2022 Events / Disasters – Natural & Weather Related

This article will keep a running list of links to websites, data repositories and news articles related to events / disasters both natural and weather related during the 2022 calendar year. Human-caused events / disasters is a separate article. Click here to read it.

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With the sheer number of events & disasters that take place around the US, let alone the world, there will be events I miss or don’t hear about.  Where possible I am linking to data sources that keep track of the relevant information for that category. These are the first links in a category if such data source exists.


There are 39 categories broken down into 3 sections:

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  • Natural Events / Disasters – 7 categories
  • Weather Related Events / Disasters – 12 categories

The number at the end (0) indicates how many links to data sources and news articles are in each section and category. They are further broken down by month and listed in date order. Click a topic and month to see the information, data or news articles for that period. All links should open in a new tab.

Q: When will updates be posted?

A: This article will be updated monthly at the beginning of each month posting all the articles collected from the previous month (i.e., June’s articles will be available in July). This article is having performance issues, due to the vast number of articles, preventing me from adding more content. I am working on another way to post the information. I do have June, July and August’s articles ready but cannot add them at this time.

Q: Are all the articles free?

A: Most of them should be, yes. Some sites may require a free membership or paid subscription to read articles but most offer at least a few free articles each month if you don’t register or subscribe to their publication.

Natural Events / Disasters – 7 categories

Despite omicron, Covid-19 will become endemic. Here’s how.VoxJan 1
Omicron dampens global New Year celebrations, fewer watch ball drop in Times SquareReutersJan 1
US flight cancellations hit new holiday peak amid Covid and bad weatherBBC NewsJan 1
Amid another Covid surge, schools and businesses find plans disruptedCNBCJan 1
US experts question whether counting Covid cases is still the right approachThe GuardianJan 1
Why this Covid-19 surge is ‘unprecedented in this pandemic’CNNJan 2
‘Very unsettling’: Scientists see troubling signs in humans spreading Covid to deerNBC NewsJan 2
Brazil health agency warns against boarding cruise ships amid COVID-19 outbreaksReutersJan 2
Omicron-related disruptions cause over 4,000 flight cancellationsReutersJan 3
FDA authorizes first Covid-19 booster shot for teens aged 12 to 15STATJan 3
U.S. Sets Covid Global Daily Record of Over 1 Million Virus CasesBloombergJan 3
Covid Science: Virus leaves antibodies that may attack healthy tissuesReutersJan 3
The shape of the omicron wave is becoming clearerVoxJan 4
White House embraces a manage-not-contain Omicron game planPOLITICOJan 4
Omicron USA: CDC tracker map shows where variant spreadsFast CompanyJan 4
Chicago cancels classes Wednesday after teacher vote halts in-person learningChalkbeatJan 4
A record-high number of kids are getting hospitalized as overall Covid-19 hospitalizations soar past the Delta peakCNNJan 5
Hong Kong Covid-19: This is what happens when you test positiveCNNJan 5
ER Doctor: Omicron Is Making People ‘Really Sick in a Different Way’Business InsiderJan 5
Rio de Janeiro carnival street parades canceled amid Covid surgeCNN TravelJan 5
Omicron Has Slightly Different Symptoms from Previous COVID VariantsPeopleJan 5
New COVID vaccine from Texas could be a global game changerNPRJan 5
Anti-Vax Podcaster Who Got COVID at a Conspiracy Conference Has DiedViceJan 6
COVID cases soar by over 200%, fueled by OmicronAxiosJan 6
In the nation’s hospitals, this covid wave is differentThe Washington PostJan 6
Passengers with Covid-19 escape India airport quarantineCNN TravelJan 7
Mexico sees an increase in covid cases in Cabo and CancúnThe Washington PostJan 7
All US Cruises Have Confirmed or Suspected COVID on Board: CDCBusiness InsiderJan 7
No jab, no job: Citigroup to fire unvaccinated staff this month – memoReutersJan 7
Much of America isn’t tracking at-home COVID test resultsAxiosJan 8
Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and deltaCNBCJan 8
Chicago Public Schools would go remote Wednesday under new CTU proposalChicago TribuneJan 8
National Guard steps in to alleviate pressure on hospital overwhelmed by Omicron waveCNNJan 9
U.S. Covid-19 Cases Set to Triple Pre-Omicron RecordWall Street JournalJan 10
Why More Americans Are Saying They’re ‘Vaxxed and Done’The AtlanticJan 10
The government is sending free rapid tests, but don’t expect them all before omicron’s peakABC NewsJan 10
Alarming number of children hospitalized with COVID-19 in U.S.CBS NewsJan 10
Omicron surge: Hospitals in Colorado, other regions activate crisis standards, new protocolsThe Washington PostJan 10
Omicron Is Forcing Us to Rethink Mild COVIDThe AtlanticJan 10
Omicron-specific vaccine is coming but ‘may not matter—everybody’s going to be infected,’ says expertCNBCJan 10
U.S. COVID hospitalizations hit record highNPRJan 11
Covid Cases in Philippines: Record 46% of All Tests Come Back PositiveBloombergJan 11
United cuts flights as about 3,000 workers call out sick from CovidCNBCJan 11
Covid loses 90% of ability to infect within 20 minutes in air – studyThe GuardianJan 11
Covid: Half of Europe to be infected with Omicron within weeks – WHOBBC NewsJan 11
Which mask? What test? COVID’s latest surge spreads an epidemic of confusion.The Washington PostJan 11
‘Rules need to be clear’: Dems call for Covid strategy reset as cases spikePOLITICOJan 11
My wife had long Covid and killed herself. We must help others who are sufferingThe GuardianJan 12
California to coronavirus-positive healthcare workers: Keep workingLA TimesJan 12
COVID-Hospitalization Numbers Are as Bad as They LookThe AtlanticJan 12
Scientists: Cannabis Can Prevent COVID-19 InfectionViceJan 12
COVID deaths are climbing as cases skyrocketAxiosJan 13
Delta CEO says 8,000 employees have tested positive for Covid in last 4 weeksCNBCJan 13
Students don’t want to learn in a ‘COVID petri dish.’ They’re walking out to prove their point.USA TodayJan 14
You can start ordering free COVID tests WednesdayAxiosJan 14
How Chicago schools became an outlier in the latest COVID disruptionChalkbeatJan 14
Patients Drive Hours to ERs as Omicron Variant Overwhelms Rural HospitalsWall Street JournalJan 15
Omicron Disrupting January Economy With Cancellations and DelaysBusiness InsiderJan 15
Texas scientists’ new Covid-19 vaccine is cheaper, easier to make and patent-freeThe GuardianJan 15
Experts warn of more COVID-19 variants after OmicronAxiosJan 15
I was the poster child for COVID-19 safety. Eventually, it got me.USA TodayJan 16
Genetic risk factor found for Covid-19 smell and taste loss, researchers sayNBC NewsJan 17
New York and other north-eastern US states see a rapid fall in Covid casesThe GuardianJan 18
Why People Are Hiding That Their Unvaccinated Loved Ones Died of COVIDThe AtlanticJan 18
White House to distribute 400 million free N95 masks starting next weekThe Washington PostJan 19
Past Covid infection protected against delta, but vaccines safest to prevent dire illness, CDC saysNBC NewsJan 19
Omicron pushes COVID deaths toward 2,000 per dayAxiosJan 20
Omicron surge leads to record number of people out sick, exacerbating labor shortage woesThe Washington PostJan 20
People With Mild COVID Symptoms May Suffer From Long-Term Neurological DamageNBC NewsJan 20
Antimicrobial resistance now causes more deaths than HIV/AIDS and malaria worldwide – new studyThe ConversationJan 20
Will Omicron Leave Most of Us Immune?The AtlanticJan 21
2 years after COVID first hit the US, hundreds of thousands of Americans are still falling illABC NewsJan 21
How to spot the signs of long Covid — and what to do nextVoxJan 21
CDC: Pfizer and Moderna boosters overwhelmingly prevent Omicron hospitalizationsAxiosJan 21
Omicron Wave Drives Surge of Workers Calling In Sick, Working Through IllnessWall Street JournalJan 23
Why rapid COVID tests aren’t more accurate and how scientists hope to improve themNPRJan 23
At California hospitals, children are coming in with COVID — not for COVIDLA TimesJan 24
Scientists Track Omicron Subtype, Denmark, UK, Singapore, IndiaBusiness InsiderJan 24
Bird Flu Is Back in the US. No One Knows What Comes NextWIREDJan 24
COVID’s Turbo-Mutation Is Killing This Vax Dream, So What’s Next?The Daily BeastJan 24
Omicron leading to another wave of COVID deathsAxiosJan 25
Daily US death toll from Covid now matches DeltaBBC NewsJan 25
Covid-19 Deaths in the U.S. Top 2,100 a Day, Highest in Nearly a YearWall Street JournalJan 25
How to get free N95 masks, which are arriving at groceries and pharmaciesNPRJan 26
Omicron’s most crucial warning: A disease can move much faster than we canVoxJan 26
Despite CDC directive, many pharmacies refusing to give fourth shots to immune-compromised patientsCNNJan 26
New omicron variant is putting scientists on alert. Here’s what to knowNPRJan 27
Research from Malawi suggests Africa may have reached the pandemic’s holy grailNPRJan 28
COVID deaths pass delta’s peak; hospitals strained:USA TodayJan 28
US scientists who downplayed COVID-19 lab leak origins theory sang a different tune in private, emails showFox NewsJan 28
Superbugs were already on the rise. The pandemic likely made things worse.National GeographicJan 28
The new BA.2 omicron subvariant is already circulating in half of U.S. statesCNBCJan 28
In Super-Vaxxed Vermont, Covid Strikes — But Packs Far Less PunchKaiser Health NewsJan 28
‘We are so tired’: US parents and doctors say kids under five left behind in Covid vaccine raceThe GuardianJan 29
What Will the Next Variant Look Like After Omicron?The AtlanticJan 29
Omicron symptoms can be milder. Here’s why patients are still flooding hospitalsNPRJan 29
Australia anxious as schools back in full swing amidst Omicron waveReutersJan 29
Anti-Vax Cop Who Told Guv to ‘Kiss My Ass’ Dies After Battle With COVIDThe Daily BeastJan 29
Coronavirus: Lung abnormalities discovered in long COVID patients suffering from breathlessnessSky NewsJan 29
Spotify to add advisories to podcasts discussing COVID informationUSA TodayJan 30
CDC warns of more contagious COVID-19 sub-variant named BA.2CBS NewsJan 30
How a new patent-free Covid-19 vaccine could help end the pandemicInverseJan 30
The New Clues About Who Will Develop Long CovidWall Street JournalJan 31
Experts say the COVID-19 emergency could end this year. What would it look like?ABC NewsJan 31
Omicron and long Covid: Scientists have theories on the cause and who’s at riskVoxJan 31
Omicron: what do we know about ‘stealth’ subvariant BA.2?The GuardianJan 31
‘What’s going on with me?’ Canadian victims of mystery illness suffer aloneThe GuardianJan 31
Health experts warn Covid ‘stealth variant’ is spreading around the countryNBC NewsJan 31
Explainer: Scientists on alert over rising cases caused by Omicron cousin BA.2ReutersJan 31
Moderna mRNA HIV vaccine: First patients vaccinated in clinical trialCNNJan 31
Covid vaccine refusal removes Boston patient from heart transplant waitlist. As it should.NBC NewsJan 31
Burnt out and frustrated, Covid-weary Americans try to accept uncertainty as their new normalCNNJan 31
Omicron subvariant BA.2 more infectious than ‘original’, Danish study findsReutersJan 31
Merck’s COVID pill is last choice for U.S. patients, global use variesReutersJan 31
When a positive COVID test means losing work, there’s little incentive to testNPRFeb 1
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes very carefully suggests Fox News inform viewers when anti-vax guests die of COVIDThe WeekFeb 1
Denmark becomes first EU country to lift all Covid-19 restrictionsCNNFeb 1
Parents of toddlers face struggles as they wait for vaccine authorizationABC NewsFeb 1
‘Long COVID’ patients leave ‘antibody signature’ that may help predict syndrome, study saysFox NewsFeb 1
U.S. considers authorization of first COVID vaccine for children under 5ReutersFeb 1
Tsunami-hit Tonga goes into lockdown after workers helping deliver aid catch CovidThe GuardianFeb 1
Covid will always be an epidemic virus — not an endemic one, scientist warnsCNBCFeb 2
U.S. Army begins to discharge soldiers who refuse COVID-19 vaccinationNPRFeb 2
Researchers label early CAR-T cancer therapy patient ‘cured’STATFeb 2
Why do some people get Covid while others don’t?CNBCFeb 3
When you should be using your at-home COVID testsABC NewsFeb 3
COVID deaths are rising even as Omicron dies downAxiosFeb 3
The COVID JerkThe AtlanticFeb 3
In world first, South Africa’s Afrigen makes mRNA COVID vaccine using Moderna dataReutersFeb 3
Covid-19 in animals: Coronavirus spillover to deer could affect humansVoxFeb 3
Scientists Find Putting Pantyhose on Your Head Makes Your Mask SaferViceFeb 3
Hospitals, still crowded from omicron, turn away patients needing other careNPRFeb 4
Scientists find new more infectious and damaging HIV variant in the NetherlandsThe IndependentFeb 4
As Omicron peaks, the US healthcare system is left ‘broken beyond repair’The GuardianFeb 4
LGBTQ adults report higher vaccination rates against COVID: CDCUSA TodayFeb 4
COVID deaths surpass 900,000 in the US: What’s next for the pandemicUSA TodayFeb 4
‘The case for masks became hugely stronger’: scientists admit their Covid mistakesThe GuardianFeb 4
San Francisco’s mayor has a plan for the troubled Tenderloin districtNPRFeb 5
WHO chief says discussed collaboration on COVID origins with Chinese premierReutersFeb 5
Fifty Iranian MPs contract Covid as Omicron spreads across countryThe GuardianFeb 5
Anti-vaccine mandate protests sweep CanadaReutersFeb 5
The World Is Likely Sicker Than It Has Been in 100 YearsWall Street JournalFeb 6
US COVID-19 death toll breaches 900K markFox NewsFeb 6
In rural California, the unvaccinated and ill overwhelm hospital staffLA TimesFeb 6
No internet, bad food and dirty rooms: Olympic athletes struggle in quarantineNPRFeb 6
The 1918 flu didn’t end in 1918. Here’s what its third year can teach us.The Washington PostFeb 6
US closely tied to protests against COVID mandates in Canada: UpdatesUSA TodayFeb 6
Unvaccinated dad loses custody of kids, including immunocompromised childUSA TodayFeb 6
COVID-19 Virus Demonstrates ‘Natural Selection in Real Time’ as Variants EmergeTimes of San DiegoFeb 7
The future of the pandemic is looking clearer as we learn more about infectionNPRFeb 7
Doctors warn ending school mask mandates will lead to rise in COVID cases as several states lift requirementsABC NewsFeb 7
Two Years Into Pandemic, Shoppers Are Still HoardingWall Street JournalFeb 7
Covid-19 Restrictions Unwind as Omicron Wanes in U.S., Parts of EuropeWall Street JournalFeb 8
Covid deaths highest in a year as omicron targets the unvaccinated and elderlyThe Washington PostFeb 8
Some long Covid patients see improvement, but full recovery is elusiveSTATFeb 8
COVID cases are plummeting, and deaths could decline soonAxiosFeb 10
What to Eat If You’re Sick with COVIDFood NetworkFeb 10
While awaiting updated CDC guidance, here’s the data states are using to lift Covid-19 restrictionsCNNFeb 11
California to debate mandating Covid vaccines at all workplacesPOLITOCOFeb 11
Democratic governors drop mask mandates despite high coronavirus cases and hospitalizationsVoxFeb 11
Boosters wane but showed protection against hospitalization during omicron, CDC study saysThe Washington PostFeb 11
Walmart drops mask mandate for vaccinated employeesCNNFeb 12
‘Don’t take the damn thing’: how Spotify playlists push dangerous anti-vaccine tunesThe GuardianFeb 13
Super Bowl fans reject mask mandate despite being given one at stadium: ‘Super-spreader bowl’Fox NewsFeb 14
How serious is the presence of the Covid virus in deer for humans?The GuardianFeb 14
French anti-vaxxers buying fake Covid passes onlineThe GuardianFeb 14
CDC: US travelers should avoid 135+ destinations due to COVIDUSA TodayFeb 14
COVID Significantly Increases Risk of Life-Threatening Heart ProblemsPeopleFeb 15
If you’re finding this stage of the pandemic especially confusing, you’re not aloneNPRFeb 15
California high school students stage mass walkout over district’s mask mandateFox NewsFeb 15
COVID may launch chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic, doctors warnNorth JerseyFeb 15
Body Of Drowned Man Tested Positive For Covid 28 Times Over 6 WeeksLAD BibleFeb 15
Masks can work—even if you’re the only one wearing themPopular ScienceFeb 16
Coronaviruses are ‘clever’: 4 evolutionary scenarios for the coronavirus that causes Covid-19STATFeb 16
Furor over county Covid-19 restrictions pushes some municipalities to create private health departmentsCNNFeb 16
S.Korea’s daily COVID-19 count tops 90,000, basketball league haltedReutersFeb 16
Covid-19: US is lagging on booster shots compared to other western countriesCNNFeb 16
CDC wants to ‘give people a break’ from mask wearing: COVID-19 updatesUSA TodayFeb 16
This 16-year-old wanted to get the COVID vaccine. He had to hide it from his parentsNPRFeb 16
Coronavirus vaccination during mothers’ pregnancy may be protective to infants, CDC study saysThe Washington PostFeb 16
COVID cases plummet all across the U.S.AxiosFeb 17
Covid-19 Death Reports in U.S. Begin to Drop as Omicron Surge FadesWall Street JournalFeb 17
73% of Americans are now immune to Omicron, health experts sayFortuneFeb 17
Americans are tired of the pandemic. But disease experts preach caution — and endure a ‘kill the messenger’ moment.The Washington PostFeb 17
Biden’s new global vaccine push is running out of fundsPOLITICOFeb 17
The next COVID variant going to look like? It may not be mild, experts say.FortuneFeb 17
Parents remember 7-year-old daughter who died after contracting COVID-19ABC NewsFeb 18
Gavin Newsom announces ‘Smarter’ plan as California enters new covid phaseThe Washington PostFeb 18
Coronavirus: As BA.2 subvariant of Omicron rises, lab studies point to signs of severityCNNFeb 19
What the world got right during the Covid-19 pandemicVoxFeb 19
Covid Omicron symptoms: The signs and stages to look forThe IndependentFeb 19
‘Today we rejoined the world’: hugs, tears and Vegemite as Australia reopens international bordersThe GuardianFeb 20
Omicron BA.2 variant is spreading in U.S. and may soon pick up speedNPRFeb 21
Covid Still Threatens Millions of Americans. Why Are We So Eager to Move On?Kaiser Health NewsFeb 22
So you think it’s time to move on from COVID? Here’s why that’s not happening anytime soon.USA TodayFeb 22
Researchers find COVID-19 virus causing testicular damage and atrophyMedical XpressFeb 22
My life as an ER doctor during Covid: ‘People walk in, throw their garbage at you, and walk out’The GuardianFeb 24
Covid-19 is killing more people now than during most of the pandemic. Here’s who’s still at riskCNNFeb 24
As mask mandates fade, experts say use of masks likely will notSTATFeb 25
The White House has a new plan for COVID-19 aimed at getting things back to normalNPRMar 2
How will we know when the worst of the pandemic is over?VoxMar 2
Striking new evidence points to Wuhan seafood market as the pandemic’s origin pointNPRMar 3
Mosquito-borne Virus Spreads From Pigs to Humans in AustraliaBloombergMar 3
US Surgeon General orders tech companies to reveal sources of COVID-19 misinformationEngadgetMar 4
The pandemic is following a very predictable and depressing patternThe AtlanticMar 4
The lessons learned from 1918 flu fatigue, according to historiansNational GeographicMar 4
Opinion: These Covid-19 symptoms raise new questionsCNNMar 4
The end is near, for some anyway, as the new pandemic data looks promisingCNNMar 5
The Puzzling Virus That Infects Almost EveryoneThe AtlanticMar 5
5 ways we’ll know COVID has become endemic: ANALYSISABC NewsMar 5
Boston follows other cities in lifting mask mandateThe HillMar 5
Hong Kong bet on zero-Covid. Now it’s facing a ‘preventable disaster’CNNMar 5
The Forgotten Pandemic: Lessons from 1918CBS NewsMar 6
Death toll nears 6 million as pandemic enters its 3rd yearThe Seattle TimesMar 6
Chinese city of Qingdao reports Omicron outbreak among studentsReutersMar 6
Hong Kong reports surge of 31,008 new Covid cases and 153 deaths as mass testing loomsThe IndependentMar 6
Even mild COVID can cause brain damage, for how long isn’t knownUSA TodayMar 7
Official COVID-19 death toll tops 6 million as pandemic ebbs in many places but roars on in othersCBS NewsMar 7
Tons of COVID Medical Garbage Threaten HealthScientific AmericanMar 7
After 549 days in 9 hospitals and facilities with Covid-19, this man is finally homeCNNMar 8
Victorian man dies from Japanese encephalitis as authorities warn people to avoid mosquitosThe GuardianMar 8
HOW DID THIS MANY DEATHS BECOME NORMAL? Why America Became Numb to COVID DeathsThe AtlanticMar 8
Covid-19 origin: Scientists traced the outbreak to a Wuhan animal sellerVoxMar 9
What is the Deltacron variant of Covid and where has it been found?The GuardianMar 11
Experts warn of disastrous consequences if pandemic funding dries upSTAT NewsMar 11
It’s been 2 years since Covid changed our lives completelyCNNMar 13
Here’s what could lie ahead for the third year of the pandemicCNNMar 13
COVID-19 cases rising in Europe: What this could mean for the USUSA TodayMar 13
Shenzhen lockdown: Foxconn halts operations as Covid hits tech hubCNNMar 14
China orders 51 million into lockdown as COVID surgesABC NewsMar 14
Covid Deltacron symptoms: The signs and stages to look forThe IndependentMar 14
COVID spike in Europe could signal increase in U.S.AxiosMar 14
Are Covid Cases Going Back Up? Sewer Data Has Potential WarningBloombergMar 14
What rising Covid-19 infections in the UK and Europe could mean for the USCNNMar 15
Covid cases are rising as omicron’s ‘stealth’ subvariant spreads around the worldCNBCMar 15
How Hong Kong went from ‘zero-Covid’ to the world’s highest death rateNBC NewsMar 15
I Was A COVID Doctor. Here’s The One Thing I Refuse To Do As We ‘Get Back To Normal.’HuffPostMar 15
Once again, America is in denial about signs of a fresh Covid waveThe GuardianMar 16
Covid US: This key indicator may determine how bad a BA.2 wave could beCNNMar 16
Lone star tick linked to Heartland virus in people now found in 6 statesNBC NewsMar 16
An new COVID variant was just discovered in IsraelFortuneMar 16
Covid’s ‘Silver Lining’: Research Breakthroughs for Chronic Disease, Cancer, and the Common FluKaiser Health NewsMar 17
Loss of funding for Covid treatments, vaccines puts the uninsured in a ‘catastrophic’ place, advocates sayNBC NewsMar 17
Ivermectin Didn’t Reduce Covid-19 Hospitalizations in Largest Trial to DateWall Street JournalMar 18
Why some Americans haven’t gotten COVID yet and why it’s not inevitable they ever will: ExpertsABC NewsMar 18
Overwhelmed by Omicron, Hong Kong Runs Out of Space for Its DeadWall Street JournalMar 18
How protected are we against Covid-19? Scientists search for a test to measure immunityCNNMar 22
White House officials warn U.S. has exhausted funds to buy potential fourth vaccine dose for all AmericansThe Washington PostMar 22
Subvariant threatens COVID progress while virus symptoms may be mistaken for spring allergiesCBS NewsMar 22
China locks down city of 9 million and reports 4,000 cases as Omicron tests zero-Covid strategyThe GuardianMar 22
Shanghai’s local COVID cases hit daily record as Jilin outbreak persistsReutersMar 22
Professor discusses spread of Covid-19 in EuropeCNBCMar 22
How long Covid concerns are ramping up progress on other chronic diseasesCNNMar 22
Why can’t some scientists just admit they were wrong about Covid?The GuardianMar 24
Scientists Found Microplastics in People’s Blood for the First TimeGizmodoMar 24
As Covid-19 cases fall and masks come off, flu cases are risingCNNMar 25
Costs of going unvaccinated in America are mounting for workers and companiesReutersMar 25
Covid vaccinations — including boosters — fall to lowest levels since 2020The Washington PostMar 25
Microplastics have been found in air, water, food and now … human bloodUSA TodayMar 25
‘We’re way behind’: next US booster rollout faces delays and lack of fundsThe GuardianMar 27
China locks down Shanghai, its biggest city, as Omicron fuels record surge in COVID casesCBS NewsMar 28
For red and blue America, a glaring divide in COVID-19 death rates persists 2 years laterABC NewsMar 28
Explainer: Omicron ‘stealth’ COVID variant BA.2 now dominant globallyReutersMar 28
As federal COVID funding runs out, support for uninsured suffersNPRMar 29
CDC signs off on 2nd Covid booster shot for people 50 and olderNBC NewsMar 29
Do I really need another booster? The answer depends on age, risk and timingNPRMar 30
‘We demand an explanation!’ Shanghai residents vent COVID lockdown irritationReutersMar 30
We need answers to these four long Covid questionsThe GuardianMar 30
Shanghai under lockdown to battle the worst Covid-19 outbreak so farCNN VideoMar 30
Pfizer, Moderna vaccines aren’t the same; study finds antibody differencesArs TechnicaMar 31
Private firm running NHS Covid test sites axing more than 5,000 jobs – letting all but 21 go without a pennyThe IndependentMar 31
CDC warns of a steep decline in teen mental healthThe Washington PostMar 31
As US Nears 1 Million Covid Deaths, One Hard-Hit County Grapples With Unthinkable LossKaiser Health NewsApr 1
As Shanghai expands COVID lockdown, life on hold in city of 26 millionReutersApr 1
Covid-19 hospitalizations hit a pandemic low in the US, HHS data showsCNNApr 1
Warning over ‘irreversible’ health risk from plastics as humans ‘eat credit card a week’The IndependentApr 4
Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine: Protection against infection offered by fourth dose wanes quickly, Israeli study findsCNNApr 5
Microplastics found deep in lungs of living people for first timeThe GuardianApr 6
Rare vaccine-related blood clots tied to gene; concentrated antibodies may help the immunosuppressedReutersApr 6
Shanghai: Residents ‘running out of food’ in Covid lockdownBBC NewsApr 7
Why the Covid-19 BA2 variant may not cause a big wave of US casesVoxApr 7
Wearing eyeglasses may lower COVID-19 risk — studyGMA News OnlineApr 7
Omicron variant does cause different symptoms from Delta, study findsThe GuardianApr 7
COVID-19 cases rise in Los Angeles County due to BA.2 variantABC NewsApr 8
Microplastics found in lungs of living people for the first timeUSA TodayApr 8
String of COVID cases hits DC as nationwide rise loomsThe HillApr 10
How often you wash your dog’s bowl can affect your health, too, study saysCNNApr 10
Leave your shoes outdoors, these scientists sayCNNApr 11
US State Department orders departure of non-emergency personnel from Shanghai consulate amid Covid-19 restrictionsCNN PoliticsApr 12
Herd immunity now seems impossible. Welcome to the age of Covid reinfectionThe GuardianApr 12
They warned about pandemics before Covid-19. Now they have a $100 billion to plan to stop the next one.VoxApr 12
Disturbing Videos Show the Chilling Human Toll of Shanghai’s Zero-COVID FightViceApr 12
New omicron XE variant detected in Japan as UK cases riseCNBCApr 12
Shanghai eases COVID lockdowns amid food crisisAxiosApr 12
Shanghai: COVID-19 is Separating Children From ParentsTimeApr 12
Reported STD cases surged in late 2020 after drop early in pandemic, data suggestThe HillApr 12
Immunologists unravel battle plans of deadly coronavirusesMedical XpressApr 12
US teen overdose deaths double in three years amid fentanyl crisisThe GuardianApr 12
The new White House coronavirus czar calls for calm as BA.2 COVID cases riseNPRApr 12
We’re locked down in Shanghai with 25 pounds of mangoes — and some very helpful neighborsCNNApr 12
Shanghai vows punishment for COVID lockdown violators as cases hit 25,000ReutersApr 13
China accuses US of ‘weaponizing’ extended Shanghai lockdownCNNApr 13
Is Covid endemic yet? Experts aren’t so sureCNNApr 13
US likely ‘dramatically undercounting’ current COVID-19 resurgence, experts sayABC NewsApr 13
Zelenskyy shows the physical toll that war can have on the bodyNPRApr 13
First Covid-19 breath test authorized by FDACNNApr 14
Covid antiviral pill Paxlovid underused despite hundreds of deaths dailyNBC NewsApr 14
U.S. COVID cases on the rise againAxiosApr 14
Boston COVID test positivity rate passes ‘threshold of concern’ABC NewsApr 14
As Covid cases rise, here are CDC guidelines for tests, isolationNBC NewsApr 14
New omicron variants — BA.2.12 and BA.2.12.1 — are spreading. Should we worry?NPRApr 14
Virologists Identify More Than 5,000 New Viruses in the OceanSmithsonian MagApr 14
SARS-CoV-2 Actively Infects And Kills Lymphoid CellsForbesApr 14
China Covid: Clashes in Shanghai over lockdown evictionsBBC NewsApr 15
Fury in Shanghai as Covid restrictions are blamed for deaths, cause rare protestNBC NewsApr 15
Shanghai turns residences into COVID isolation facilities, sparking protestReutersApr 15
She was hospitalized for Covid months ago. Her only ticket out is a new pair of lungsNBC NewsApr 16
China tightens controls as Shanghai reports record Covid casesThe GuardianApr 16
China’s New COVID Crisis Could Spawn the Worst Variant YetThe Daily BeastApr 16
What’s Causing A Sudden Outbreak Of Hepatitis In Kids In Europe And The US?ForbesApr 16
Severe omicron symptoms: Does a 4th COVID shot stop severe COVID?Deseret NewsApr 16
Shanghai’s lockdown protests reveal tensions over zero-CovidThe GuardianApr 17
Microplastics found in living blood and lung tissuePopular ScienceApr 18
Do you still need masks on planes? What you need to know, by airline.USA TodayApr 18
Leaving Covid safety to personal choice will ‘come back to bite us,’ ex-Obama health official saysCNBCApr 18
Public transit mask mandate: Abrupt end of Covid-19 mandate prompts excitement and confusion for US passengersCNNApr 19
Why Cheap, Older Drugs That Might Treat Covid Never Get Out of the LabKaiser Health NewsApr 19
6 Covid mysteries experts hope to unravelSTATApr 19
Gridiron dinner was a COVID superspreader. Let’s learn from it.USA TodayApr 19
Moderna says updated vaccine may offer better protection against variantsAxiosApr 19
400,000 Cases, 10 Deaths: Shanghai’s COVID Mortality Is Too Low to Be TrueViceApr 19
Unvaccinated kids 87% of child hospitalizations in Omicron surge — CDCAxiosApr 19
Hepatitis cases detected in children in Europe and the USBBC NewsApr 20
In Shanghai lockdown, Carrefour staff sleeps at store to keep residents suppliedReutersApr 20
COVID treatments: antivirals, monoclonals are available but not usedUSA TodayApr 20
Milwaukee schools reinstate mask mandate just one day after it was droppedCNNApr 20
Number Of Covid Sufferers Self-Isolating Plummets After Rules ScrappedHuff PostApr 20
Should people wait until the fall for a second booster? CDC panel weighs in.NBC NewsApr 20
COVID cases on the rise in Mid-Atlantic, Pacific NorthwestAxiosApr 21
U.S. extends COVID vaccine requirements for non-citizens at land bordersReutersApr 21
Shanghai to keep COVID curbs as infections outside quarantine rise againReutersApr 21
Fully vaccinated healthcare worker, 31, catches Covid twice within three weeks in SpainThe GuardianApr 21
COVID outbreak as nearly 100 prom goers test positiveABC NewsApr 21
Pandemic disrupted routine vaccinations of US kindergartenersThe GuardianApr 21
CDC warns of hepatitis cases, common cold in kids amid Alabama clusterUSA TodayApr 21
CDC issues alert for rare liver damage in childrenNBC NewsApr 21
Covid-19 was third leading cause of death in the United States in 2021, CDC reportsCNNApr 22
Inside Nebraska’s Surprisingly Effective Covid StrategyPOLITICOApr 22
What Shanghai Is Going Through Is News to Many in the Rest of ChinaWall Street JournalApr 23
At least one child has died from mystery strain of severe hepatitis, WHO confirmsThe GuardianApr 23
Italy reports 70,520 coronavirus cases on Saturday, 143 deathsReutersApr 23
Anger mounts among locked-down Shanghai residents as city reports more COVID deathsReutersApr 23
How COVID’s deadly conspiracy theories cost one woman her lifeNPRApr 24
China’s capital city Beijing begins Covid testing in business districtCNBCApr 24
As the world reopens, only two countries are still without COVID vaccinesThe Washington PostApr 24
Millions of COVID-19 shots set to go to waste, as vaccine rollout slowsABC NewsApr 25
Covid-19 data reporting is becoming less frequent, making trends harder to trackCNN HealthApr 25
My At-Home Rapid Test Is Negative, But Could I Still Have COVID?Huff PostApr 25
At least one child has died due to ‘acute, severe’ mystery hepatitis strain, WHO saysThe IndependentApr 25
Shanghai COVID lockdown: metal barriers installed; Beijing testingUSA TodayApr 25
COVID pill to be widely available soon, White House saysAxiosApr 25
Coronavirus Watch: How COVID messes with your sensesUSA TodayApr 25
SARS-CoV-2 Mimics Inflammatory Proteins In Our BodyForbesApr 25
Panic buying in Beijing as district starts mass COVID testingReutersApr 25
Microplastics are in our bodies. How much do they harm us?National GeographicApr 25
Biden administration starts Covid treatment push, focusing on PaxlovidSTATApr 26
Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID-19AxiosApr 26
Shanghai lockdown: This is the video Chinese censors don’t want you to see or shareCNN VideoApr 26
After Medical Bills Broke the Bank, This Family Headed to Mexico for CareKaiser Health NewsApr 27
AXIOS VITALS: 1. HIV Prep coverage, 2. You’ve probably had COVID & 3. Concern over China lockdownsAxiosApr 27
COVID in China: Beijing braces for possible return to coronavirus lockdown as cases mountCBS NewsApr 27
China reports first human infected with H3N8 bird flu strainThe HillApr 27
The US is in ‘transition phase’ of pandemic, Fauci saysCNNApr 27
WHO chief: World is ‘increasingly blind’ to COVID transmission, evolutionThe HillApr 27
Covid-19 cases that return after Paxlovid antiviral treatment puzzle doctorsCNNApr 27
Cases Of Mysterious Liver Damage In Children Spread To Japan And ChinaIFLScienceApr 27
Here’s why Dr. Fauci says the U.S. is ‘out of the pandemic phase’NPRApr 28
COVID cases rise across bulk of the U.S.AxiosApr 28
Moderna seeks emergency use authorization for Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months through 5 yearsCNNApr 28
A warming world gives viruses more chances to hitchhike from species to speciesThe VergeApr 28
Shanghai’s focus shifts to vaccination of elderly as new cases declineReutersApr 28
South Africa is hit hard by COVID again. What does it mean for the US?USA TodayApr 28
Hepatitis outbreak in kids may be linked to adenovirus, WHO saysCNBCApr 28
Climate change could spark animal-to-human pandemicsAxiosApr 28
Medicare Advantage plans skimp on claims, care, federal report findsUSA TodayApr 28
Is America in the Middle of an Invisible COVID Wave?The AtlanticApr 28
Covid deaths no longer overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated as toll on elderly growsThe Washington PostApr 29
U.S. Seeks ‘Urgent’ Data on Covid Relapses After Using Pfizer’s Paxlovid DrugBloombergApr 29
First human case of avian flu in the U.S. reported in ColoradoNPRApr 29
Studies find microplastics in human lungs, blood stream; scientists investigating possible health risksCBS NewsApr 29
Chinese Omicron-specific mRNA COVID vaccine candidate to be trialed in UAEReutersApr 30
Officials are nervous about mask mandates — even in Covid hot spotsPOLITICOApr 30
COVID vaccines for America’s youngest kids: FDA sets June meetingsFox NewsApr 30
Shanghai marks key Covid milestone, Beijing sits on edgeNBC NewsApr 30
BA.2 Symptoms Usually Appear in This OrderEat This Not ThatApr 30
‘I’m a Thru-Hiker, and This Is What a Months-Long Trek Does to Your Body—And Mind’Well + GoodApr 30
Tuberculosis cases Washington: State’s largest outbreak in 20 yearsUSA TodayApr 30
Shanghai marks COVID milestone, Beijing on edgeReutersApr 30
Florida lost 70,000 people to Covid. It’s still not prepared for the next wave.POLITICOMay 1
Disease-causing parasites could spread via ocean plasticsFast CompanyMay 1
The US should prepare for a predictable Southern summer surge of Covid-19, Birx saysCNNMay 1
As Beijing tightens COVID curbs, hard-hit Shanghai sees signs of lifeReutersMay 1
New Zealand reopens to tourists after two-year pandemic lockoutBBC NewsMay 2
Bill Gates Says ‘Way Above’ 5% Risk Pandemic Could Get WorseBusiness InsiderMay 2
BA.4, BA.5 variants sweeping South Africa have been detected in the U.S., with the potential to start another COVID waveFortuneMay 2
China is obsessed with disinfection against Covid. But is it causing more harm than good?CNNMay 2
Amazon Cuts Paid COVID-19 Leave for US WorkersPC MagMay 2
Their virus symptoms were minor. Then they had long Covid.CNNMay 2
Setback for Shanghai’s COVID battle as Beijing ramps up mass testingReutersMay 2
Hong Kong’s foreign domestic workers face a lonely fate amid Covid pandemicNBC NewsMay 2
Australian researchers uncover clue to rare and severe response to Covid in childrenThe GuardianMay 2
Most Americans have now had Covid-19 — but experts are predicting the next surgeCNNMay 2
Omicron subvariants BA.4, BA.5 evade protection from earlier omicron infectionArs TechnicaMay 2
A major threat to the next pandemic: Vaccine hesitancyNBC NewsMay 2
Climate change could introduce humans to thousands of new virusesPopular ScienceMay 2
Airbnb Is Ending Its COVID-19-era Cancellation Policy — What to KnowTravel + LeisureMay 2
Mystery liver disease kills three more children after “unexpected significant increase” in cases reportedCBS NewsMay 3
We still don’t know what’s behind the global hepatitis outbreak in kidsPopular ScienceMay 3
Nose Spray Vaccines Could Quash COVID Virus VariantsScientific AmericanMay 3
Measles ‘epidemic’ warning amid concerns over a fall in vaccinations as cases spikeThe IndependentMay 3
Omicron subvariants: New, fitter Covid-19 viruses begin to drive their own wavesCNNMay 3
COVID worsens asthma in children; booster after infection not as beneficial vs OmicronReutersMay 3
Covid hospitalization may affect thinking similar to 20 years of ageingThe GuardianMay 3
Omicron subvariants: What they mean for reinfection riskNBC NewsMay 3
Setback for Shanghai’s COVID battle as Beijing ramps up mass testingReutersMay 3
Beijing city bans in-restaurant dining as China’s Covid controls tightenCNBCMay 3
Central Chinese city of Zhengzhou imposes new COVID movement curbs for May 4-10ReutersMay 3
With usual suspects ruled out, disease detectives try to crack mystery of viral hepatitis cases in kidsSTATMay 4
Mysterious Childhood Hepatitis Now Found In At Least 20 Countries, WHO ReportsIFLScienceMay 4
Carnival Cruise Ship Passengers Say COVID Overwhelmed Ship After Departing From MiamiNBC NewsMay 4
The US is closely watching this Covid surge for cluesCNNMay 4
America Is Starting to See What COVID Immunity Really Looks LikeThe AtlanticMay 4
Hepatitis detected in nearly 300 children worldwideBBC NewsMay 4
COVID-19 hospital admissions, deaths forecast to rise in the US for first time in monthsABC NewsMay 4
Bird flu forces chickens into lockdown amid historic outbreakCBS NewsMay 4
‘Better Than Omicron’ Is Still Pretty BadThe AtlanticMay 5
Doctors investigating why some report rebound in COVID-19 symptoms after PaxlovidABC NewsMay 5
Covid: World’s true pandemic death toll nearly 15 million, says WHOBBC NewsMay 5
What COVID might look like in the U.S. once we reach the endemic phaseNPRMay 5
Are nasal sprays the answer to stopping Covid transmission?The GuardianMay 5
‘How did we catch it?’: spread of COVID baffles locked-down Shanghai residentsReutersMay 5
Evidence mounts for need to study Pfizer’s Paxlovid for long COVID – researchers sayReutersMay 5
FDA puts strict limits on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccineCNNMay 5
Why This ‘Very, Very Contagious’ Coronavirus Subvariant Is Causing Cases To Rise AgainHuff PostMay 5
Covid-19 American Death Toll: A Million Dead, We Learned NothingRolling StoneMay 5
Omicron as severe as other COVID variants -large U.S. studyReutersMay 5
Pandemic killed 15M people in first 2 years, WHO excess death study findsArs TechnicaMay 5
Taiwan Is Abandoning Its Zero-COVID StrategyTimeMay 5
Xi Jinping sends warning to anyone who questions China’s zero-Covid policyCNNMay 6
Shanghai says China’s worst COVID outbreak under “effective control”ReutersMay 6
CDC investigating 109 unusual hepatitis cases in kids in outbreakSTATMay 6
COVID-19’s hidden, heartbreaking toll: millions of orphaned childrenNational GeographicMay 6
Millions of people suffer from long COVID. Why is there still no treatment?SF ChronicleMay 7
Potential Covid surge in fall and winter could lead to 100m infections, officials warnThe GuardianMay 7
Nasal vaccines may be the next generation of protection against COVIDUSA TodayMay 8
What will COVID-19 look like this summer? Health experts say the virus won’t be endemic, yet.USA TodayMay 9
New Omicron Subvariant B.A.2.12.1 Spreading Rapidly in the U.S.PeopleMay 9
Why 100 million Americans could be infected during COVID surge this fallABC NewsMay 9
The Common Places BA.2 And Other Omicron Subvariants Are SpreadingHuff PostMay 9
U.S. will limit Covid vaccines to high-risk people this fall if Congress doesn’t approve more fundingCNBCMay 9
Affordable Covid drugs kept out of reach by sluggish WTOThe GuardianMay 9
Opinion | One million died of covid-19. It didn’t have to happen — and it must not again.The Washington PostMay 9
Hospital admission totals tick up after weeks of rising COVID-19 casesABC NewsMay 9
Targets for Infection: How SARS-CoV-2 Damages the KidneysForbesMay 9
‘No end in sight’: Shanghai residents chafe at harsh Covid measuresThe GuardianMay 9
Covid-19 Cases Rise in Parts of U.S. With High Vaccination Rates –Wall Street JournalMay 9
New Zealand, once Covid-free, tops 1 million cases since pandemic beganThe GuardianMay 9
Why Covid-19 vaccine boosters may be more important than everCNNMay 10
Ticks Are Spreading in the US—and Taking New Diseases With ThemWIREDMay 10
Alcohol deaths increase dramatically during pandemic, especially for younger adults: ResearchABC NewsMay 10
Shanghai disinfects coronavirus-infected people’s homes amid China’s ‘zero-COVID’ strategyFox NewsMay 10
Severe Covid-19 can dramatically age your brain — studyInverseMay 10
Breakthrough deaths comprise increasing proportion of those who died from COVID-19ABC NewsMay 10
New tech could help clean indoor air to lower risk of COVID-19CBS NewsMay 10
U.S. gun-related homicide rate jumped nearly 35% in 2020NPRMay 10
Experts: How to know if you have long Covid — and what to do about itCNBCMay 10
In 2021, US drug overdose deaths hit highest level on record, CDC data showsCNN HealthMay 11
Doctors say pandemic side effects are becoming serious health problemsCNBCMay 11
Shanghai moves to impose tightest restrictions yetBBC NewsMay 11
Covid booster rollout needs a reboot to save older Americans, experts sayNBC NewsMay 11
Growing share of Covid-19 deaths are among vaccinated people, but booster shots substantially lower the riskCNNMay 11
Most COVID transmission is still asymptomaticABC NewsMay 11
I’m Still Masking Because I Care About the Most VulnerableTimeMay 11
U.S. COVID cases jump more than 50% over last two weeksCBS NewsMay 11
‘Completely devastating’: US passes 1m overdose deaths since records beganThe GuardianMay 11
Untapped Global Vaccine Stash Raises Risks of New Covid VariantsBloombergMay 11
More than half of early Covid-19 patients at one hospital had symptoms two years later, study findsCNN HealthMay 11
COVID-19 hospital admissions, deaths expected to keep climbing in the US amid resurgenceABC NewsMay 11
North Korea Hasn’t Administered Any COVID Vaccines. It Just Reported Its First Outbreak.ViceMay 11
Why You May Want To Mix And Match Your COVID-19 Booster, According To DoctorsSlash GearMay 11
This Year’s Weird Flu Season Just Got Even WeirderGizmodoMay 11
Short-term use of ibuprofen may increase chance of chronic pain, study suggestsThe GuardianMay 11
‘Unthinkable tragedy’: U.S. COVID-19 death toll surpasses 1 millionABC NewsMay 12
N.Korea reports first COVID outbreak, orders lockdown in “gravest emergency”ReutersMay 12
Deaths from COVID begin to rise againAxiosMay 12
Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The US is running a fever. Which way will it go?CNNMay 12
United States passes one million Covid deathsBBC NewsMay 12
Experts Predict If And When COVID Will Become A Seasonal IllnessHuff PostMay 12
North Korea ‘Sending Out SOS’ as It Admits Unnamed Disease Has Spread to 350,000 PeopleViceMay 12
Covid: NIH licenses key Covid vaccine technology to WHO so other countries can develop shotsCNBCMay 12
Covid cases are surging again. Why hospitalizations may notNBC NewsMay 12
Biden orders flags to half-staff as US records 1 million COVID deathsABC NewsMay 12
Chris Hayes on taking Paxlovid and what he learned from his Covid experienceMSNBCMay 12
Explainer: How North Korea’s COVID-19 outbreak could ignite a major health crisisReutersMay 13
U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths Hit New Record in 2021 with 108,000 Lives LostPeopleMay 13
White House prepares to ration vaccines as Covid funding impasse loomsPOLITICOMay 13
The Plot to Keep Meatpacking Plants Open During COVID-19ProPublicaMay 13
North Korea: Covid outbreak a great disaster, says Kim Jong-unBBC NewsMay 14
The U.S. is in a fifth COVID wave, and for many, immunity is waning. Why aren’t second boosters available to all Americans?FortuneMay 14
US has hit 1 million COVID deaths, but the number is likely higherABC NewsMay 14
In a haze of disinfectant, China struggles with invisible enemyFrance 24May 14
Shanghai aims to reopen more businesses shut by COVID, Beijing battles onReutersMay 15
Detroit Three automakers reinstate mask mandate at some Michigan facilitiesReutersMay 15
North Korea’s Kim orders military to stabilise supply of COVID drugsReutersMay 15
North Korea reports more deaths, says taking ‘swift measures’ against COVID outbreakReutersMay 15
What made America’s Covid death toll even worse: the gnawing pain of human separationThe GuardianMay 15
How North Korea Went from ‘Zero COVID’ to 1.2 Million Cases in 72 HoursViceMay 16
Northshore Labs Tested Across Nevada. Its COVID Tests Didn’t Work.ProPublicaMay 16
North Korea: More than a million Covid cases fearedBBC NewsMay 16
CDC updates guidance to endorse Covid-19 testing for all domestic travelersCNN TravelMay 16
North Korea COVID Crisis: Another 270,000 ‘Fever’ Cases, 5 DeathsBusiness InsiderMay 17
Future COVID variants will likely reinfect us multiple times a year, experts say — unless we invest in new vaccinesYahoo NewsMay 17
Pakistan hit by deadly cholera outbreak as heat wave grips South AsiaCNNMay 17
North Korea on brink of Covid-19 catastrophe, say expertsThe GuardianMay 17
Free COVID tests USPS: How to get a kit mailed to your homeFast CompanyMay 17
Covid is ‘explosively’ spreading through North Korea. What does this mean for Kim Jong Un?NBC NewsMay 18
COVID is rising in the Americas, virus ‘not going away anytime soon’ -PAHOReutersMay 18
2 years into COVID-19, some remain in complete isolationABC NewsMay 18
U.S. to study whether longer Paxlovid course needed to combat reinfectionsReutersMay 18
Shanghai Wants Pandemic Workers to Stop Obsessively Disinfecting EverythingViceMay 18
A million have died of Covid-19 in America. How did this happen?The GuardianMay 18
As COVID cases rise, U.S. health officials mull widening additional booster eligibilityReutersMay 18
New York made 11M bottles of hand sanitizer. Now it has 700,000 gallons it can’t get rid of.POLITICOMay 18
A third of people in US should consider masks based on their Covid-19 risk, CDC director saysCNNMay 18
Monkeypox case confirmed in Massachusetts, CDC monitoringThe Washington PostMay 18
Latest Covid-19 Wave Expands to More of U.S.Wall Street JournalMay 18
Monkeypox virus outbreak 2022: What is it? What are the symptoms?USA TodayMay 18
Monkeypox case identified in Massachusetts as outbreak grows in EuropeNBC NewsMay 18
U.S. monkeypox case reported, as Spain, Portugal report infectionsSTATMay 18
Monkeypox: What to know about the virus detected in the United StatesThe Washington PostMay 18
Investigation into mysterious pediatric hepatitis cases in the US expandsABC NewsMay 18
World in no better place to fight pandemics than before COVID – reviewReutersMay 18
First monkeypox case in U.S. this year identified; 6 people in U.S. quarantined for potential exposure, CDC saysFortuneMay 18
Children 5 to 11 can now get COVID boostersPopular ScienceMay 18
COVID cases rise in almost every stateAxiosMay 19
Republican-leaning areas continue to face more COVID deathsNPRMay 19
Long COVID symptoms can ease with vaccination after infection, new study saysFortuneMay 19
CDC signs off on Pfizer Covid booster for kids 5-11NBC NewsMay 19
This Rural, Red Southern County Was a Vaccine Success Story. Not Anymore.Kaiser Health NewsMay 19
What is the monkeypox virus and how concerned should you be?Fast CompanyMay 19
Officials expected to decide on new COVID-19 vaccine design in early JulyABC NewsMay 20
Locked-down Shanghai finds new cases, breaking “zero COVID” streakReutersMay 20
North Korea’s Dr Fauci? Health official emerges as face of COVID campaignReutersMay 20
The search for longer-lasting Covid-19 vaccinesCNNMay 20
CDC urges 2nd booster for older, high-risk Americans amid nation’s latest COVID-19 surgeABC NewsMay 20
Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreak in Children Spurs Global Race for AnswersWall Street JournalMay 20
This monkeypox tracker shows where new cases are suspected and confirmed around the worldFast CompanyMay 20
Monkeypox Rash Pictures: What It Looks Like, How It ProgressesInsiderMay 20
As monkeypox outbreak swells, experts offer guesses as to why Europe has seen unprecedented spreadNBC NewsMay 20
Shanghai district to require all shops to shut, residents to stay homeReutersMay 21
Shanghai makes way towards COVID lockdown exit, Beijing plays defenseReutersMay 21
Monkeypox: 80 cases confirmed in 12 countriesBBC NewsMay 21
Health officials warn of surge in Covid casesMSNBCMay 21
Monkeypox: Time to worry or one to ignore?BBC NewsMay 21
6th child dies from hepatitis outbreak in 36 states; CDC seeks answersUSA TodayMay 22
This Tick Can Make You Allergic to Meat, and It’s SpreadingScientific AmericanMay 23
One Overlooked Consequence of Global Warming: InsomniaMother JonesMay 23
Pfizer 3-dose COVID vaccine 80% effective against symptomatic omicron infection for youngest childrenABC NewsMay 23
How monkeypox spreads and why current cases are something “we’ve never seen”CBS NewsMay 23
Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Ever End?The New YorkerMay 23
Hepatitis cases rising among children globally but cause remains a mysteryThe GuardianMay 23
High-risk monkeypox contacts advised to isolateBBC NewsMay 23
U.S. Task Force to consider routine kidney disease screening as new drugs availableReutersMay 23
Melting permafrost could expose millions to invisible cancer-causing gasInverseMay 23
European health agency warns monkeypox could become endemic thereSTATMay 23
Avoid This Beautiful White Flower At All CostsApartment TherapyMay 23
Here’s what we know about monkeypox transmission so farPopular ScienceMay 23
Pfizer says 3-dose COVID vaccine for under 5s produces strong immune responseArs TechnicaMay 23
Expect to lose up to 58 hours of sleep a year by 2099. Here’s whyCNN HealthMay 24
Monkeypox spread likely “amplified” by sex at 2 raves in Europe, leading WHO adviser saysCBS NewsMay 24
Reports of ‘Paxlovid rebound’ have Covid experts looking for theoriesSTATMay 24
The health care workforce shortage problemAxiosMay 24
Taiwan kept COVID below 15,000 cases for all 2021. Now it has 80,000 a day, testing its ‘new model’ReutersMay 24
The Mystery of Monkeypox’s Global SpreadWIREDMay 24
Sweden recommends 5th shot for people at risk of severe COVID-19AxiosMay 24
CDC travel health notice issued: Monkeypox found in 16 countriesUSA TodayMay 24
What the public wants in COVID news vs. what the press providesArs TechnicaMay 24
Nation’s latest COVID-19 wave largely hidden from view, health experts sayABC NewsMay 25
Tightening COVID net, Beijing issues punishments and stark warningsReutersMay 25
We’re finally learning more about long CovidCNNMay 25
Viruses on hiatus during Covid are back — and behaving in unusual waysSTATMay 25
CDC monkeypox warning urges ‘enhanced precautions’ for travelThe Washington PostMay 25
Sliding to mild? Nope—omicron BA.2 caused worse COVID symptoms than BA.1Ars TechnicaMay 25
Pfizer warns of “constant waves” of COVID as complacency growsArs TechnicaMay 25
1 in 5 adult COVID survivors experience long COVID symptoms, CDC saysFortuneMay 25
Two Utah kids may be part of mysterious global hepatitis outbreakDeseret NewsMay 25
Bacteria with antibiotic resistant genes discovered in Antarctica, scientists sayReutersMay 25
Scientists, Mystified by Monkeypox Outbreak, Are Sequencing Genes to Learn About OriginWall Street JournalMay 25
Owners Warned Not To Share A Bed With Dogs Due To ‘Untreatable Superbug’iHeartRadioMay 25
More than 1 in 5 COVID survivors may develop long COVID, CDC study suggestsArs TechnicaMay 25
North Korea mobilizes posters, military in fight against COVIDReutersMay 26
Vaccines only slightly lower risk of long COVID effectsPopular ScienceMay 26
Monkeypox is spreading in the US. Officials urge awareness not fear.USA TodayMay 26
Abbott developing test for monkeypoxReutersMay 26
COVID “hidden wave”: Case data less reliable as more people turn to home testsAxiosMay 26
Spain’s monkeypox case tally rises to 84, Health Ministry saysReutersMay 26
Monkeypox cases are rising—here’s what we know so farNational GeographicMay 26
Monkeypox Cases Go GlobalMSNBCMay 26
WHO asks countries to increase surveillance for MonkeypoxReutersMay 26
COVID rates may be much higher than reported. How bad is the current surge?NPRMay 27
How to protect yourself against monkeypox, what to do if you catch itCNBCMay 27
COVID-19 booster schedule is needed now, patient safety group saysUSA TodayMay 27
How bad could the monkeypox outbreak get?VoxMay 27
Monkeypox: what is it and how worried should we be? – video explainerThe GuardianMay 27
COVID rates may be much higher than reported. How bad is the current surge?NPRMay 27
COVID was vanishing last Memorial Day. Cases are five times higher now.The Washington PostMay 28
Shanghai edges towards COVID reopening as Beijing plans to ease curbsReutersMay 28
Kids get Long COVID, too. Experts are racing to understand itFortuneMay 28
What restrictions were in place the last time COVID cases were so highABC NewsMay 29
COVID vaccine kids under 5: What to know about Pfizer, Moderna dosesUSA TodayMay 29
Shanghai eases return to work, moves to support economyReutersMay 29
Coronavirus Cases Are Being Undercounted. What Should You Do?The AtlanticMay 29
As the pandemic ebbs, long-haul Covid still drains patients and confounds doctorsThe GuardianMay 29
Shanghai’s full Covid lockdown ends after two monthsThe GuardianMay 31
Covid-19 Can Leave You Infectious After Five or Even 10 DaysWall Street JournalMay 31
Coronavirus can be contagious during a Paxlovid rebound, researchers warn, even if people don’t have symptomsCNNMay 31
The 5 types of long COVID, according to one expertFortuneMay 31
Experts warn of continued monkeypox spread as hundreds of cases found worldwideArs TechnicaMay 31
Three jabs best for preventing Covid infections, global analysis findsThe GuardianMay 31
After two months, a scarred Shanghai’s COVID-19 lockdown endsReutersMay 31
Cuba lifts mask mandate as vaccination rate soars and deaths plummetReutersMay 31
Volcanoes of the World – news, facts & informationVolcano DiscoveryCurrent
Global Volcanism Program | Current EruptionsSmithsonian Institution Global Volcanism ProgramCurrent

This category will provide details on drought conditions and their impacts to communities.

U.S. Drought Monitor (unl.edu)U.S. Drought MonitorCurrent & Historical
National Integrated Drought Information SystemNIDISCurrent
World Meteorological Organization WMO Current & Historical
California officials warn state could face third consecutive dry yearCNBCFeb 1
Dry January: Reno goes a month with no rain for the first time in nearly 130 yearsThe GuardianFeb 2
17 feet of snow sparked hope for quelling California’s drought. Then precipitation ‘flatlined’ in JanuaryCNNFeb 3
Dried up streams and millions going hungry: The reality of Ethiopia’s droughtCNNFeb 7
Mountain glaciers hold less ice than thought, and that’s bad newsFrance 24Feb 7
Chinese dams on Mekong River endanger fish stocks, livelihoods, activists sayNBC NewsFeb 7
First ‘Atlas’ of World Glaciers Reveals Dire Warning for Water-Scarce FutureViceFeb 7
Mountain glaciers may hold 20% less water than thought, study findsAxiosFeb 7
Have we finally found the recipe for making rain?The GuardianFeb 8
Does California’s Dry Start to 2022 Mean the Drought Is Locked in Until Next Winter?The Weather ChannelFeb 8
Ghost village emerges in Spain as drought empties reservoirThe GuardianFeb 11
Spain, Portugal hit by winter droughtFrance 24Feb 12
Dry winter drains reservoirs and ruins crops across Spain and PortugalEuroNewsFeb 14
Southwestern megadrought is driest period in over 1200 yearsLA TimesFeb 14
US west ‘megadrought’ is worst in at least 1,200 years, new study saysThe GuardianFeb 15
The US West is drier than it has been in 1,200 yearsPopular ScienceFeb 15
Study finds 42% of megadrought in West is due to human-caused climate change: “Worst-case scenario keeps getting worse”CBS NewsFeb 15
Solar Powered Desalination Device Built by MIT Scientists Provides Clean Drinking Water for Just $4The Daily BeastFeb 15
‘Drought’ may be an insufficient term to capture what is happening in the WestCNNFeb 16
California Has Begun Managing Groundwater Under a New Law. Experts Aren’t Sure It’s WorkingInside Climate NewsFeb 17
California Will Stick Solar Panels Over Canals to Fight Two Disasters at OnceGizmodoFeb 16
Drought Is Most Widespread in U.S. in Nine Years, And It Could Expand This SpringThe Weather ChannelFeb 17
Most widespread drought in 9 years expected to expandFox NewsFeb 19
California, parched West remain divided over seawater desalinationUSA TodayFeb 22
America’s largest inland port is running out of waterGristFeb 24
Working together for precious water in Costa RicaDWMar 1
Long drought on the Colorado River shows in shrinking Lake PowellUSA TodayMar 3
Lake Powell is about to drop below a critical level never reached before, as drought rages onCNNMar 3
Lake Powell Hits Record LowGizmodoMar 9
US drought has expanded by the size of California over past monthCNNMar 10
Drought robs Amazon communities of ‘life-giving’ riverBBC NewsMar 10
US drought has expanded by the size of California over past monthCNNMar 10
Historic drought looms for 20 million living in Horn of AfricaNational GeographicMar 14
Climate-driven water woes spark Colorado rush to conserve ‘liquid gold’ReutersMar 16
West drought will continue and expand in the coming months, NOAA reportsCNNMar 17
Lake Powell’s water levels dip to new low, triggering worries about power productionUSA TodayMar 17
Spring weather forecast 2022: Western megadrought to persistUSA TodayMar 17
U.S. drought conditions to persist and expandAxiosMar 18
Watch: Lake Powell Is at Its Lowest Level in Recorded HistoryMother JonesMar 18
A green island turns red: Madagascans struggle through long droughtABC NewsMar 19
Drought-stricken California imposes new round of water cutsCBS NewsMar 19
As Lake Powell Hits Landmark Low, Arizona Looks to a $1 Billion Investment and Mexican Seawater to Slake its ThirstInside Climate NewsMar 20
As it enters a third year, California’s drought is strangling the farming industryThe Washington PostMar 21
The deceptively simple plan to replenish California’s groundwaterNational GeographicMar 23
Western drought likely to get worse and expand, climate researchers saysCBS NewsMar 26
Italians face fines for wasting water as supplies rationed amid droughtThe GuardianMar 28
Major Drought Plaguing 60% Of The U.S. Expected To Worsen This SpringForbesMar 29
Curbs on water as French Alps and Riviera endure painful droughtRfiMar 29
Wildfires: As drought pushes east, more intense wildfires are sparking in new areasCNNMar 29
Staggering Photos Show Lake Powell Nearly Dried UpGizmodoApr 1
California snowpack is critically low, signaling another year of devastating droughtCNNApr 1
Shock before and after pictures show how water supply at crucial Lake Powell has dried up amid climate crisisThe IndependentApr 2
A Utah town is running dry. Its solution stoked an age-old water warThe GuardianApr 3
California’s in for Summer Water Shortages After Officials Find Just 2.5 Inches of SnowpackGizmodoApr 5
It’s not just Glen Canyon—dams around the Southwest are taking a hitArs TechnicaApr 6
Newsom urged Californians to cut water use by 15%. In February they saved less than 1%.LA TimesApr 6
The Texas drought is the worst in years. Are we on the brink of widespread disaster?Fort Worth Star-TelegramApr 7
Drought Is Threatening Hydropower in the Southwestern USWIREDApr 9
Somalia drought: ‘Act now or 350,000 children will die’BBC NewsApr 11
California sees its driest-ever start to the year, raising wildfire worriesAxiosApr 11
Chile announces unprecedented water rationing amid long droughtReutersApr 12
Sierra snowpack worsens, falls to lowest level in 7 yearsGristApr 12
A Farmer’s Quest to Beat California’s Waves of Drought and DelugeWIREDApr 12
UN: Ukraine water system “at risk of complete collapse”AxiosApr 13
Chile Moves to Restrict Water After More Than a Decade of DroughtGizmodoApr 13
Droughts threaten one of the Southwest power grid’s biggest electricity generatorsPopular ScienceApr 17
WFP: 20 million risk starvation as Horn of Africa drought worsensAl JazeeraApr 19
NASA is watching California’s groundwater crisis from spacePopular ScienceApr 21
Drought prompts Nebraska to divert water from river it shares with ColoradoNBC NewsApr 23
New technology seeks to destroy toxic “forever chemicals” in drinking waterCBS NewsApr 26
Parched southern California takes unprecedented step of restricting outdoor wateringThe GuardianApr 26
Unprecedented water restrictions ordered as MWD declares water shortage emergencyLA TimesApr 26
California water shortage: Some told to reduce outdoor watering in ‘unprecedented’ order amid historic droughtCNNApr 27
‘Unprecedented’ water restrictions ordered for millions in Southern CaliforniaABC NewsApr 27
Millions in California drought ordered to cut water usePopular ScienceApr 28
Extreme heatwave in India and Pakistan causes power and water shortagesThe GuardianApr 28
Lake Mead plummets to unprecedented low, exposing original 1971 water intake valveCNNApr 29
Why the Great American Lawn is terrible for the West’s water crisisCNNApr 29
Lake Powell water officials face an impossible choice amid the West’s megadrought: Water or ElectricityCNNApr 30
To survive drought, parts of SoCal must cut water use by 35%. The new limit: 80 gallons a dayLA TimesApr 30
Drought reveals human remains in barrel at Lake MeadLA TimesMay 2
Lake Mead body: Homicide victim in barrel was likely shot decades agoCNNMay 3
Drought-starved Lake Mead reveals a decades-old barrel with a body insideThe GuardianMay 3
A solar-powered desalination system turns excess brine flow into an energy sourceMashableMay 3
Lake Powell officials take emergency steps to preserve hydropower from Glen Canyon DamCNNMay 3
California’s new drought rules: will they be enough to halt the ‘alarming challenges’ ahead?The GuardianMay 3
California drought: Officials worry there’s not enough water to get through summer without cutsCNNMay 4
US Interior Department takes unprecedented emergency response to crisis at Lake PowellAccuWeatherMay 4
Drought expands in Southwest, worsening fire risk and water crisisCNNMay 5
California reservoirs: The state’s two largest are already at ‘critically low levels’ and the dry season is just startingCNNMay 7
Video: Climate change is drying up biggest reservoir in USCNN VideoMay 7
Why has water conservation in California been a bust so far?LA TimesMay 7
More human remains found in Lake Mead amid historic low water levelsUSA TodayMay 8
Farmers in the Plains Are in ‘Dire Straits’ Due to Drought, Wildfire ConditionsNebraska Public MediaMay 9
More Human Bones Emerge From Lake Mead as Drought ContinuesGizmodoMay 9
California urban water use rose 19% in March despite droughtLA TimesMay 10
The Largest Water Reservoirs in California Are Rapidly RecedingGizmodoMay 10
California to decide fate of controversial desalination plant amid brutal droughtThe GuardianMay 11
The Biggest Potential Water Disaster in the United StatesThe New YorkerMay 11
Wildfire, Drought, and Insects Threaten Forests in the United StatesEosMay 12
As water runs short in California, commission rejects $1.4 billion desalination plantCNNMay 12
Southwest drought: Wildfires, water restrictions and homicide victimsAxiosMay 12
What a drought has uncovered about Lake PowellCBS NewsMay 12
Lake Powell’s drought is part of a growing threat to hydropower everywherePopular ScienceMay 12
Megadrought dramatically transforms Lake PowellCBS NewsMay 12
Iraq’s prized rice crop threatened by droughtFrance 24May 15
California is in a water crisis, yet usage is way up. Officials are focusing on the wrong things, advocates sayCNNMay 15
Lake Mead drought exposes more human remainsFox NewsMay 16
‘Flash droughts’ are Midwest’s next big climate threatGristMay 16
Desperate Lawmakers Discuss Piping Ocean Water to Fill Great Salt LakeGizmodoMay 18
African famine: Ukraine invasion, pandemic and drought put millions at riskNPRMay 18
Minnesota Drought Unveils 8,000-Year-Old Human SkullGizmodoMay 20
California threatens ‘mandatory water restrictions’ if people don’t cut backThe GuardianMay 23
Why Africa couldn’t get urgent global deal on droughtBBC NewsMay 24
Lake Mead boats emerge as water level drops to 1,050 feetCNNMay 24
Water crisis fuelling human wildlife conflict in ZimbabweThe IndependentMay 25
New water restrictions approved in drought-stricken CaliforniaThe HillMay 25
Babies die as Somalia faces worst drought in 40 yearsReutersMay 25
California and the West face likely power outages this summerAxiosMay 27
‘Flash Droughts’ Are the Midwest’s Next Big Climate ThreatWIREDMay 28
‘Everyone loses’: California’s Sacramento Valley struggles to survive unprecedented water cutsGristMay 28
Drought threatens starvation in Horn of Africa, U.N., agencies sayReutersMay 31
N.Korea hails progress in fight against drought despite COVID waveReutersMay 31
Weather InfoNational Weather Service (NWS)Current & Historical
How to cool one of the fastest-warming cities in the WestGristFeb 2
Mount Everest has lost 2,000 years’ worth of ice in less than three decadesCNNFeb 3
Texas Trees Are Exploding Due to Cold WeatherGizmodoFeb 4
Mount Everest: Mountain’s highest glacier melting rapidly, new study showsBBC NewsFeb 5
Winter storm exits the Northeast, leaving behind bitter coldABC NewsFeb 5
Visualized: A third of Americans are already facing above-average warmingThe GuardianFeb 5
Pacific Northwest sees up to 39-fold jump in squid numbers linked to ocean heat ‘blobs’The IndependentFeb 8
Glaciers are shrinking fast. Scientists are rushing to figure out how fastNPRFeb 8
Excessive heat watch issued for LA, temperatures to hit 90SFGateFeb 8
Record temperatures forecast as winter heatwave heads for CaliforniaThe GuardianFeb 9
California sizzles in February heatwaveVerve TimesFeb 11
The world’s poorest bear the burden of heat — and it’s getting worseGristFeb 11
Extreme heat and plastic pollution push oceans to brinkDWFeb 11
How Many Ski Seasons Are Left?The New RepublicFeb 14
Flourishing plants show warming Antarctica undergoing ‘major change’The GuardianFeb 14
A third of Americans are already facing above-average warmingGristFeb 15
Why are Himalayan glaciers melting faster than ever?The IndependentFeb 15
Winter storm: Millions of Americans forced into an involuntary polar plunge this weekCNNFeb 20
Winter weather likely as nearly 70% of the country will drop below freezingCNNFeb 22
Hot days lead to more mental health emergencies, study findsThe GuardianFeb 23
Mental Health Emergencies Surge During Heat WavesGizmodoFeb 25
Ranking heat waves like hurricanes is being proposed in CaliforniaCNNFeb 27
California debates naming heatwaves to underscore deadly risk of extreme heatThe GuardianMar 1
‘We’re experiencing it in real time’: Pacific NW heat wave was a glimpse of climate change’s impact in North AmericaMarketWatchMar 1
Record-breaking heat wave in 2021 is an example of climate change’s impact in North AmericaPBS NewshourMar 1
Heatwaves kill more people than flooding. Will naming them help to save lives?EuronewsMar 2
Several killed as weather system unleashes record-breaking heat, tornadoes and hail across parts of the countryCBS NewsMar 6
Estimating Heat Wave Frequency and Strength: A Chicago Case StudyEosMar 10
Why Baghdad will be one of the cities hardest hit by global warming — Living in 125 degreesNPRMar 10
Winter roars back in Northeast with heavy snow, record-challenging chillAccuWeatherMar 12
Eastern Antarctica sees record temperatures 70 degrees above normalThe Washington PostMar 18
Both of the planet’s poles experience extreme heat, and Antarctica breaks recordsNPRMar 19
High temperatures at North, South polls: Antarctica 70º above normalUSA TodayMar 19
Antarctica, Arctic undergo simultaneous freakish extreme heatNBC NewsMar 19
Extremes of 40C above normal: what’s causing ‘extraordinary’ heating in polar regions?The GuardianMar 21
“Historic event”: Antarctica experiencing record-shattering warmthCBS NewsMar 21
‘Never Supposed to Happen’: North and South Poles See Unprecedented HeatViceMar 21
Arctic sea ice could hit maximum extent ‘much earlier’ than usualThe GuardianMar 22
Record-smashing heatwaves are hitting Antarctica and the Arctic simultaneously. Here’s what’s driving them, and how they’ll impact wildlifeThe ConversationMar 22
Record-Shattering Heat at Both Poles Is Freaking Scientists OutGizmodoMar 23
Heat Waves Warm Arctic, Antarctic Poles 50-70 Degrees Above NormalBusiness InsiderMar 23
Antarctica’s Conger Ice Shelf Suffers ‘Complete Collapse’GizmodoMar 25
City-Sized Ice Shelf Collapses in Antarctica as Heat SurgesFuturismMar 25
Extreme heat already disrupts air travel: With climate change, it’s going to get worseUSA TodayMar 27
A heat wave and snowfall: Why researchers are puzzled by Antarctica’s recent weatherNBC NewsMar 27
East Antarctica ice shelf collapse, the first in human history for that region, worries scientistsCBS NewsMar 28
India and Pakistan heatwave is ‘testing the limits of human survivability’CNNMay 2
‘We are living in hell’: Pakistan and India suffer extreme spring heatwavesThe GuardianMay 2
India heat wave in picturesCNBCMay 2
India and Pakistan heat wave sets monthly milestonesAxiosMay 2
Record-breaking heat waves show we need to adapt to the climate crisis nowDWMay 2
India’s Heat Wave Could Worsen the Global Food CrisisThe AtlanticMay 4
‘Extreme heat can be deadly:’ how cricket is handling the climate crisisThe GuardianMay 4
Southeast Asia’s months-long heat wave is untenable for human healthPopular ScienceMay 4
“Living in Hell” as Heatwaves Cook India and PakistanMother JonesMay 4
Guest post: What have been the most extreme heatwaves in history?Carbon BriefMay 4
Last year’s Northwest heat wave was one of globe’s worstAxiosMay 5
Suddenly summer! First heat wave of 2022 on tap for south-central USAccuWeatherMay 5
Global heating risks most cataclysmic extinction of marine life in 250 million yearsGristMay 6
Texas Heatwave Creates Concerns Over ERCOT’s Power GridGizmodoMay 6
‘Some Faint, Some Die’: These People Are Living Through the World’s Worst Heat WaveViceMay 6
The World Has No Choice but to Care About India’s Heat WaveThe AtlanticMay 8
Severe heat wave kills dozens in India and Pakistan in a “snapshot” of what’s to come from climate change, expert saysCBS NewsMay 9
Midsummer heat baking southern states with highs feeling like JulyThe Washington PostMay 10
The extraordinary heat wave in India and Pakistan, explainedVoxMay 11
How India’s heatwave is pushing the limits of human enduranceThe WeekMay 12
Dehydrated birds falling from sky in India amid record heatwaveAl JazeeraMay 12
South Asia pummelled by heatwave that hits 50C in PakistanFrance 24May 13
Climate Change Is a ‘Game Changer’ When It Comes to Heatwaves, Say ExpertsScience AlertMay 14
Unusually high temperatures to hit western Europe this weekThe GuardianMay 16
Climate change is making record heatwaves in India and Pakistan 100 times more likelyCNNMay 18
Climate crisis makes extreme Indian heatwaves 100 times more likely – studyThe GuardianMay 18
Over half of the US population will see 90 degrees or above this weekend. And it’s only MayCNNMay 19
Climate Change Will Make Heat Like India’s 100 Times More Likely, Study FindsViceMay 19
If climate change is making heat waves 100 times more likely in India, this is who will suffer mostCBS NewsMay 20
Historic heatwave poised to hit dozens of US states this weekendThe GuardianMay 20
Temperature records broken across the US as UN warns of continued climate disruptionUSA TodayMay 21
Extreme weather plagues U.S., from Colorado snowstorm to East Coast heatAxiosMay 21
Northeast heat wave to break dozens of records this weekendCNNMay 21
The deadly heat wave frying India and PakistanThe WeekMay 21
Texas and Northeast set record-high daily tempsNPRMay 22
Chilly weather grips South America as southern Europe faces exceptional heatThe GuadianMay 24
‘It seems this heat will take our lives’: Pakistan city fearful after hitting 51CThe GuardianMay 25
Major New Zealand salmon producer shuts farms as warming waters cause mass die-offsThe GuardianMay 26
Spain and Morocco feel the heat as unseasonal snow falls on ColoradoThe GuardianMay 27
U.S. braces for severe storms and extreme heatCBS NewsMay 30
Heat Waves in the U.S.: Record high temperatures spurring cities to take actionNBC NewsMay 30

This category keeps track of flooding and flash flood issues.

Scientists reveal where and who in America will be most at risk of floods by 2050InverseFeb 3
US flood risk is exploding — but not for the reasons you thinkGristFeb 4
Epic Floods in Pacific Northwest Revive a Long-Running Dispute Over How to Manage a RiverMother JonesFeb 4
In worst case climate, rain and storm surge combine often for extreme floodingNBC NewsFeb 4
UK weather: Streets submerged in north of England with more flood warnings in placeThe IndependentFeb 6
Severe Weather Awareness Week: Hurricanes and FloodingNBC NewsFeb 10
UK weather news: Latest forecast as Storm Dudley prompts flood alertsThe IndependentFeb 15
Rising sea levels flood streets and snarl commutes, even when there’s no rainFast CompanyFeb 15
Heavy snow, flooding and severe weather to affect eastern half of U.S.The Washington PostFeb 15
Big storm to wallop US with snow, floods, possible tornadoesUSA TodayFeb 15
US sea level to rise as much in next 30 years as in past century – studyThe GuardianFeb 16
This NOAA map shows how sea level rise will flood your cityFast CompanyFeb 17
NOAA sea level rise report shows flooding across the USPopular ScienceFeb 17
Death toll in Brazilian flash flood disaster passes 100 as rescuers desperately search for survivorsDaily MailFeb 17
“Our city is over”: Devastating floods and mudslides kill scores in Brazil’s PetrópolisAxiosFeb 17
‘Heartbreaking’: Warnings not enough to prevent vehicle flood deaths from 5-year high. As climate change brings heavier rains, vehicle flood deaths increaseUSA TodayFeb 20
London flooding poses ‘significant risk’ unless immediate action takenThe GuardianFeb 20
Study finds US flood damage risk is underestimatedPhys.orgFeb 22
Battered and Flooded by Increasingly Severe Weather, Kentucky and Tennessee Have a Big Difference in ForecastingInside Climate NewsFeb 24
Rooftop rescues as tens of thousands evacuated from Australia floodsFrance 24Feb 28
PHOTOS: Deadly ‘Rain Bomb’ Leaves Parts Of Eastern Australia UnderwaterHuffPostFeb 28
National Hurricane Center (NHC)National Hurricane CenterCurrent

This category will highlight severe power outages due to events / disasters.

PowerOutage.usPower OutagesCurrent
Overwhelmed by Solar Projects, the Nation’s Largest Grid Operator Seeks a Two-Year Pause on ApprovalsInside Climate NewsFeb 2
Alphabet adds air quality and power shutoffs from fires to risk factorsCNBCFeb 2
At least 263,000 customers without power as brutal winter storm slams parts of the U.S.CNNFeb 3
Winter Storm Leaves More Than 200,000 Without Power in Tennessee, Texas, Parts of SouthWall Street JournalFeb 3
Federal officials open push for 24/7 clean powerAxiosFeb 4
More than 250,000 without power as deadly winter storm brings icy hazardsNBC NewsFeb 4
One Year Later: The Texas Freeze Revealed a Fragile Energy System and Inspired Lasting MisinformationInside Climate NewsFeb 5
Thousands remain without power in bitter cold as winter storm moves offshoreNBC NewsFeb 5
More Than 100,000 People Without Power as Winter Storm Heads to SeaWall Street JournalFeb 5
Climate Change Air Conditioning Spike Will Cause Widespread Blackouts, Scientists WarnFuturismFeb 5
Texas Grid Passes Winter Test but Critics Say It’s Still FragileBloombergFeb 5
Smart charging may be key to saving power grid in world of EVsReutersFeb 14
California Will Stick Solar Panels Over Canals to Fight Two Disasters at OnceGizmodoFeb 16
America’s Power Grid Is Increasingly UnreliableWall Street JournalFeb 18
How the climate crisis is threatening our energy supplyDWFeb 21
Putin’s threat of ‘consequences’ heightens worries about Americans’ electricityPOLITICOFeb 25
EU to urgently link electricity grid with Ukraine’sReutersFeb 28
Renewables Met All of California’s Energy Needs for the First Time EverViceMay 2
How UK town entirely powered by local organic matter could have answers to energy crisisThe IndependentMay 3
Extreme Measures Planned to Keep Lake Powell Generating ElectricityGizmodoMay 4
Texas Heatwave Creates Concerns Over ERCOT’s Power GridGizmodoMay 6
Millions of Californians Face Summer Blackouts, Governor WarnsBusiness InsiderMay 7
Grid operators warn of electricity shortage amid switch to renewables: ReportFox NewsMay 8
Lake Powell’s drought is part of a growing threat to hydropower everywherePopular ScienceMay 12
Russia’s Invasion Kills Nord Stream 2 And Gives Rise To RenewablesForbesMay 15
U.S. at High Risk of Power Emergencies This SummerGizmodoMay 19
Majority of U.S. Power Grid at Risk of Failure This Summer, Report WarnsViceMay 20
The U.S., Struggling To Curb Emissions, Just Lost Another Nuclear Power PlantHuff PostMay 20
Ukraine says giant Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant can’t supply RussiaBBC NewsMay 20
A Hot, Deadly Summer Is Coming With Frequent BlackoutsBloombergMay 22
Peterborough declares state of emergency, more than 150,000 still without power after massive stormCBCMay 25
Inside Clean Energy: Think Solar Panels Don’t Work in Snow? New Research Says OtherwiseInside Climate NewsMay 26
UK EV Rapid Charging Costs Soar 20% in Eight MonthsBloombergMay 26
California and the West face likely power outages this summerAxiosMay 27
The Texas grid is designed to fail. Faulty infrastructure is only a symptom of a larger problem.VoxMay 29
California drought means less hydropower and higher electricity pricesGristMay 31
Coming Summer Outages Were AvoidableForbesMay 31
Thousands without power as severe weather destroys homes and knocks out power linesCBS NewsMay 31
Weather InfoNational Weather Service (NWS)Current & Historical
Storm Prediction Center (SPC)NOAACurrent
Wild storm RIPS through Australian town of Logan ripping roofs from housesDaily MailFeb 1
Lightning bolt stretching 477 miles over 3 U.S. states sets world record: “Absolutely extraordinary”CBS NewsFeb 1
Winter storm: Flights canceled as U.S. braces for snow, rain and travel chaosNBC NewsFeb 2
Incredible footage shows Uluru waterfalls after massive rain eventAustralia NewsFeb 2
New Megaflash Lightning Records Set in US, BrazilGizmodoFeb 2
Extreme weather has cost Europe about €500bn over 40 yearsThe GuardianFeb 3
Blizzard-like ‘bomb cyclones’ get boost from warming oceansThe HillFeb 6
Atmospheric rivers explained: Events can fuel extreme weather in WestUSA TodayFeb 7
UK weather news: Latest forecast as Storm Dudley prompts flood alertsThe IndependentFeb 15
Heavy snow, flooding and severe weather to affect eastern half of U.S.The Washington PostFeb 15
Satellite captures image of monstrous eye in cloud formationSan Luis ObispoFeb 16
More than 20 million at risk for severe weather on ThursdayAccuWeatherFeb 16
Climate change: Covid shutdown linked to record rainfall in ChinaBBC NewsFeb 18
Severe Weather Compounds Challenges in Brazil, MadagascarDirectReliefFeb 18
Battered and Flooded by Increasingly Severe Weather, Kentucky and Tennessee Have a Big Difference in ForecastingInside Climate NewsFeb 24
PHOTOS: Deadly ‘Rain Bomb’ Leaves Parts Of Eastern Australia UnderwaterHuffPostFeb 28
As extreme weather ravages the Pacific, there is much to do and no time to wasteThe GuardianFeb 28
Weather InfoNational Weather Service (NWS)Current & Historical
US flight cancellations hit new holiday peak amid Covid and bad weatherBBC NewsJan 1
Winter storm warnings: Washington, DC, sees record-setting snow as storm system moves across the eastern USCNNJan 3
Winter storm wreaks havoc in several states, leaving drivers stranded for hoursCBS NewsJan 4
I-95 closure in Virginia ends after nearly 30 hours of driver despairNBC NewsJan 4
I-95 traffic snarl sparks questions on impacts to highway systemThe HillJan 4
27-hour commute: Virginia officials pelted with questions after hundreds of drivers were stuck on I-95 overnightUSA TodayJan 4
I-95 in Virginia reopens after winter storm strands some drivers for more than 24 hoursCNNJan 5
More than 90 million people, 37 states on alert for hazardous weather conditionsABC NewsJan 6
Winter storm: Weather threat prompts government and school closures in NortheastCNNJan 7
Winter storm update: Snow, ice to affect 60 million across East, SouthUSA TodayJan 14
At least 2 dead, tens of thousands without power as brutal winter storm slams South with heavy snow and tornadoesUSA TodayJan 16
Winter storm: ‘Significant icing’ and treacherous travel conditions slam the Southeast as thousands lose power in the bitter coldCNNJan 17
Winter storm packs a wallop of snow for much of East CoastCNNJan 17
60 million in path of fast-moving winter storm across the East; dangerous travel conditions likelyUSA TodayJan 20
Rare snows and hailstorms cover the Saudi desertCNNJan 20
Winter weather: Virginia and the Carolinas under states of emergency as a snow and ice event arrivesCNNJan 21
Winter ice storm to blast Carolinas, Southeast with snow, sleet, rainUSA TodayJan 21
Nor’easter? Bomb cyclone? Northeast braces for heavy snow, high winds.USA TodayJan 25
Where’s the snow? Winter so far turns map upside downAccuWeatherJan 26
Noreaster bomb cyclone: Northeast faces heavy snow and blizzard conditions this weekend, but how bad it will be still isn’t clearCNNJan 27
Winter Storm Kenan to Hit East Coast With Heavy Snow and Strong Winds, Including Blizzard ConditionsThe Weather ChannelJan 27
‘Dangerous, life-threatening’ conditions predicted for New EnglandAccuWeatherJan 28
Winter storm: Blizzard warning, nor’easter to blast East CoastUSA TodayJan 28
Millions remain under blizzard warnings as nor’easter pummels the NortheastCNNJan 29
Thousands left without power as nor’easter blankets East Coast with snowNBC NewsJan 29
Boston snow ties record as winter storm gives way to bitter coldUSA TodayJan 30
Groundhog Day storm to spread snow, ice across swath of USAccuWeatherJan 30
Climate change may be supercharging Northeast snowstormsAxiosJan 31
Weather InfoNational Weather Service (NWS)Current & Historical
Storm Prediction Center (SPC)NOAACurrent
Rare tornado touches down in Puerto Rico, jolts residentsAccuWeatherMay 2
‘Absolutely insane:’ Severe storm to lash central US this week; tornadoes touch down in OklahomaUSA TodayMay 2
Terrifying Footage Shows Epic Destructive Power of TornadoFuturismMay 3
Echoes of 1991 F5 tornado in Andover after EF3 twister shreds townAccuWeatherMay 3
‘Significant damage’ in Oklahoma after severe weather, reported tornadoABC NewsMay 4
‘Multi-vortex’ tornado in Seminole, Oklahoma destroys homes with roofs torn off & trailers flipped during warningThe US SunMay 4
Intense Drone Footage Caught A Tornado Destroying A Kansas TownIFLScienceMay 4
Tornado in Oklahoma, Texas: Severe weather causes damage, power outageUSA TodayMay 5
Severe storms threaten 55 million people across the Southeast and Mid-AtlanticCNNMay 6
Multiple damaging tornadoes tear through SoutheastAccuWeatherMay 6
Oklahoma Tornado’s Looping Path Shows They Don’t Always Move in the Direction You’d ThinkThe Weather ChannelMay 6
Derecho blasts northern Plains with 100-mph winds, leaves 2 deadAccuWeatherMay 12
New Hampshire tornado videoWMURMay 16
Rare tornado strikes in New Hampshire, knocks over 1,000 treesUSA TodayMay 18
Germany tornadoes leave one dead and at least 40 injuredThe IndependentMay 21
Tornado in Germany injures 43 people, police sayBBC NewsMay 21
Germany tornadoes: At least 43 people injuredNPRMay 21
Severe storms unleash deadly tornadoes in GermanyAccuWeatherMay 22
Gigantic tornado hits Texas amid severe thunderstormsThe IndependentMay 24
Funnel Clouds Spotted in DuPage, Cook Counties Amid Tornado Warnings in Chicago AreaNBC NewsMay 25
What is a derecho? ‘Inland hurricanes’ can cause tremendous damage.USA TodayMay 26
Weak tornado seen near Boise in Owyhee County, Idaho FridayIdaho StatesmanMay 28
AccuWeather forecasters warn of significant tornado riskAccuWeatherMay 29
Thousands without power as severe weather destroys homes and knocks out power linesCBS NewsMay 31
Possible tornado destroys half of Forada, Minnesota: “I’ve never seen nothing like this”CBS NewsMay 31

This category will track wildfires and their impacts on local communities.

National Fire NewsNational Interagency Fire CenterCurrent
Wildfire Risk to CommunitiesUSDACurrent
Video shows masses of burning tornado debris in race to stop new tragedyThe IndependentFeb 3
‘A deranged pyroscape’: how fires across the world have grown weirderThe GuardianFeb 3
Record Heat, Forest Fires In Colombia’s Amazon In JanuaryInternational Business TimesFeb 5
Bushfire in Western Australia spreadsCBS NewsFeb 5
Forest fire rages across Kenya national parkFrance 24Feb 7
Firefighters Extinguish Kenya Forest BlazeBarron’sFeb 7
Researchers identify ‘double-hazard’ zones for wildfire in the WestPhys.orgFeb 7
The world is on fire and our leaders are failing, poll findsPOLITICOFeb 8
Areas at the greatest wildfire risk are seeing population boomsFast CompanyFeb 9
Fire erupts in Laguna Beach as record heat, drought grip Southern CaliforniaThe Washington PostFeb 10
Wildfire Fueled by High Winds Forces Evacuations in Laguna Beach, CaliforniaThe Weather ChannelFeb 10
Southern California fires: OC fire authority chief says ‘We no longer have a fire season – we have a fire year’ABC NewsFeb 10
Wildfires used to ease in intensity at night. A study says it’s not the case anymoreCNNFeb 16
‘Loading the dice’: climate crisis could increase southern California wildfiresThe GuardianFeb 17
Why Have There Been So Many Wildfires in Texas This Year?Texas MonthlyFeb 18
Argentina wildfire threatens unique wetland ecosystemThe National NewsFeb 20
‘Catastrophe’ in Argentina as wildfires burn farms and wildlifeAl JazeeraFeb 21
Wildfires are getting more extreme and burning more land. The UN says it’s time to learn to ‘live with fire’CNNFeb 23
Wildfires likely to increase by a third by 2050, warns UNThe GuardianFeb 23
Argentina’s 2022 Wildfires in PhotosGizmodoFeb 23
Global Wildfire Activity to Surge in Coming YearsInside Climate NewsFeb 23
Research reveals a curious link between wildfires and water in the American WestInverseFeb 23
PG&E releases new plan on 2022 wildfire safetyFox BusinessFeb 26
Australia’s “Black Summer” fires damaged the ozone layer, study revealsThe Weather NetworkApr 3
California once prohibited Native American fire practices. Now, it’s asking tribes to use them to help prevent wildfiresCNNApr 3
California sees its driest-ever start to the year, raising wildfire worriesAxiosApr 11
‘It looks like a pretty bad scenario,’ an expert says about today’s extreme fire threatCNNApr 12
How drones could help fight wildfires supercharged by climate changeGRIDApr 13
Couple found dead near their home as fire sweeps through New Mexico villageThe GuardianApr 14
After a rough year, new wildfire warnings have Boulder, Colo., on edgeNPRApr 14
3 dead after severe storm system, wildfires rip through USABC NewsApr 14
New Mexico wildfires: Air quality concerns arise as blazes spreadCNNApr 15
Uncontrolled coal-seam fires are catastrophic pollutersThe GuardianApr 21
Fires erupting in New Mexico and Colorado as winds rage over 60 mphThe Washington PostApr 22
Fierce winds drive wildfires in U.S. SouthwestReutersApr 22
One dead and thousands forced to flee as wildfires sweep across USThe GuardianApr 24
More than a dozen uncontained wildfires continue to burn in the WestABC NewsApr 25
U.S. Fires: New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska hit by wildfiresAxiosApr 25
Why the US is experiencing earlier springtime wildfiresPopular ScienceApr 26
Fires burn in Siberia, but Russian invasion could strain firefighting resourcesThe Washington PostApr 26
More than 1,000 firefighters battle 150 square mile wildfire in New MexicoThe GuardianApr 30
Rapid growth of New Mexico wildfire prompts new evacuation ordersABC NewsApr 30
Update on wildfire, Blue Ridge Parkway road, trail closingsCharlotte ObserverApr 30
Thousands flee New Mexico wildfire as blaze breaches containment linesThe GuardianMay 2
Windy weather to raise risk of wildfire in south-western USThe GuardianMay 2
New Mexico wildfire threatens multiple cities as critical fire risk continuesABC NewsMay 2
US weather: New Mexico fires and severe storms across the central PlainsCNNMay 2
Dangerous New Mexico wildfire menaces historic cityReutersMay 3
Texas’ Wildfire Risks, Amplified by Climate Change, Are Second Only to California’sInside Climate NewsMay 3
Utah looking at ‘particularly bad’ fire season — but you and Mother Nature could change thatDeseret NewsMay 3
AccuWeather 2022 US Wildfire ForecastAccuWeatherMay 4
A major disaster is declared in New Mexico, unlocking federal aid as wildfires threaten thousands of homesCNNMay 5
Dust storm and wildfires seen from spaceBBC NewsMay 5
Thousands refuse to evacuate largest U.S. wildfire in New MexicoReutersMay 5
Heavy winds expected to fan New Mexico wildfire over weekendReutersMay 6
Potentially historic winds forecast as firefighters battle New Mexico wildfireThe GuardianMay 7
New Mexico firefighters beg holdouts to evacuate villageReutersMay 8
Farmers in the Plains Are in ‘Dire Straits’ Due to Drought, Wildfire ConditionsNebraska Public MediaMay 9
Southwest faces “extremely critical” wildfire threatAxiosMay 9
Fire season drives demand for July 4 drone shows to replace fireworksReutersMay 9
Wildfires Rage in Siberia, Killing at Least 10GizmodoMay 9
Putin demands action on Siberia forest fires threatening lives and economyReutersMay 10
Coastal Fire prompts evacuations, several homes ablaze in Southern CaliforniaABC NewsMay 11
Coastal fire destroys homes in Orange County’s Laguna NiguelLA TimesMay 12
Wildfire, Drought, and Insects Threaten Forests in the United StatesEosMay 12
Coastal Fire razes Southern California homes: Orange County orders evacuationsAxiosMay 12
Wildfires threaten New Mexico resorts, burn California mansionsReutersMay 13
Coastal fire: California mansions burn as wildfires spreadBBC NewsMay 13
Mansions Burn in California as Coastal Wildfire SpreadsGizmodoMay 13
‘Everything was orange’: US wildfires burning at furious pace early this yearThe GuardianMay 13
Wildfire risk map: New data shows fire risk across USCNNMay 16
These maps show how wildfires are changing in the U.S.Fast CompanyMay 16
Every home in America now has a wildfire threat score, and some areas see a 200% jump in riskCNBCMay 16
Online Wildfire Map Shows Risk by StateGizmodoMay 16
Opinion: Orange County fire magnifies a stunning truth about climate changeCNNMay 16
Wildfires are a growing risk for homeowners. Here are the states most in danger.CBS NewsMay 16
Rain brings relief to crews battling New Mexico’s largest-ever wildfireMarketWatchMay 16
New Mexico Fire Is Now Largest in State’s HistoryGizmodoMay 17
‘Nothing to go back to’: the way of life lost to New Mexico’s historic fireThe GuardianMay 18
2 national forests in New Mexico now closed to public due to extreme fire dangerABC NewsMay 19
5,000 firefighters tackle wildfires across US south-westThe GuardianMay 20
U.S. Forest Service pauses prescribed burns, announces review after New Mexico wildfireNBC NewsMay 20
Fighting fire with fire: Controlled burns remain essential as US wildfires intensifyPhys.orgMay 23
Critical fire condition warnings issued across US south-westThe GuardianMay 29

Last Updated on March 29, 2023

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