeks to get product back in stores from affected facilityNBC NewsMay 11
National baby formula shortage leaves moms desperate as doctors warn against long-term health effectsFox BusinessMay 11
The Plot to Keep Meatpacking Plants Open During COVID-19Pro PublicaMay 13
Here Are the States Seeing the Worst of the Baby Formula ShortageBusiness InsiderMay 14
A Harvard nutritionist and brain expert avoids these 5 foods that make you ‘tired and stressed’CNBCMay 14
Iraq’s prized rice crop threatened by droughtFrance 24May 15
Chef José Andrés: Serving meals in a war zoneCBS NewsMay 15
Gardening 101: Grow your own food as inflation maintains a historic highFox NewsMay 15
Wheat prices hit record high after Indian export banFrance 24May 16
Russia says fertiliser producers want to ship potashReutersMay 17
🍼 Formula shortage fearsAxiosMay 17
US and allies struggle to come up with plans to get vital grain supplies out of UkraineCNNMay 17
U.N. chief in talks on restoring Ukraine grain exports amid global food crisisReutersMay 18
International efforts to restore wheat supply gather pace after India export banThe IndependentMay 18
Two children hospitalized in Tennessee due to baby formula shortageUSA TodayMay 18
Kellogg Just Shared New Strategies To Combat Food InsecurityTasting TableMay 18
Food shortages stemming from Ukraine war has world leaders scramblingCBS NewsMay 18
World Bank to provide additional $12 bn to address ‘devastating’ global food crisisFrance 24May 18
Biden invokes Defense Production Act to address national shortage of baby formulaNBC NewsMay 18
African famine: Ukraine invasion, pandemic and drought put millions at riskNPRMay 18
Ukraine invasion could cause global food crisis, UN warnsBBC NewsMay 19
Buffalo shooting shuttered Tops and left a food desert, so locals stepped inNPRMay 19
The banks collapsed in 2008 – and our food system is about to do the sameThe GuardianMay 19
The US is running out of baby formula: yet more evidence that new mothers can never winThe GuardianMay 19
Desperate families turn to hospitals when their hunt for formula comes up dryCNNMay 19
Ukraine war is fueling global food crisis, says UNThe IndependentMay 19
More than 3,000 potentially harmful chemicals found in food packagingThe GuardianMay 19
US accuses Russia of weaponizing food in Ukraine crisis and holding global supplies ‘hostage’The GuardianMay 20
U.N. cutting refugee rations in Africa’s Sahel amid ‘alarming’ food insecurityReutersMay 20
Zelenskyy’s global food crisis prediction may be 10 weeks away, UN official says: ‘Seismic’Fox NewsMay 22
U.S. intelligence document shows Russian naval blockade of Ukraine that has sparked food crisisThe Washington PostMay 24
Ukraine warns of multi-year food crisis; Zelenskyy says situation in Donbas ‘very difficult’CNBCMay 25
New study: Climate change will spread toxic mold to Midwest cornGristMay 25
Russia ready to set up corridor for ships leaving Ukraine with food, with conditionsReutersMay 25
Talk to Ukraine about ports, not us, says Russia ahead of U.N. talks in MoscowReutersMay 25
Ukraine war weighs heavy as apocalyptic mood shrouds DavosThe GuardianMay 25
Babies die as Somalia faces worst drought in 40 yearsReutersMay 25
Huge Facility to Produce 15,000 Tons of Lab Grown Meat Per Year in the USFuturismMay 25
Fertiliser maker Yara says world faces extreme food supply shockReutersMay 26
Major New Zealand salmon producer shuts farms as warming waters cause mass die-offsThe GuardianMay 26
Putin says he’s willing to discuss resuming Ukrainian grain shipmentsReutersMay 28
Erdogan tells Zelenskiy he values project to create sea route for agriculture exportsReutersMay 30
US wheat crop hurt by dry winter and spring’s heavy rainFox BusinessMay 31
Drought threatens starvation in Horn of Africa, U.N., agencies sayReutersMay 31
U.N. had ‘constructive’ talks in Moscow on Russian grain, fertilizer exportsReutersMay 31
Ukraine working on U.N.-led naval operation to export its cropsReutersMay 31
Global Incident Map – HAZMAT Situations MapGlobal Incidents MapCurrent
Chemical Safety BoardUS Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation BoardCurrent
Nanoplastics are traveling miles in the air in aerosols—and into your breathing them inFast CompanyFeb 2
Researchers Find Microplastics Inside Newborn BabiesFuturismFeb 2
If farmers spray these microbes on crops, they don’t need fertilizerFast CompanyFeb 3
Space Imagery Reveals Methane Pouring From the US, Russia DailyBusiness InsiderFeb 3
Climate change: Satellites map huge methane plumes from oil and gasBBC NewsFeb 3
Americans exposed to toxic BPA at levels far above what EU considers safe – studyThe GuardianFeb 6
Study: Maintenance is a major driver of unaccounted-for emissionsGristFeb 7
Your Best Friend’s Poop Is Harmful to NatureMother JonesFeb 8
Is it safe to microwave plastic containers? The science of reheating leftovers, explainedInverseFeb 8
‘Oil spills of our time’: experts sound alarm about plastic lost in cargo ship disastersThe GuardianFeb 9
One in three Americans have detectable levels of toxic weedkiller, study findsThe GuardianFeb 9
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